How To Get Free Or Cheap Soap

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Soap is something we can’t do without, but with the cost of essential goods increasing every day, there are ways to make savings on your soap. Several companies offer free soap samples as a way to get new customers, and trials on product offers are often good places to get deals. We’ve compiled a list of possible places to get free samples or other discounted offers on soap products.


The Ways To Get Free Or Cheap Soap Are Below.

Key Takeaways

  • Check free online sample offers as soon as possible, as many have expiry dates or are limited to first sign-ups or select customer groups.
  • Get access to freebies and coupons by signing up for your favorite soap brands’ newsletters or mailing lists.
  • Use your grocery store apps to check for soap deals such as 2-for-1 offers.
  • Some sites will offer a gift soap after a minimum spend amount, so make sure the offer is worth it to you.
  • Some companies use trial deals or sample offers to get new customers, so watch for ads offering free soap samples on social media sites such as Facebook.
  • Beauty counters sometimes offer free samples of soaps and cleansing gels, so swing past the Beauty Department Counter next time you are in store.
  • Making your soap is an expensive hobby to start, but by using a few bulk ingredients, you can make natural soap that costs less than a store-bought version.

How To Get Free Soap

Here are a few companies that offer free samples of soaps. Many soap companies offering free samples or trials are smaller and make high-quality or organic handmade soaps. It is only cost-effective for them to add the samples to a minimum order basket.

Micas and More

Micas and More are a soap and soapmaking supply company that offers all you need to make your own soaps, including fragrance oils, colored mica, and neon pigments. All their micas and pigments are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. They are suitable for vegan use and both FDA and REACH approved.

If you order fragrance oils, you can add a free sample of soap per order. All the soap samples are at least one week old but may not have been fully cured. This sample is an excellent way to test soap fragrances you may be unsure of liking. You do have to shell out $3.75 for shipping though.


Wandering Goat

This mother-daughter soapmaking team in Maine handcraft small batches of natural soap using goat’s milk from their herd, blended with essential oils, organic oils, and herbs. If you’re looking for soap from a company with no synthetic ingredients and make a high-quality organic product, then Wandering Goat is a company at which to look.

They offer a sample soap, provided you make a minimum purchase of $5. This is an excellent way to trial a fragranced soap before committing to a larger order. Add the sample soap to your order basket here. You can request the scent you would like to try, and if that isn’t available, they will replace it with a similar one.

Nasabb Natural Soap

Nasabb makes natural soaps with organic ingredients geared towards helping and improving skin and hair—using only pure natural ingredients, emphasizing unrefined shea butter and black soap.

The company offers a small range of free samples to allow customers to try new products. The samples may change according to supply, so pick from handcrafted soaps, African black soap, and honey oatmeal soap, among others. Add the free sample to your shopping basket, but be aware you are limited to two samples per order. Be aware the shipping is $9.00.


Dove is a very well-known brand that often runs sample offers. These offers change and are limited in availability. By signing up for their newsletter, you can hear about any new offers or promotions they run. These change regularly, so if you want to be notified of Dove’s coupon offers and free samples, head to their sign-up.

Fake Soap Offers

The Greek Olive Oil Paradosiaka, M Coiffure and Adra Natural Soap offers going around are fake freebies. Nobody has ever received them, the only thing you received is spam mail from Russian fake freebie websites. More information here about these fake freebies.


Can You Get Free Soap Using Product Testing?

Another way to get free soap samples is to sign up on product testing sites. Sites such as Sampler are one way to do this. By signing up and telling them what kind of products you use regularly, you will be sent free samples or tailored offers.

You will need to review and sometimes promote products via social media for many testing companies, so be prepared to give the necessary feedback. However, this is a good way of getting free samples of new or rebranded products.

Is It Cheaper To Make Soap?

Soap is made by combining lye and oil, and natural, handcrafted soaps are filled with glycerin which helps keep skin soft, smooth and nourished.

If you are keen to start a new hobby, soapmaking can eventually produce soap that is high-quality, fragrant, and organic at a fraction of the cost of a similar bar in the store. However, starting a soapmaking process is more expensive as you will need to buy the relevant soapmaking tools and supplies to begin.

If you start with simple ingredients and buy them in bulk, you can make soap that is cheaper than commercial products. A side bonus is potentially selling your handcrafted soaps and making some money.

Where To Find Cheap Soap?

You can also bring down your soap costs by buying soap in bulk and looking for cheap deals at your local Dollar Tree, Amazon, Walmart, or Target. Special offer deals will change weekly, so if you are not committed to a specific brand, this is an excellent way to get soap bars at a lower price.

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