8 DIY Sweater Updates

by on January 16th, 2013

Have a sweater that’s seen better days? Or just want to add a little style? Here are some ideas for easy, do it yourself sweater “refreshers.”


Weave yarn or ribbon through knitted loops. This works especially well for open weave or mesh type sweaters.

DIY Sweaters
Source: www.inspirationrealisation.com

Collars and Cuffs

Sewn on collars or cuffs can change a sweater’s whole look.  Cut the collars/cuffs from old shirts, buy pre-made ones or craft your own.

DIY Sweaters
Source: blogs.babble.com


Sewn or heat presses appliques are a perfect way to disguise holes as well as adding a fashionable touch to your sweater.

DIY Sweaters
Source: www.thanksimadeitblog.com


You can pick up stitches at the edge or a sweater or vest to add a new collar, trims or even arms!

DIY Sweaters
Source: www.crochetme.com


Sequins aren’t just for evening!  These are best sewn on but there are methods that use glue.  For sewn sequins, try small areas like outlining necklines, cuffs or scattered across the front of the sweater.

DIY Sweaters
Source: blogs.babble.com


Studs can add an edgy or classic look to sweaters.  It all depends on the studs you choose and where you put them.  One pattern I saw had pointy studs placed on shoulders…scary!

DIY Sweaters
Source: styleawip.blogspot.com


Depending on the weight of the sweater, you can use yarn or thread to customize a plain sweater.  Transfer a pattern to the sweater or affix a tissue paper pattern that you can tear off when finished.

DIY Sweaters
Source: papernstitchblog.com

Elbow Patch

The elbow area is always the first to go!  But patches don’t have to be oval or suede.  These can be glued on but for best results, sew them on.

DIY Sweaters
Source: webcodeshools.com

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