Can You Get Cashback At Target? How Much Does It Cost?

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To avoid unnecessary withdrawal fees at ATMs, people constantly look for cheaper and more convenient ways to get cash in their pockets. So, is it possible to get some money back at a Target when shopping for groceries, and how much would it cost?


Most Target stores offer cash back for up to $40 when using a debit card. Similar to other stores, you can get cashback buying any product at the store but not when using cheques or credit cards. In addition, customers can also get cashback with the Target Red Card, saving them around 5% per purchase.

Although it’s possible to get cashback, there are various requirements when wanting 40 dollars at a till as well as saving money when doing general shopping at Target. Let’s look at multiple options and their respective requirements when wanting “cashback” for general shopping at Target.

How Do I Get Cashback At Target?

Target provides cashback when customers use their debit card or the Target Red Card. Both the standard check-out and the self-checkout counters provide cashback for customers when shopping for groceries at target. Once the groceries are scanned, the required cash amount can be added to the bill free of charge.

What Are The Requirements To Get Cashback In Target?

Although it doesn’t cost anything to get the cashback physically, customers should buy at least one product at the store in order to get cashback at the counter. As long as you buy a product, there is no minimum purchase requirement to qualify for a cashback. Most importantly, customers can only get cashback if they use debit cards and Target Red cards.


Is There A Limit To Cashback At Target?

Customers will not be able to get more than $40 of cashback when purchasing products at the store. The 40 dollars might change depending on the store and situation, but standard practice is only to allow $40 to manage risk.

Is Cashback Allowed With Any Card?

Only debit cards and Target Red Cards are allowed to get cashback. Similar to another store, cashback will not be permitted when purchasing items with cheques, credit cards, or cash. Customers will also be able to use their Target Red Card Debit Card if there are sufficient funds in the checking account to which the card is linked.

In addition, when purchased items are bought using a gift card and returned, you will also be able to get cashback. Depending on the store, Target can convert gifts card to cash as well as convert any remaining funds on the card to cash after purchase.

How Does Target Get You Cashback With Rewards?

Target offers an exclusive card called “Target Red Card” The goal is to provide car owners with the opportunity to pay less on average constantly. The card provides a discount on all purchases as well as exclusive and special offers to save money when Target makes them available.

How Does The Target Red Card Work?

It’s vital to note that Target Red Card is not a credit card. Although there is a credit card option, customers can avoid running into debt and choose the debit option linked to the checking account. Due to the card needing to be linked to a checking account, there is a process all customers should follow, resulting in a waiting period the day they apply.

What Benefits Does The Target Card Offer?

The Red Card offers 5% off on all purchases. Consequently, you can use your debit or credit card to pay for the products and receive 5% off of the total cost. Although you will save money with the Red Card by using the debit or credit card, you can only get cashback at the counter when you use a debit card.


In addition, Red Card owners get free shopping online. The target store allows products to be shipped to the nearest store for collection by any customer, but when using the card, you can ship products to your front door without paying extra for it.

Can Red Card Owners Use Coupons With Their Cards?

Target Card owners can combine their coupons to save even more money. If Target has a general sale for any customer, Red Card owners will be able to use their coupons for the deals while still receiving 5% off the total cost.

Are There Other Options To Get Cashback At Target?

In the following paragraphs, we will look at the different ways customers can save at target:

  • Firstly, customers can join the Target Circle program for free and save 1% on each purchase. The program allows customers to participate in bonus and reward opportunities and other perks like early access to sales, birthday discounts, and votes for donations.
  • Secondly, if you are part of the circle program, you can get a 5% discount for the whole month of your birthday. The gift will be valid for 30 days in the target circle wallet.
  • Thirdly, Target offers a “price match guarantee,” which means customers can get lower prices for the product they purchased if they find a similar product cheaper than other competitors. Therefore, if a target competitor has better prices, you can bring proof of this to Target within 14 days, and they will reconcile the price.
  • Fourthly, customer can combine their coupons for maximum savings. For example, circle offers, store coupons, manufacturer coupons, and the red card discounts can all be used at once to save on the total purchase.
  • Fifthly, if customers register a list of items with Target for their baby showers or weddings, Target will give a 15% completion discount for any items that were not purchased.
  • Finally, Target does offer a military discount around November which provides active personnel, veterans, and their families discounts celebrating Veterans Day.

Are The Target Memberships Worth it?

Depending on the amount of shopping done at Target stores, customers who are red card and circle program members can save on all the necessary items when they need to purchase monthly. Due to Target allowing coupons and discounts to be combined, customers will find it beneficial to participate in the loyalty programs when shopping for expensive items.

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