Top Mobile Shopping Apps

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Get ready for holiday shopping by putting these 4 star or higher free apps on your phone!


Get points (kicks) when you buy or for just walking into a store. The app also find the best deals nearby at participating Shopkick stores. For iPhone, Android.

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The granddaddy of bar code scanning apps that shows you nearby prices for an item. For Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7.


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eBay’s entry into the bar code scanning app market that lets you do a price check (online and nearby) and makes it easy to purchase items from select websites right on your phone. For Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7.

Amazon Price Check

Barcode, photo, voice or text search to compare prices/items while on the go with amazon’s prices. Also get access to item reviews. For Android, iPhone.

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Google Shopper

Scan the barcode of an item into this app or do a search and Google Shopper will return the best price for the item – online or nearby. For iPhone and Android.

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by on November 19th, 2012