Can You Get Cashback At Dollar General?

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Dollar General is an affordable chain with over 18,000 stores across the continental United States. The discount retailer has its headquarters in Tennessee and offers a variety of goods, including apparel, cleaning products, food, hardware, and even cooking supplies. The company proclaims that it aims to make shopping “hassle-free.” But how hassle-free is getting cashback at one of their branches?


Dollar General provides cashback for purchases 5 dollars and over. This service is for debit card users or Discover credit cards. Customers are limited to 40-dollars cash back, and they cannot use this service if paying by check. There is a 1–2-dollar fee for this service depending on location.

Dollar General allows customers to pay for products in several ways, including accepting credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. However, Dollar General only has an agreement with Discover credit card for cashback. Thus, using any other credit card for cashback can create incredibly hefty fees and interest rates if you are successful.

Getting Cashback At Dollar General

Dollar General allows customers to get cashback if paying by debit card or Discover credit card, through its “cash over” program. To qualify, the customer must make a minimum purchase of 5 dollars. They are then allowed to get 10, 20, 30, or 40-dollars cashback. The customer would have to make a second purchase to get more cashback. Each cashback comes with a 1–2-dollar fee.

Is There A Minimum Purchase For Cashback?

A customer must purchase at least 5-dollars’ worth of goods to get cashback at Dollar General.


Limit Of Cashback At Dollar General

There is a limit of 40-dollars cashback from Dollar General. Customers are restricted to the cashback in 10-dollar increments. Thus, their cashback must be 10, 20, 30, or 40 dollars.

Is There A Fee For Cashback?

Dollar General charges 1-2 dollars for cashback. The exact charge depends on the Dollar General branch and is not standardized.

What If I Need More Than $40 Cashback?

A customer is allowed to make multiple purchases of at least 5-dollars in order to obtain more cashback. Each 5-dollar purchase is limited to 40-dollars. Each 5-dollar purchase with cashback will come with a fee. Thus, three 5-dollar purchases can provide up to 120 dollars with total fees of 3-6 dollars.

Getting Cashback Via Payment Methods

Dollar General only agrees to provide cashback to customers paying with a debit card or a Discover credit card. Using another credit card for cashback might be possible, but they will have hefty fees that may also include interest. Nor is the 40-dollar cashback limit guaranteed.

With Debit Card

Customers paying with a Visa or MasterCard debit card can get cashback at Dollar General. There will be a 1–2-dollar fee. They must purchase at least 5 dollars’ worth of goods and have a cashback limit of 40 dollars.

With Discover Credit Card

Customers paying with a Discover credit card can get cashback at Dollar General. There will be a 1–2-dollar fee. They must purchase at least 5-dollars’ worth of goods and have a cashback limit of 40 dollars.


With Other Credit Cards

Dollar General does not guarantee cashback for other credit cards. However, those customers that successfully obtain cashback with different credit cards are not limited to 1–2-dollar fees. Instead, there will be hefty fees that often include interest.

With Checks

Dollar General does not provide cashback for customers paying by check.

With PayPal

While Dollar General does accept PayPal payments for online purchases, this does not come with cashback benefits.

With Apple Pay

Dollar General did express interest in using Apple Pay in 2000. Yet, two years later, it is still not an accepted payment at Dollar General, nor can you get cashback with it.

With DG Go

At some Dollar General stores, customers can shop using a phone app called DG Go. Customers can scan goods as they shop, and the phone keeps a running tally while also providing any coupons or discounts. When the customer is done, they pay in the app and do not use the checkout line. Because customers do not go through the checkout line, no cashback option is available.

With SpendWell

Dollar General has an agreement with SpendWell Visa debit cards. These have a “cash back” program. However, “cash back” means two different things with a SpendWell Visa debit card program.

SpendWell debit cards can give you cashback like any other visa debit card at Doller General. Thus, you can withdraw up to 40 dollars in cash from your debit card when purchasing 5-dollars or more of products.


However, SpendWell comes in two versions. The first has no monthly fee. The second one provides “cash back” from Dollar General. However, this “cash back” isn’t put into the customer’s hand but deposited directly into the account connected to the debit card. It is also only for purchased goods, and you do not earn this “cash back” for paying bills, fees, or making ATM transactions.

For example, if a customer buys 5-dollars of goods at Dollar General, the SpendWell Unlimited debit card will then deposit $0.05 into the customer’s debit account. Because the customer spent 5-dollars, the customer can also get up to 40-dollars cashback in real, paper money.

However, it appears that the 1–2-dollar fee will still apply. Nor will the customer earn any “cash back” from the 40-dollars. The “cash back” amount remains at five cents.

Do Customers Lose Their SpendWell “Cash Back” With Returns?

Customers who buy goods with their SpendWell Unlimited debit card will lose their “cash back” when returning items. For example, if a customer bought ten dollars of items, they would get $0.10 in “cash back.” But if they returned 2-dollars of the items, SpendWell would remove $0.02 of the “cash back” from the account, leaving only $0.08.

In Short

Dollar General does allow cashback of up to 40-dollars in ten-dollar increments. To qualify, a customer must spend at least 5-dollars, be willing to pay the 1–2-dollar fee, and use a debit card or a Discover credit card. If the customer uses a SpendWell Unlimited debit card, they will get “cash back” directly deposited into their account. But this is separate from receiving physical money at the till.

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