Sample News Update: Incense Zen, Over EZ Hangover Cure, Kelapo Coconut Oil, Cheddar T-Shirt, Qokodii, Lay’s BBQ Coupons, BioSoil Worm Castings + Fertilizer, $5 Amazon Card, Black Seed Herbal Essence Oil & Yoobi Sticker

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Is your mailbox feeling the free sample heat? Mine was feeling it this week when I got way more freebies than usual, I hope you did as well. As usual I’m sticking with the “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” theme for this update. Let’s start with the good news.

The Good:

Free Samples June 16th 2016 through June 22nd 2016:

Free Samples June 22nd 2016
  • Freebies received: Tons of them. If any questions about a specific one send me an email at However, most of them are expired, so please don’t just email me asking to send you free samples, I just find them, thanks.
  • Lay’s BBQ Coupons: A few readers sent me emails about how their coupon was expired, shortly after Lay’s emailed everyone saying “All affected consumers will be automatically mailed a replacement coupon to the mailing address on file and it will arrive within a few weeks. You will have plenty of time to redeem the coupon and enjoy Lay’s BBQ or the Lay’s flavor of your choice.” – so good news, the coupons will be fixed if you missed this email and got sad from an expired coupon. I got an expired one too, it’s all good!
  • BioSoil Worm Castings + Fertilizer: They got overwhelmed, offered a coupon code 15OFF for 15% off and … said they will take “a couple of weeks to get these delivered to you!” according to their email here. No shipment notice but a great sign for anyone who signed up.
  • Poncho: They never responded to any emails, but it came as you can see in the photo, hope you got yours too if you earned one.
  • $5 Amazon Card: I got mine a couple days ago. Check your email in case you did too! I was doubtful this would come, especially if you see the message on their site here.
  • Virgina Slims Jewelery Box: Shipped for most folks already.

The Bad (Maybe / Not Coming):

  • Yoobi Sticker: They ran out of stickers according to an email forwarded from a fellow reader: “Due to such a high volume of requests for stickers, we’ve unfortunately run out at this time. Not to worry though, we’re keeping your information on file and are awaiting a toucan delivery with more stickers! We’ll make sure to mail them out to you as soon as we can!”
  • Bird Pick Tea & Herb: Not coming, if you emailed them you most likely got a response like this one: Hi, Thank you for your interest in Bird Pick Tea & Herb. It has come to our attention that a number of “free samples” sites have posted about our sample policy, however they were not clear in stating that you need to place an order to be able to request free samples. If you are placing an order and would like samples, please leave your sample requests (up to 3) in the gift message box during checkout. Thank you, Cindy – oh well.
  • Over EZ Hangover Cure: I got this email yesterday saying I just need to set up my shipping, okay great, they must mean verify my shipping address. Wait a minute… it took me to PayPal and there is an “Item total” of $0.01 and a “Shipping and handling: $2.99” charge, no thanks. First time I saw this happening. And in all honesty it’s actually a decent way to address the “oh sh*t we got way too many sign ups and we’re going to lose our shirt if we ship them” dilemma. From the size of it though, seems like they could ship it in a letter for $0.47. Cost to make the sample must be less. Not going to buy it. Next sample please.
  • Rave Hydration Backpack: After a concerned Facebook group member made a post about it, I looked into it more and Reddit’s r/freebietalk addressed this as well here. It’s clearly not going to come folks. And if you didn’t make it for the ‘free shipping’ hack and you ended up paying for shipping for some reason, this offer was on a Shopify account and I don’t believe they store credit cards since I last used Shopify, so beyond this one charge you should be okay if you did pay for it. I would ask your bank or Shopify to reverse it if you haven’t received the backpack AND you paid for shipping though. If you ended up getting one in the mail, email me at
  • Cheddar T-Shirt: It was brought to my attention that the form had all the information entered public if you viewed previous responses, hopefully nobody abused this list before they turned the form off. Thanks to our Facebook group and VonBeau’s team for originally pointing this out. If you signed up, I’m asking them if they will fulfill it here. I hope whoever signed up gets a free t-shirt as hush cheddar but we’ll see. Update: they intend to fulfill it for subscribed users, not anyone who just filled out the form.
  • Kelapo Coconut Oil: It’s not coming because it was an offer from 2011, but there email is pretty funny so I want to share it with a link to their site as a vote of approval.


    Dear Customer,

    Sorry, but we’ve got bad news:

    That information you read on the internet about receiving a free sample – well, that was from 2011. We did this great promotional giveaway back then, stuffing 100’s of envelopes with little packets of coconut oil. Can you guess what happened next? They burst in the mail. Our mailman and local post office quickly banned us from ever sending coconut oil samples again!

    We were super bummed then and are again now after all of your awesome requests for more free samples. Here at Kelapo, our group therapist tells us that we all get disappointed sometimes – but we gotta keep our chin up!

    Besides the false information on the internet, things could have been a lot worse. To make light of the situation, we have attached a $1.50 printable coupon, which is good for any Kelapo item AND a coupon code KELAPO30 valid for 30% off at

    We appreciate your understanding and hope you’ll still love us as much as you did before!

    Kelapo Team

  • Incense Zen: This one seemed alright, but after numerous requests for comments about “how many” are they offering on Reddit here and here where the suspected owner of the store ended up deleted his own comments and refused to answer my multiple requests, I have to deem this as a suspected as fake. I believe this is really just a contest and they offered only maybe 5 actual incense sticks on a “first come, first serve” basis. UPDATE: Confirmed a deleted comment showed they only gave away 120. The way the suspected owner dodged my questions must mean I’m on to something, let’s hope it’s nothing worse which I doubt it is. However, the bottom line is I don’t trust this person with my information now because of this interaction. I apologize for posting this one, I try to specialize on finding free stuff and I walk a fine line with my personal information to find free stuff for you and when I make mistakes I always address them here in these updates so you are aware. Let’s hope I’m wrong and I will be the first one to admit it. URL to avoid:


    Update from a representative (I moved from Fake to Not Coming as a result): This has not been misrepresented in any way. Also, this is in no way a contest, you sign up, and the first people that sign up get the freebies. This is exactly how I did it last time and it worked very well actually. We had many satisfied people contact us. We have never sent out spam emails/mail.

The Ugly (Fakes):

  • Black Seed Herbal Essence Oil: Another Fake Facebook tab, when will Facebook do something about this? Ah well, this one is more clever than most. They make you take a quiz/survey before then it throws you into the “Can You Help Us?” freebie fake zone. URL to avoid:
  • Qokodii Male Supplement: This was an easy fake to spot. The Facebook link was broken. Twitter page is 0 tweets/followers. Email is a Gmail one ( And Blake Insurance Group, LLC is also at 5315 E Broadway Blvd, STE 207, Tucson, AZ 85711 which was Qokodii’s registered address. So unless a rogue insurance agent is peddling male performance pills, I think we write this off as fake. URL to avoid:

That is all I have for the sample update today! Do you have any updates to contribute, send me an email at


Sample News Update: Incense Zen, Over EZ Hangover Cure, Kelapo Coconut Oil, Cheddar T-Shirt, Qokodii, Lay’s BBQ Coupons, BioSoil Worm Castings + Fertilizer, $5 Amazon Card, Black Seed Herbal Essence Oil & Yoobi Sticker

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