Can You Get Cashback At Kroger? How Much Does It Cost?

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Many customers know that mega stores offer options for savings, and Kroger (one of the biggest chain stores with over 11 million customers) has these. However, many don’t know about other ways you can get cash back, such as Money Services or their online cashback coupon system.


Kroger offers cashback in many ways. You have their cashback system where you spend with your Kroger Mastercards, and this will give you cashback. Also, their online coupon system and their Money Service allows you to draw cash just like at an ATM but without the hassle.

This article will detail all the payment forms Kroger accepts for their cashback systems, how much money you can get back with these payment methods, and what payment methods are accepted for each service.

Can You Get Cashback At Kroger?

Kroger has a cashback policy that allows you to get money back when purchasing goods at their stores. This means that when you purchase items and checkout at either the customer service desk, self-checkout, or one of their registers, you can opt to receive money back from their cashback service.

This policy allows shoppers who shop at Kroger and individuals who use their form of payment methods (including their elite Mastercard) to earn up to 5% cashback. Their elite Mastercard even offers a 1% cashback outside of their stores. However, the where is not specified.


Money services also allow you to draw cash like an ATM from select stores like Kroger. This enables you to receive cashback from payroll, benefits, or a pin debit card with money services.

You then have their Cashback coupon system, which allows you to select products and load them onto your rewards card (shopper card). With this system, you need to go online or use their app. Choose from a variety of products and load them onto your card.

You then go in-store and purchase the products using your rewards card at checkout. You will then receive cashback on your account. You then have the option to load the cashback onto your rewards card and spend it to buy products at a Kroger store or send the cash to your PayPal account.

Where Are You Able To Get Cashback At Kroger?

Besides redeeming your cashback at your local Kroger store (at the various tills, registers, and even Money Services, as we discussed), you can also get cashback from their smartphone app or their online store via their cashback coupon system. By using their online app or website, you are able to place your cashback into your rewards card (shopper car) or even your PayPal account.

Their in-store Money Service allows you to withdraw cash from your account, send money, pay bills, and more via their in-store cashiers.

Transaction Fees For Krogers Cashback Service?

Kroger will charge you between 0.5% and 3.5%, depending on your payment method. In terms of the cashback amount that equates to money, the most Kroger will charge you is between $0.50 and $3.50 per transaction. This is for their Cashback service that utilizes debit cards or credit cards when your purchase goods.


However, using the rewards card you have chosen to load with your cashback coupons allows you to shop at your Kroger store and not incur penalties. Furthermore, the fees for their PayPal cashback program are not specified.

When you earn your cashback through their online coupon system, you are just able to select the amount and transfer it to your PayPal account. However, It should be noted that a minimum of $20 is required to be deposited into your PayPal account. You are then only able to withdraw your cashback digitally into your PayPal account once every 24 hours.

For their Money Service, fees start at $3 with a shoppers card for checks up to $2000. Checks between $2000 and $5000 have a fee starting at $5.50.

What Payment Methods Work With Kroger’s Cashback Service?

Kroger offers cashback on most payment forms, including Visa, Mastercard, debit cards, credit cards, and is even introducing new forms of payment to simplify things.

Cashback Via Debit Card

Using your debit card and even your Kroger REWARDS prepaid Visa debit card, the store allows you up to $300 cashback in one transaction. Although fee transactions may vary from store to store over $100, most stores will charge you $3.50 for transactions between $100 and $300.

Then the policy of the store is to charge you approximately a $0.50 fee for a $100 cashback transaction. One thing to note about the cashback system is that if you run your debit card as a credit card, the cashback will not apply or be valid.

Cashback Via Credit Card

Although Kroger does not offer cashback via credit cards, there is a loophole if you own a Discover credit card. Due to the fact that Kroger stores are part of the Discover Cash Over Program, you are actually able to get $120 every 24 hours.


It should be noted that regular interest rates apply for cashback transactions regarding Discover credit cardholders. However, they do not charge any additional fee for the cashback service itself.

Cashback Via EBT Card

Kroger also allows you to get cashback using EBT cards. The cashback transaction limit is between $50 and $100 for these types of cards. However, you will have to take into consideration that you will need to have a cash balance through a cash assistance program. Some of these programs include TANF (Temporary Assitance For Needy Families).

It is important to note that there are different programs available for various states, and you should consider the best one for yours and which on your EBT card qualifies for.

Cashback Via Check

Getting cashback with a cheque may be a bit trickier than other payment methods. Firstly Kroger may need you to have a personal cheque history at their store. This will allow you to apply and receive their cashback offers. You will need to check Kroger’s check policy to do so.

Then the limit on cashback transactions for cheques is not as high as any other form of payment. The limit for cashback regarding cheques is limited to $20.

What Payment Methods Work With Krogers Cashback Coupon Service?

You need to use your Krogers reward (shoppers) card to enable you to purchase products that you have selected online via their website or app. You then need to load the reward card with the actual product so you can purchase it.

This will allow you to receive your cashback. Your money will be sent to your Kroger account that is linked to your shopper card. You can then deposit your cashback into your shopper’s card again or into your PayPal account.

Depositing the money into your shopper’s cards will allow you to purchase goods from any Kroger store using that specific card.

What Payment Methods Work With Their Money Service?

Their Money services will enable you to use various money services such as payroll, government benefits, prepaid, and PIN debit cards. All these options will allow you to withdraw a specific amount of cash, just like at an ATM.


Making Large Cashback Withdrawals

There are instances where you are able to make larger amounts of cashback withdrawals. However, you will need to consult with that specific Kroger branch to know what the limit could be. Otherwise, it may be best to check at the customer service desk if you are already in-store because they may have enough cash on hand. Take into consideration that a large cashback withdrawal transaction can have a large transaction fee of up to $6.

Final Thoughts On Kroger’s Cashback Policy

Kroger offers a great cashback plan that anyone can take advantage of due to how it is structured. Whether you are shopping in-store, online, or what form of payment you have, there is probably a way to get cashback. The transaction fees are low, and the deals are sometimes great with online coupons, even having a more-than-one deal, but it will only apply once.

Their Money Services allows you to withdraw cash but saves you the time of having to go to an ATM. Various methods of withdrawal methods can be used here. Lastly, if you are smart and use it in conjunction with Ibotta, you might earn and save an incredible amount, even gaining many items for free because of the savings that take place.

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