Tea Break! Lots of FREE Tea for National Iced Day 2013

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It’s the perfect summer holiday: National Iced Tea Day! What better way to celebrate summer than by sipping on a cup of iced tea? Check out our list to find out where you can get this refreshing beverage FREE on Monday, June 10th:

7-Eleven Mobile App Coupon: FREE 16 oz. Snapple  If you don’t want to download the app, you can still get a mobile coupon. text TEA to 711711 to get a coupon for a free 16-ounce Snapple Iced Tea from 7-Eleven. You can do this once a day between today and June 15!

FREE 16 oz. Iced Tea from Teavana on Monday June 10th

FREE Iced Tea at QuikTrip on June 10th (printable coupon)

FREE 23 oz. Iced Tea at Aplus Sunoco Stores (printable coupon)

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by on June 10th, 2013