Can You Get Cashback At Walgreens? How Much Does It Cost?

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Since launching the Discover card in 1986, the concept of getting a percentage cashback of the amount of money spent on products has become an incentive many card issuers use to obtain clients. However, some stores don’t provide a cashback service, whereas others do for a minimum amount; so, does Walgreens form part of the former or the latter?


The department store Walgreens does offer cashback for up to twenty dollars for each transaction. The requirement for getting cashback is a minimum purchase of 0.01 dollars at the store with a debit card. Unfortunately, credit cards and cheques are not allowed to qualify for cashback.

Although cashback is possible, there are limits and requirements involved all card users should be aware of. Let’s look at the process one should follow to get cashback and if other methods are available at Walgreens to get “cashback.”

How Do I Get Cashback At Walgreens?

Customers can get cashback at Walgreens by purchasing a product and asking for cash at the till. Earning cash back at Walgreens is convenient due to the ability to buy necessities and draw money simultaneously in one location and avoid the costs of drawing money at an ATM. In addition, Walgreens is open 24 hours a day.

What Are The Requirements To Get Cashback In Walgreens?

Any customer at Walgreens can get cashback in $5, $10, or $20 bills as long as they buy a product or products above the minimum purchase price of $0.01. Consequently, any customer can get $20 worth of cashback in coins, bills, or even both.


Is There A Limit Of Cashback At Walgreens?

Purchasing more than one item can be a solution to getting more cashback, although it is not the most convenient. Although the maximum amount of cashback is limited to $20, it is possible to receive a 20-dollar cashback on more than one transaction. For example, a customer would be allowed to buy and pay for separate items and receive $40.

Is Cashback Allowed With Any Card?

Unfortunately, getting cashback when purchasing at a store is only possible if you use a debit card. Different payment methods like cheques, gift cards, credit cards, and even apply payor are accepted at Walgreens, but only cashback at the till is available when using a debit card.

How Does Walgreens Get You Cashback With Rewards?

Walgreens does offer cashback in the form of different rewards and “points” for loyal members. Let’s look at some systems that provide a percentage of cashback and saving options when purchasing specific products as well as discounts.

Does Walgreens Have An App That Provides Cashback?

Walgreens does offer an App that makes saving more convenient and pleasurable, although it is not needed to save money when shopping at the store. Benefits of the app include clipping paperless coupons and ordering refills of your prescription. Still, more importantly, you can view your “balance reward points” and privileges if you are a member.

How Can I Receive Balance Reward Points?

Walgreens offers a ” Balance Reward program,” which provides a point for every dollar spent. All US residents can qualify for the program as long as they are older than 13 years. Special sales and member-only promotions are a few benefits available once you become a member.

Once you’re a member, you can earn 10 points for every dollar you spend. Furthermore, you will be able to receive bonus points on promotional products if you fill your monthly prescription.


How Do I Redeem My Balance Rewards Points?

It’s important to note that the points accumulate in redemption dollars instead of literal dollars. For example:

  • 5000 points are $5
  • 10000 points are $10
  • 18000 points are $20
  • 30000 points are $35
  • 40000 points are $50

The above-mentioned redemption dollars can only be used when deducting them from a store purchase. Although redemption dollars will save you money on purchases, you won’t be able to exchange them for real cash from the till. If the redemption points are of higher value than the amount spent on a product, the customer will not receive the difference in cash.

In addition, redemption dollars cannot be used to purchase the following products and services:

  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • dairy, stamps,
  • phone/prepaid
  • gift cards, money orders/transfers,
  • transportation passes, lottery tickets, charitable donations,
  • pseudoephedrine or ephedrine products,
  • medical services, including; clinic services, prescriptions, pharmacy items or services,
  • sales tax, shipping, and the Prescription Savings Club membership fee.

Are There Other Options To Get Cashback At Walgreens?

There are various options available for AARP members and seniors to save money. On Tuesdays, seniors can save between 20 & 30% if they shop online. Although Tuesdays can be hugely beneficial for senior members, the discounts only apply to regular items and one item per account.

In addition, AARP can link their accounts with my Walgreens reward program and save even more money, including a 10% cash reward on health and wellness products.

Which Websites Provide Cashback On Items At Walgreens?

Various apps and websites automatically look and inform customers of discount options that provide cashback and savings. Among the most popular are honey and Rakuten.

  • Honey is a web browser service that searches explicitly for promotions and discounts at various stores to provide customers with the best possible price for any available product. In addition, Honey Gold is a section on the platform that provides cashback options for up to 5%.
  • Similarly, Rakuten also provides cashback for customers who buy at Walgreens through them. There is a link on the Rakuten website where a customer with an account can earn up to 3% cashback. Rakuten has a wallet where the customer will receive their cashback; alternatively, they can also use PayPal to extract the money.

What Is The Walgreens Prescription Savings Club Program?

The prescription program is not insurance, but for an annual fee starting at $20, members will receive a discount on specific products and services at various Walgreens stores, including Daune Reade. Discounts vary depending on the products and services, but prices will never exceed the overall discount rate.


Are The Walgreens Memberships Worth it?

Regarding the loyalty program, if individuals are regular customers, it only makes sense to accumulate points to save money annually. For membership programs like the prescription program, members can save up to $324 annually on the medicine, excluding what they might save on the medical services.

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