How To Get Free Or Cheap Newspapers

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Whether you’re looking for newspapers for packing, cleaning, or reading, they’re challenging to collect in bulk and cost a lot. Fortunately, there are plenty of sources where you can get newspapers for free or cheap. We have compiled a list of some of the best sources of free newspapers.


The 15 Best sources of free or cheap newspapers are below. Scroll down to see them all.

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Key Takeaways

  • Many local businesses offer newspapers for customers to read while waiting to be seen. You can arrange to collect the old newspapers.
  • Educational and knowledge-based institutions such as schools, colleges, and libraries typically have subscriptions to multiple newspapers and will welcome a way to get old newspapers off their hands.
  • You can use your local newspaper’s classifieds or online classifieds such as Craigslist to place classified ads requesting newspaper drop-offs.
  • Alternatively, you can use online services such as Facebook Marketplace to offer pickup services that will help people by removing excess old papers that otherwise cause clutter.

Where To Get Free Or Cheap Newspapers

If you need newspapers in bulk, you may despair of getting enough at any reasonable price. However, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on loads of newspapers at little to no cost. Soon you will have all the newspaper you need, whether you are painting, packing, or clipping coupons.

Although these ways will involve a little effort on your part, and some will involve a small cost, they still offer a way to get newspapers dirt cheap. Let’s look at how you can get free or cheap newspapers.

1. Nursing Homes

With millions of baby boomers no longer able to look after themselves, there are plenty of residents in nursing homes. Many like to read newspapers to keep themselves occupied, and so there is anything from a few to hundreds of daily newspapers. Arrange pickup with an administrator.


2. Local Libraries

Local libraries have subscriptions to several newspapers, enabling anyone to read the daily news for free. Speak to your librarian about collecting the old newspapers, as they may otherwise have a disposal problem.

3. Schools And Colleges

Many schools have subscriptions to newspapers to boost literacy and for kids to use in projects. Colleges also often have subscriptions through their libraries. Inquire about old copies: if you have a connection to the institution, such as being a student or a parent of a student, this can be an excellent way to get free newspapers.

4. Local Businesses

Many businesses, such as attorney’s offices, banks, doctors, dentists, salons, barbershops, and car dealerships, offer complimentary newspapers for customers to peruse while waiting. These businesses have subscriptions to get the newspapers, but they may have issues disposing of them. Offer to help by collecting them periodically.

5. Newspaper Offices

Try your local newspaper offices to get pallets of misprinted newspapers at bulk discount rates (far cheaper than the per-copy price) or even unprinted end rolls of paper. The unprinted newspaper has the advantage of not dirtying your hands and clothes. However, be aware that the newspaper may have an arrangement with a local recycling center.

6. Recycling Centers

Recycling centers act as a hub for the disposal of unwanted paper, and as a result, they offer an excellent way to get newspapers in bulk. Because they make money from recycling, they may charge a small fee for giving you paper. Find a local recycling center here. Be aware that local municipal regulations may forbid you from collecting paper from this source – check what your local authority has to say on this matter.

7. Post Classifieds

You can try putting a classified ad for free newspapers in your local newspaper or on sites such as Craigslist, ClassifiedAds, or AdPost. Remember to include contact details and possibly a collection point for the newspapers. Alternatively, look on sites like OfferUp for offers of free newspapers.


8. Advertise Pickup Services

Many people have unwanted old newspapers and want to get rid of them but don’t know how. Offer a pickup service to help them dispose of this problem, using services such as Facebook Marketplace, 5 Miles, YesBackpage, or Bedpage.

9. Airports

Airports offer complimentary newspapers for travelers waiting in their departure lounges, but they may not have a good way to dispose of old copies. Contact your airport administrator and see if you can arrange collection.

10. Hotels

Hotels offer complimentary newspapers in each room, meaning that loads of old newspapers pile up in a week. Call hotels in your area and see whether you can help them by collecting unwanted old copies.

11. Local Retail Stores

Retail stores such as grocery stores, drugstores, convenience stores, gas stations, and book stores sell newspapers. They may be obligated to return unsold copies to their supplier. But if not, they may be willing to let you have the unsold newspapers for free or cheap.

12. Coffee Shops

There are coffee shops everywhere, and people like to read the news while drinking their coffee. Many people leave their copies at the coffee shop for the next person. By the day’s end, several newspapers are available for collection – try making arrangements with your local establishments.

13. Neighbors, Friends, And Family

If you don’t need the newspapers immediately and don’t need so many copies, you can ask neighbors, friends, and family members to save their old newspapers for your use.

14. Free Local Newspapers

Some areas have free local classifieds or entertainment newspapers. You could collect some of these if you only need a few copies.


15. Discounted Newspapers

If you want newspapers daily to catch up with the news but don’t want to pay the full subscription price, you should check out Discounted Newspapers. They offer excellent deals on subscriptions to hundreds of local newspapers.

Where Do You Get Free Newspapers?

In general, if you want free newspapers in bulk, you should identify places that subscribe to newspapers and contact them to see whether they have a problem disposing of old copies. If they do, offer your services to collect the newspapers from them.

What Is The Best Free Online Newspaper?

Only one quality major newspaper is completely free online, namely The Guardian. It doesn’t appeal to everyone but provides excellent reporting without any paywall. Bear in mind that it is a British-based newspaper. There are many others, and to avoid those pesky paywalls, try this solution if you are technically inclined.

Where Can I Get Free Or Cheap Magazines?

You can get free cheap magazines through services such as, which provides massive discounts on more than 1,600 titles. And for free magazines, the free magazine list here is a constantly updated resource to get free subscriptions by mail and sometimes digital magazines as well.

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