Free Sample News Update: Farmina Pet Food, Nate’s Jerky, Flex-D3 Vitamins, BIOEFFECT EGF Serum Luxury Skincare Sample, eraclea skin care, Bari Life Vitamin Powder, Verified Coffee, GPN Coffee, Fused Coffee, Orgain Organic Protein Powder, Panda Poles Stickers, Mother Nurture 7 In 1 Coffee and Choco Mix, Anti-Snoring Clip, Sleeping Mask & Travel Pillow from Anti Snoring Center, AMC Tickets, Snickers Coupons, LivRelief Pain Relief Cream, Graze Snack Boxes, Nature’s Bounty Melatonin, Vans Sandals, Rufus Teague Meat Rub & Dutch Master “Legend Takes Time” T-Shirt

Hello fellow freebie hunters,

Welcome to another freebies news & mailbox update. Since I started signing up for freebies in January this year, freebies have been steadily picking up, even with the banishment of Amazon reviews, there still seems to be a healthy amount of free stuff coming in the mail (and I hope in your mailbox too). And as usual I’m doing with the Clint Eastwood theme of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” for this update. Let’s start with the good news.

The Good:

Samples & Deals from September 26th 2016 through November 1st 2016:

Free Samples November 1st 2016Psst.. you can click on the image above to open the image full-size in a new tab.

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  • Mailbox Highlights:
    • Vans Sandals: This was from the $15 free Zappos credit, it may still be active but you need an account created before September now to qualify for it.
    • Rufus Teague Meat Rub: This should still be going on if you missed it from Copenhagen. They also have an excellent daily giveaway going on still too.
    • Dutch Master “Legend Takes Time” T-Shirt: This is a great t-shirt if you need a free one, it looks like they are still offering a gift (assuming the t-shirt) for new members, see how to get it here.
    • Graze Snack Boxes & Melatonin: This is from the Nature’s Bounty reward program, it took me 3 months to reach the level to get all the freebies but you can still do it too, learn about it here.
    • Wild Crab Bisque: This was a yummy freebie. Scored from Social Nature, a great way to get healthy and organic wholesome foody freebies (in exchange for review feedback). They are out of the bisque but have plenty of other excellent free organic products to nom on still, head on over here to learn more about it.

    • Shea Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner: This is an excellent fast-ish coming freebie that is still active here (only 2 types out of the original 6 in stock though). If you want a high quality shampoo + conditioner sample this one is worth it if you haven’t signed up already.
    • 5 Snickers Coupons: You can get these too, seems to be a limit of 5 as I haven’t won any since hitting 5 but you can head here and enter daily to win your own free coupons (I was winning 1 a week until I hit 5 or so).
    • LivRelief Pain Relief Cream: These came fairly fast and are still active if you are feeling achy.
    • Take 5 Chocolates: This one is over however it was the most interesting freebie redemption of the month. You had to flip your phone over and “knock”, a very interesting promotion if you had a smart phone that worked with it. And those bars were very tasty. I hope you got some too, but if not those bars are worth trying if you like a nutty chocolate bar.
    • Other Freebies: The rest are mostly expired but if you have any questions about the just shoot me an email at, always happy to share my experiences with you.
  • Simply Earth Oils: If you won a prize from this company but never got it shoot them an email. Their support is excellent (even for freebie hunters which offer $0 value to them if they are thinking short term). That is all, there is nothing like excellent support so wanted to share the good feelings about this company. I’m open to ordering more oils from them!

  • Tasty Whey: They were kind enough to send out an email warning you that you may not get the samples and the reasons why. I got it in the mail and I hope you did too. Marking this one as good communication and good news.

  • ThePerfumeClub: A few readers have gotten fragrances from this new “panel” company. The male fragrances were delayed and I confirmed with support they are now shipping. So they have good responsive support and so far some folks have gotten samples, that’s good news! This is a new company to watch for serious perfume samplers, check them out here if you haven’t yet.

  • BIOEFFECT EGF Serum Luxury Skincare Sample: They were overwhelmed according to an email they sent out titled “Welcome to BIOEFFECT” but it will be delayed. Hopefully you made the cut and get the sample after the delay.

The Bad:

  • eraclea skin care: Due to overwhelming response they ran out of samples according to an email they sent out, but they did offer a 15% off coupon which was nice (it’s expired otherwise I’d share it).

  • Etekcitizen: Bless their souls, they had to close down their free electronics in exchange for an Amazon review program, you can see the notice here.

  • Simply Slick: There is no indication that this sample isn’t coming if you requested it. But I encountered some (foul language warning) research about the ingredients if you are intending to try it out on Reddit here. Figured I’d share just to air on the side of safety.

  • Bari Life Vitamin Powder: According to this email being on all the freebie sites overwhelmed them and no one is going to be getting this vitamin powder. On the positive note the offered a 50% off coupon (might be active still).

