Can You Get Cashback At CVS? How Much Does It Cost?

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Gone are the days of wasting gas driving around to find your bank’s ATM to draw cash. You can request cash back at many retailers, drugstores, and pharmacies today. Buying an item from the store is usually the only requirement. Let’s explore if you can get cashback at CVS and how much does it cost?


You can get cashback at any of the CVS stores located countrywide. The only requirement is that you purchase an item from the store. The maximum cashback total is $35 per transaction and is free of charge. Only a personal debit card or Discover credit card can be used for cash back at CVS.

Stores that offer cashback, and some form of a customer reward system for shopping with them, are the norm these days. Who doesn’t want discounted prices, free products, and a two-for-one deal? CVS offers all of this with their customer-orientated ExtraCare program and a maximum cashback payout of $35 per transaction.

Can You Get Cashback At CVS?

You can get cashback at a CVS pharmacy, and with about 10,000 stores across the country, it’s a convenient way to get cash while getting your medical supplies. It’s a perfect all-in-one transaction solution for people on the go.

What Is The Cashback Limit At CVS?

The cashback policy at CVS allows for a maximum of $35 cash back per transaction. CVS doesn’t have a minimum spend amount in place, so you can buy any item in the store and request $35 to be paid out in cash.


For example:

  • You purchase a tube of toothpaste for $1.50.
  • At the cashier, you ask for a cashback amount, with the maximum being $35.
  • The total cashback you requested will be added to the toothpaste of $1.50, resulting in one transaction total.

The downside to the limit is that you need to make multiple purchases if you need more than $35 in cash. Luckily, there’s no minimum purchase limit, so you can buy small items separately until you have the cash you require.

In What Increments Do CVS Pay Out Cashbacks?

CVS’s cashback increments are:

  • $5
  • $10
  • $15
  • $20
  • $25
  • $30
  • $35

When asking for a cashback at CVS, you can choose from bills and coins or a combination of both.

What Type Of Card Can You Use To Get Cashback At CVS?

You can use your personal debit card to access cash back at a CVS, and the only credit card you can use for this type of transaction is a Discover Credit Card. CVS will not give you cashback on any of the following:

  • Personal Cheques
  • Gift Card Purchases
  • Money Orders
  • Credit Cards (Except Discover)

How Much Does A Cashback Transaction Cost At CVS?

A cashback transaction performed at CVS will cost you absolutely nothing. Free of charge. Zip. Nada. For you for free.


It should be mentioned that most CVS stores have ATMs from numerous US banks close to their registers, which could translate to surcharge-free withdrawals for clients of those banks. Most CVS stores give clients access to Allpoint Network ATMs, which are surcharge-free for eligible customers.

If you are not an eligible client to use the ATMs available in-store, you will be charged out-of-network fees, which can range between $2 to $5. Cashback amounts at grocery stores contribute toward your debit card’s daily spending limit. If you go over your balance limit, your bank may charge you fees. Overdraft costs apply if you overdraw your account.

A helpful hint is to check your bank account balance to ensure you are not overdrawn, as some of the bank charges being charged today are ridiculously high. For example, Wells Fargo charges a $35 per item overdraft cost, whereas Chase Bank charges a $34 insufficient funds fee.

When you’re just trying to get $10 back, that’s a lot of money to pour down the drain.

Does CVS Offer A Rewards Credit Card?

CVS doesn’t offer a reward credit card to its clients, unlike Kroger, which offers its own brand of reward credit cards to its clients.

Does CVS Offer A Reward Program?

CVS offers a CVS card to loyal customers and occasional clients alike. There are two ways to obtain a CVS card:

  • Fill in a form in-store. The CVS card is attached to the application form and can be used with immediate effect.
  • Visit and sign up for their ExtraCare Program (CVS card will be mailed to you within 7 days.)

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A CVS Card?

The benefits of using your free CVS card are numerous and will allow you to receive free items, discounts, and the ability to earn extra spending money.


If you have a CVS card, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • Instant discounts on various products – Items in a CVS store will have a discounted CVS ExtraCare member price and a regular price; CVS cardholders will instantly save money on these lower-priced products.
  • Receive notice of deals in advance via email
  • Receive ExtraCare discount coupons via coupon center – You will find a big red machine in every CVS called the Coupon Center. CVS cardholders can scan their cards daily and use the printed coupons, which can be free cookies or items marked at a very low price, like candy for $1.
  • Earn ExtraBucks Rewards – Type of coupon that you earn after completing a transaction that can be used on your following purchase. These coupons work more like cash as you can redeem them on an item without paying anything from your pocket.
  • Bag tags connected to your CVS card account – CVS will pay you if you use one of their canvas groceries bags while shopping in their stores. You pay an initial fee of $0.99 for one, and each time you bring it to the store, you will earn $0.25. When you reach $1, it will result in an ExtraBuck being issued.

How Does CVS ExtraBucks Work?

ExtraBucks work more like cash than coupons, even though they are coupon-like receipts that you receive after making a qualifying transaction. When you make a transaction that qualifies for ExtraBucks, you will receive a receipt that indicates an amount of ExtraBucks (EB’s.)

These EB’s can be redeemed on your following transaction at CVS (valid for 30-days after the print date.) Suppose you buy an item that costs you $10; you may earn EB’s that total $3.

On your next purchase, you can use the allocated $3 EB. If the item costs $3, you can use the $3 EB to pay and leave your money in your wallet. CVS won’t pay out cash. For example, if an item costs $2.78, and you use a $3 EB to cover the purchase, CVS won’t pay you the $0.22 difference.

You can only redeem allocated EB’s by having your CVS card on your person at the transaction time. You will notice that you can make some serious EB on certain products. For instance, you buy shaving cream for $5.99 and earn $5 EB.

CVS will also send you EB’s without you earning them:

  • Periodically send you EB’s to your email
  • On your birthday
  • Quarterly bonus based on what you spend at CVS during the previous three months

CVS will keep you in the loop of what products will earn you EB’s via:

  • Your email
  • TV commercials
  • Instore advertisements

And to top of the savings CVS will pay you $3 in your birthday month via EB’s, which you can spend as you please.

What Is CVS CarePass?

CVS CarePass costs $5 monthly or $48 per year, and customers will receive the following when joining, including a variety of perks throughout the year:


  • Free one to two-day delivery on most purchases made on and qualifying prescriptions – with no minimum purchase.
  • A 24/7 pharmacist helpline where you get to chat to a pharmacist about your prescription and additional medicine, who will suggest alternative resources, services, and tools.
  • $10 will be allocated as a CarePass promotional award to your ExtraCare card at the beginning of each month, which you can spend online or in-store.
  • A CarePass reward of $10 per month will be added to your ExtraCare card account, which you can spend online or in-store.
  • Receive a 20% discount on any eligible CVS Health Brand products

Get Cashback At Any CVS For Free

Getting cashback at a CVS is free of charge, with the only requirement being to purchase an item from the pharmacy. Use your debit card or a Discover credit card, and remember the maximum limit is $35 per transaction.

While you’re at CVS, apply for a free CVS card, and use their ExtraCare program, where you will receive free coupons, discounted prices, and earn EB’s. Use the EB’s to pay for products within a month after the print date, and see how rewarding shopping at CVS can be.

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