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What’s on your wish list this Christmas?

Remember…when you were a kids and wished for the moon and the stars? Those days may be gone, but deep inside, we all still have dreams. Perhaps they’re so expensive that we daren’t even allow these wishes to manifest themselves on a real list…like…cashmere…or a new car…

Or perhaps your wishes are more idealistic. Big slices of mom’s apple pie. A debt-free life. Happy smiles on the faces of your children. A long lazy morning with breakfast in bed. A mailbox of freebies. Saving money.

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This is one of our favorite parts of the year because we get to help our readers save money with coupons and freebies. YOU get to be a special part of our wish list and we hope that every freebie and money-saving offer makes the holidays a bit happier for you & yours!

Print & save with this weekend’s coupons:

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Restaurant Printable Coupons


Thanks, Mojo Savings & Surviving the Stores

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by on December 1st, 2012