3 REAL Mobile Coupon Apps

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As I continue my search for REAL mobile coupons and apps, I found 3 decent apps that have coupons can be shown and scanned in store.  None of this “print” or online link stuff!

All are available for iPhone or Android. Download the apps from the app store on your phone.

If you try these, let us know what you think.  And check back for more REAL mobile coupon apps and info as the search continues….

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the coupons app

The Coupons App

Local and national coupons (including gas stations!) that you show to the cashier to scan.  App also has barcode reader, coupon voice search, maps and more.

coupon sherpa

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Coupon Sherpa

Local and national retail coupons scanned from your phone.  The no frills apps appear to be a little buggy for some, so use the mobile website instead if you’re having trouble with the app.

retail me not app

Retail Me Not

A wide variety of coupons and offers but not all are redeemable in-store.  Also has deal alert and saved coupon function.

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by on April 18th, 2013