Can You Get Cashback At Dollar Tree? How Much Does It Cost?

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Dollar Tree is a store loved by millions of Americans. However, what kind of rewards systems and cashback offers do they give their customers. Let’s find out


You are able to get cashback at Dollar Tree using your debit card only. You are allowed to draw a total of $50 maximum with any single transaction but are permitted to get various denominations of bills if you wish to. Then Dollar Tree offers coupons that you can use for savings at their store.

This article will detail the two specific ways in which you are able to get cashback at Dollar Tree. We will go into detail about transaction fees, terms and conditions, and more. We will also discuss other cashback options and perhaps why they don’t have them.

Can You Get Cashback At Dollar Tree?

There are two ways that you can go about getting your cashback at Dollar Tree. The first is to use the store, cashiers, or tills like an ATM rather than using a real ATM. And the next is to use coupons that are distributed for Dollar Tree.

Unlike other stores such as Kroger, which has online rewards systems and actual cashback systems so that you can earn cashback, these are the only two options available for you to receive money back at Dollar tree.


In this regard, Dollar Tree does not even have its own shopper card or rewards system other than that of coupons, which they accept under the appropriate conditions. Take a look at their terms and conditions page to get the complete picture.

The only other services that Dollar Tree offers are gift cards and certificates. Then you are able to sign up to their loyalty program that these two services will give you benefits and are not ones allowing you to redeem money whatsoever.

Gift cards do not offer you cashback in any way. These cards are purchased, allowing you to redeem them at Dollar Tree for the amount that was used to buy them.

What About Money Services Or Checks?

Other stores like Fry’s, Kroger, Smith’s, Baker’s, Pick’ n Save, and more offer Money Services. This is similar to drawing your cash out of your account; however, it allows you to do so differently. This is by cashing your checks in the form of;

  • Government checks
  • Insurance checks
  • Payroll checks
  • Tax refund cashing
  • Checks without bank accounts

Unfortunately, Dollar Tree does not offer these services, and you cannot get cashback via checks in any which way. But they do offer cashback via debit cards.

Types Of Payments You Can Get Cashback At Dollar Tree

The only form of payment that Dollar Tree allows in order for you to get cashback is by using your debit card. However, there are some restrictions that Dollar Tree enforces.


How Much Cash Can I Get Back?

The cashback limit that Dollar Tree has is only a total of $50. However, even though the limit of you drawing cash is $50, you are able to get various denominations of bills. This means you can ask Dollar Tree to give you any combination of bills that add up to $50. The bills that they give you are;

  • $10 bill
  • $20 bill
  • $40 bill
  • $50 bill

What Are The Transaction Fees For Using My Debit Card?

You may be wondering what the transaction fee is for getting cash back at Dollar Tree. It will help if you remember that even ATMs have a transaction fee for withdrawing money.

Dollar Tree does charge a $1 surcharge on all cashback transactions. However, this surcharge must be approved by you (the customer) at the point of sale.

What About Credit Cards?

Unfortunately, Dollar Tree does not allow you to get cashback using any form of credit card at this point in time. As we discussed above, you are also not able to get cashback via checks or checks either. The only payment form that they accept is debit cards.

How Does Dollar Tree’s Coupon System Work?

You should know a few things about Dollar Tree’s coupons and how they work. They do have strict rules for both actual and online coupons, and if these rules are not adhered to, you probably won’t receive your discount.

  • The online and physical coupons can not be redeemed for cash and are of no physical value other than to give you a discount
  • Dollar Tree only accepts Manufacturer coupons
  • They do not accept any photocopies of coupons at all
  • The coupons must not be modified or altered in any way
  • The coupons can only be used in-store
  • They must be presented at the time of purchase
  • You must purchase the item before the Manufacturers expiration date
  • They only accept one coupon per item
  • They will accept the Manufacturer coupon for over $1 on any single item
  • They will not give cash back if the value of the coupon is greater than the specified product
  • They will accept Manufacturer coupons of over $1 on multiple items
  • They will only accept four of the same Manufacturer coupons per customer. This includes per day as well
  • Manufacturers’ coupons for a free item only apply if you purchase that item (buy one get one free)
  • Any items tax that exceeds the Manufactures coupon must be paid
  • Their coupon policy is subject to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Dollar Tree Internet Coupons

Another good thing is that You are able to find coupons online. This does not mean you can shop online using the coupons, but rather coupons retrieved online, printed out, and used at a Dollar Tree store.

  • They will accept up to two internet coupons a day
  • The coupons must have the valid remit address of the Manufacturer
  • The internet coupons must have a valid expiration date
  • They do not accept internet coupons for “free” items with no purchase requirements.
  • The store will not accept duplicated or photocopied coupons

Does Dollar Tree Offer A Rewards System Or Shopper Card?

As we stated above, in no way does Dollar Tree offer any rewards program or shopper card where you can accumulate points that allows you to redeem anything in any way. They also do not have any services that offer you cashback in the form of purchases like other stores. For example, Kroger.


The only thing that Dollar Tree does offer in any form is their Green Dot Reloadable Debit Card. However, this is just a typical debit card that allows you to add cash to your card starting at $1. There are no special rewards or gift systems attached to it.

Dollar Tree’s Lack Of Cashback Options Is A Bit Frustrating

Dollar Tree may not be a huge national chain like Walmart or Kroger, but they are still a national store. You would expect them to have a better cashback system in terms of this. Other stores, like Kroger, have many options for cashback and various services that allow you to save and recoup any money.

The only way Dollar Tree allows you to do this is by coupons. Then the limit of only being able to withdraw $50 with only a debit card is going to hinder a few individuals in terms of wanting to shop there.

It’s much easier to find a store that allows you to do everything all at once. That means drawing, saving, or spending your money in any form. People may opt to shop at another branded store if this is the case if Dollar Tree doesn’t step up and shake things up a bit.

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