  • Body Wash, Soaps, Shampoos, Lip Balm, Makeup Kits, Spa Kits & Other Products From Health Promotions Now: They called me up and told me all orders being invalidated including mine. I tested it out a few days before and it looked like it was a fair sampling program but it clearly was not meant for us. Oh well, more freebies are always ahead.

  • Mother Nurture 7 In 1 Coffee and Choco Mix: So something doesn’t pass the smell test for me here so I never posted it on the site. Why? It is a valid company in Florida. But the 7-in-1 product is only from another company named Mother Nurture in the Philippines. The US based company doesn’t have any mention of it. And lastly, I’ve emailed and tweeted at them without a response from either company in over 2 weeks. If anyone actually gets this in their mail please let me know via email.

  • Panda Poles Stickers: They emailed me and politely asked to remove the offer from the site because they can’t fulfill the stickers. Sorry folks, these stickers are not happening.

  • Farmina Pet Food: You may have gotten this email too that says they were overwhelmed and cannot fulfill the samples. They offered some solid coupons though, feel free to use mine if the are still active in the email link.

  • Byram Healthcare: I got an email from them to remove the offer, which I did ASAP. If you ordered any of their products they may have came if you were in NY state (I got mine) but otherwise if you haven’t by now, don’t expect them as they won’t be coming according to their marketing team.

  • Nate’s Jerky: I got this jerky without paying a cent luckily (and it was a soy flavored delicious jerky). A reader forwarded me an email that they are requesting $1 for shipping now. This justifiable for any small business that get a ton of sample requests, so I don’t blame them, just sharing the information here. Thanks Marie for sharing this with me. If you got this notice, I highly recommend the jerky if you don’t mind the $1 in shipping after the fact, but I am not a jerky expert.

  • Orgain Organic Protein Powder: No dice on this one according this email. No coupon either. Oh well.

  • Flex-D3 Vitamins: Posted this last week, got this email asking to confirm shipping address and also stating the it only ships to United Kingdom addresses. Ah well, no dice for us Americans this time.

The Ugly:

  • Verified Coffee: I get pissed when other sites keep up crappy offers up just for profit at the expense of you. This one is clearly fake, it doesn’t have a valid phone number (I called it) and their address is a Papa John’s, yes, this one. Every blogger makes mistakes but this one just screamed fake. Don’t expect it to come, ever.

  • 5 AMC Tickets: Oh it sounds so good, 5 free AMC movie tickets? Until AMC exposed it on their Facebook page as an illegal phishing operation. was the associated domain, if you signed up for it be sure to change your password if you entered it anywhere and avoid clicking on suspicious links to the email you used to sign up.

  • GPN Coffee: Ugh, I posted this one and it definitely has some fake red flags like , for example the fact that Google has marked it as “maybe hacked”. I instantly removed it off the site just now. Proof is was marked as hacked from Google is here.

  • Anti-Snoring Clip, Sleeping Mask & Travel Pillow from Anti Snoring Center: Another fake or hijacked business is lurking on Facebook waiting to get your valued personal information for profit. This one has 3 pages of fake ones. And all of them have “pop ups” after that send you to unrelated websites that make the scammers money. Feel free to report them, just got to “More” then “Report” and say they are a scam. URL is here to copy / paste: – also feel free to join in with me on comments on their posts pointing out that this is a fake company and a possible phishing scam.

  • Black Socks from TS Lorris: Another fake one that sends you to an unrelated website (that makes them money) after you sign up under the guise of asking “Can You Help Us?” and promising that’ll it will help you get the freebie. It won’t folks. URL to avoid:

  • Tea Leaf Emporium: This site was very likely to be a phishing site. The website was registered 2016-09-27. And the only contact is an yahoo email address that I tried to reach multiple times without a response. They have no social media accounts (pretty dumb idea if you want to start a company these days). And lastly, anyone could submit the form without any information. Final proof is now that I loop back to the site, it’s suspended by their hosting provider, pretty bad launch for this fake tea company. URL to avoid (not that you can even access it now):

  • Fused Coffee: This is the worst terms I’ve seen in my free sample career. It is clearly a phishing collection scheme that when you sign up it says you agree to exclude yourself from local, state and national do-not-contact lists, guaranteeing access to harass you via phone or email for 12 months. Not so cute. Secondly, if you look deeper at the entire website it’s hosted on you’ll find a slew of fake products that don’t even exist except on Avoid this entire domain like the plague, please, for your sake.

  • L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream (again): I saw this pop up on respectable freebie sites again. I called this a fake in March 2016 here. To make it short, the associated company (Rubicon 21) is based out of Seychelles which is in my opinion the new Nigeria of scams. Avoid it: – and while you are at it, complain to any other sites that you see hosting it in the future.

That is all I have for the sample update today! Do you have any updates to contribute, send me an email at

– John ‘Samples’ Clark

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