How To Get Free Or Cheap Cleaning Supplies

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With the cost of living growing higher, keeping your house clean can significantly add to your grocery bill. Cleaning products are not something you can give up – houses need to smell fresh and be free of germs, and laundry must be done.


To keep yourself, your house, and your clothing all smelling great and staying clean, we’ve found companies that give away free samples of various cleaning products. We’ve also listed some cheaper alternatives to buying expensive brands.

The Best 6 Ways To Get Free Or Cheap Cleaning Supplies Are Below!

Key Takeaways

  • Many free online samples have expiry dates or are limited to first sign-ups or select customer groups.
  • The best way to find out about giveaways and deals is to actively follow the brands you use on social media sites and sign up for their newsletters for coupons or rewards.
  • Even though most deals are one-time offers or flash giveaways that expire once limited supplies run out, a few companies have ongoing deals you can use if you are a first-time customer needing samples.
  • Regarding cheap cleaning supplies, downloading brand apps, watching for coupons, and two-for-one deals is the best way to get bargains. It’s easier to bulk-buy cleaning products and make a saving as their shelf-life is so long, unlike perishable goods.

How To Get Free Cleaning Supplies

Most companies prefer you sign up for their VIP list or newsletter to qualify for or be notified of freebies or samples. It’s also worth checking ads on Facebook and Instagram offering free samples to new customers, as these constantly change, and growing companies often have buy-one-get-two bundles or free trials to build their customer base.

Here are a few companies that offer free samples of cleaning products.


1. TrueKleen

TrueKleen makes a range of cleaning products such as degreasers, disinfectants, floor care products, hand cleaners, and building maintenance cleaners. Many of their products are designed for large-scale industrial use, and the free sample is limited to businesses.

However, If you have a small or home business with a verifiable Tax ID or Business License, you can apply for free cleaning samples from TrueKleen. In contrast, residential customers can still apply for a discount code they can use on their commercial site

2. Grove Collaborative

Grove Co. is a cleaning company that wants to create a sustainable future using ecological, biodegradable products. If you’re a new Grove Collective customer, you can choose a free offer of a gift with your first purchase.

As of July 2022, those offers were items ranging in value from $20-$55 and included Grove Co. Refill Cleaners, bamboo-sourced toilet paper, Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Set made with essential oils, or sustainable Laundry Detergent Sheets.

3. Zolex Hand Cleaner

This New York-based company makes a water-activated hand cleaner designed to avoid skin irritation and dermatitis. Because it’s activated by water and avoids harsh chemicals, oils, or lanolin, it is more environmentally friendly. This powerful hand cleaner scores points for being non-toxic and coming in tubs as large as 25lb so that you can order in bulk.

Zolex hand-cleaner is available in different scents and is suitable for home or industrial use. To get a free sample, you’ll request it on their website. Bear in mind that you’ll need to cover the shipping.


4. Team Clean/Persil

Claim a free sample of Persil ProClean Detergent Discs to help with your laundry by signing up to Ask Team Clean for the Persil Deep Clean Challenge.

By joining their community, you could get free samples while supplies are still available. If you’re not already a team member, register and sign up for the opt-in emails to get the link for the free sample request.

Once your registration is confirmed, you’ll get an email about your free sample, redirecting you to Sampler so you can claim your free gift.

5. Reward Programs

Sites such as PGGoodEveryDay are way to earn points and qualify for discounts on your favorite brands such as Tide, Bounty, Dawn, and Crest. By signing up now (as of June 2022) and completing a quick survey, you can get an exclusive free sample of Cascade Platinum Dish Detergent

6. Sampler

Sign up to Sampler, fill in their questionnaire, and you will be on their list to sample products that suit you in exchange for your promotion and feedback. It’s essentially an online version of the old “supermarket sample tray” but more effectively targeted to ensure they’re reaching consumers who will like the companies and their products.

As it’s a product review service, you won’t be able to pick or choose what you want, but the survey should ensure you are sent the kinds of products you are interested in, including household cleaning products for you to review.

Where to Buy Cleaning Products in Bulk?

While not free, you can make quite a saving – effectively getting products for free – by buying them in bulk and stocking up for the year. This is worthwhile only if you know you will be going through many items in a particular brand. Look at stores such as Costco, Home Depot, and Walmart to compare prices on bulk buy cleaning supplies for the best deal.


How to Save Money on Cleaning Supplies?

You can save grocery money by cutting down on specialty cleaning supplies like Window Cleaner. Advertising would have us believe you need a specialist product to clean every surface, but a multi-purpose cleaner will do the job in most cases and save you money since you only need to buy one product instead of four or five.

Are Cheaper Store-Brand Cleaners Worth It?

While some brand-name products are worth buying and are a better value for money in the long run, there are undoubtedly several products where the cheaper generic version does just as good a job as the more expensive brand-name counterparts. Look for the generic store brand versions of household bleach, dust wipes, washing soda, and Swiffer-style mop-heads.

Can You Make Cheap Cleaning Products?

There are several recipes for homemade cleaning products using little more than vinegar, water, lemon juice, and bicarbonate of soda. You can make an effective all-purpose cleaner with these grocery-cupboard staples – a cup of water mixed with a cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of lemon juice makes a cleaner you can use on countertops, and tables, sinks, and other surfaces.

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