Can You Get Cashback At Walmart? How Much Does It Cost?

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When referring to cashback, there is more than one meaning to the term. Firstly, we have the concept of drawing cash at the checkout point, much like you would at an ATM. Secondly, we have the cashback rewards programs offered by retailers to consumers. This article will discuss both practices.


Walmart allows you to draw cash at checkout points in any amount between $20 and $100 using any debit card and some credit cards. You can get cashback using a check, but only up to $20. There is no charge for drawing cash at the checkout. However, there are several restrictions in place.

Receiving cash at the checkout point is a highly convenient practice that means you won’t have to make an extra trip to find an ATM to have cash in hand. While nearly all Walmart stores allow this, certain stores may not. Walmart also offers a potentially lucrative cash back rewards program that will be further discussed in this article.

Can You Get Cashback At Walmart?

As mentioned above, cashback can come in several forms. It can refer to drawing actual cash at the till point to avoid using an ATM. It can also refer to receiving a percentage of your purchases back in rewards points that can be converted to actual money.

These concepts will be discussed in this article, and both are features offered by Walmart.


Walmart allows customers to draw cash at the checkout counter whether you are going to the self-checkout or dealing with an actual cashier in person. Cash withdrawals are subject to several limitations to ensure fair usage.

When referring to cashback in terms of rewards, Walmart offers a store credit card that can potentially get you hundreds of dollars back in rewards every year. This will depend, of course, on how and where you shop.

There are several other ways to enjoy discounts and receive cashback rewards at Walmart stores.

Cash At Walmart Checkout

In the majority of its stores across the US, Walmart offers customers the convenient service of being able to draw cash at any checkout point in its stores. Whether you are using self-checkout or the normal checkout point with a cashier, the service is still available.

There are no charges associated with receiving cash back at a Walmart checkout point. However, certain restrictions govern how you can draw the cash and how much cash you are allowed to draw at any given time.

You are allowed to withdraw any amount between $20 and $100 at any Walmart checkout point. You will have to choose an amount of cash in $20 increments, meaning that you can draw either $20, $40, $60, $80, or $100. You cannot draw an amount higher than $100 at a time from one checkout point.


This rule exists mostly because each checkout point only has a certain amount of cash inside it, so drawing large amounts of cash would deplete the supply in the checkout point, preventing other customers from being able to withdraw their own cash.

You are, however, allowed to withdraw cash at Walmart up to three times per day. You can potentially withdraw up to $300 at the checkout points, but you would have to do this in $100 increments, using a different checkout point each time.

To withdraw cash at a Walmart checkout point, all you need to do is pay for a single item. This item can cost as little as one cent. When approaching the cashier or the self-service checkout, simply select the cash back option when making your purchase.

You can then select the amount of cash you would like to withdraw, and your card will be charged the value of the item you purchased plus the amount of cash you have chosen to withdraw.

Once the process is complete, you will either receive cash from the cashier, who will be alerted to your selection on their cash register, or your cash will be dispensed from the self-service machine.

It’s important to remember that you can generally only use a debit card when receiving cash back at the checkout points. Some credit cards allow the cashback function, but this is usually in the form of a cash advance that instantly starts incurring interest.

Walmart also allows you to withdraw cash at their checkout points using a check. However, you can only withdraw up to $20 at a time when using a check.


Walmart Cashback Rewards Program

There’s nothing a large retail chain enjoys more than retaining a loyal client base to keep the profits rolling in year after year. Marketing professionals are constantly thinking up new ways to entice clients into spending money at their stores. Still, one of the most popular methods is the concept of cashback.

Walmart offers two rewards credit cards that allow you to potentially receive significant amounts of money back in rewards. These rewards can be used either to offset any purchases made at Walmart stores, or they can be redeemed as gift cards. You can also have your Walmart rewards sent to you as a check.

The only difference between the two cards (both offered by Capital One) is that one of the cards is a Mastercard that can be used at any store. In contrast, the other can only be used at Walmart.

The Walmart Rewards Card allows you to receive 5% cashback on all purchases made at, including pickup and delivery. This also includes groceries, which means that you can potentially earn significant cashback if you are a regular Walmart shopper.

If you are shopping in-store at Walmart, you will earn 2% cashback on all your purchases. You will also receive 2% cashback at fuel stations, restaurants, and when spending on travel. Anywhere else that Mastercard is accepted will earn you 1% on every dollar spent.

Other Ways To Earn Cash Back At Walmart

Besides the store’s own cashback rewards program, there are other ways for you to either earn cashback or simply save money at Walmart stores. Ibotta is a free mobile app available for download on most smartphones that gives you access to coupons for the store of your choice.

Capital One offers a shopping extension that scans the internet for coupon codes for any purchases you are trying to make, similar to Honey. Rakuten is another cashback platform worth exploring, as is Fetch.

In Summary

Cashback services at Walmart are simple to use, provided you abide by certain restrictions. When using a debit card, you can withdraw between $20 and $100. When using a check, you can withdraw a maximum of $20. Walmart also offers a brilliant cashback rewards program via its store credit card that can potentially earn you hundreds of dollars in rewards per year.

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