Cheap DIY Specialty Gift Basket Ideas

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Gift baskets are ingenious; however, the one issue with store-bought ones is they are likely to be expensive and impersonal. So, if you want to save money but would also like the gift to be meaningful and unique, why not try opting for one of our suggested DIY options? Making a gift basket customized for the receiver is a wonderful way to show them that you put thought into it.


Below Are 10 Great Cheap DIY Specialty Gift Basket Ideas!

Key Takeaways

  • You do not need to spend a ton of money to make a prime-looking gift basket; all it takes is creativity and shopping around to find the right items for your basket.
  • When making a gift basket, or a few of them, buy a pack of products and then split them between the gift baskets or save items for future gift baskets. For instance, something for a cosmetics gift basket could also be put in one for mothers.
  • Be sure to bear all the recommendations regarding who the gift basket is for, what the occasion is, and what your budget looks like.

What To Consider When Making DIY Gift Baskets

When you head out shopping for items to place in your gift basket(s), you need to consider a few essential things when creating your specialty gift basket. One of the first things you need to think about is the occasion or reason for the gift basket, as this will help you decide what sort you should go for and what would be appropriate to put in it.

Secondly, you want to remember who the gift basket recipient is and how well you know them (also the sort of relationship). For instance, creating a gift basket for your partner will differ from the one you give to your parents, friends, or work colleagues. So, consider this as you look for items as some will be more or less appropriate.

Finally, you need to be realistic about your budget for your gift basket and think about what “cheap” means to you financially. Thankfully we have not included exorbitantly expensive gifts.


1. Partner Gift Basket

When giving your partner a gift basket, the basket’s contents will likely depend on a few variables, such as the period you have been together, the sort of personality they have, their interests, and the reason for the gift. But there are thankfully go-to things that one could include in the basket.

A framed photograph of you two will aid them in remembering the good times, even if you are going through rough patches. A moment that captures the joy of your relationship is always a great one to choose.

Include some of their favorite sweets or snacks, as this will show them that you remember elements about them. Another way to show them that you pay attention to them and their attributes is to write a list (make it a lengthy one if possible) of everything you love about them. And top it all off with handmade bracelets with each other’s names on them.

2. Gamer Gift Basket

Gamers may seem challenging to shop for, or you might expect that purchasing or making things for them are likely expensive, but this does not have to be the case. If they are the type who enjoy snacking while they play, be sure to add their favorites. For an extra energy boost, buy them one or two energy drinks (most gamers stay up playing late into the night).

If you know their favorite game (they have likely made you listen to them raving about it many times), consider buying a T-shirt or hoodie with their favorite video game character printed on it. You can purchase it premade, or you can do it yourself by using an iron-on.

You could either purchase or download yourself and print for them something else: a poster depicting characters or elements of their favorite game or game franchise. And finally, something else to add to the mix (this is if you have a slightly larger budget) is to either purchase a game for them (hopefully at a discount) or give them a gift card to put towards a game they want.


3. Cosmetics For Women

Few women will not appreciate a gift basket that contains an array of cosmetics, especially if they are the type of lady who tends to do a lot for others and does not often take the time to pamper themselves. Thus this is a great idea and one where you can even make homemade cosmetics such as soaps, bath salts, body scrubs, essential oils, lotions, face masks, and lip balms.

However, some of the ingredients for cosmetics, whether store-bought or homemade, might contain common allergens. Therefore, it is best to find out if the woman in question has any allergies, especially regarding products applied to her skin. A cosmetic basket is a thoughtful gesture, but you do not want to cause skin irritation.

You can also always base the basket around a particular type of need. For instance, you could make a basket for general body use, specifically for her face, something that will make her hair feel fantastic, and so on. You could also consider including beauty products in the mix, and something worth considering is sticking to a specific color palette.

4. Assortment Of Shortbread Cookies Or Millionaire Bars

Very few people cannot be tempted to indulge in shortbread cookies and millionaire bars. The shortbread is an option where you can make batches of varying types of cookies (changing certain ingredients and ensuring variety can make for a lovely bunch of cookies).

For both these and the millionaire bars, a decorative tin with a bow will serve as the “basket.” The millionaire bars are one thing you can never go wrong with as they are a three-layered, delicious treat containing shortbread, caramel, and chocolate.

5. For Those Who Love Baking And Cooking

Here is a perfect example of using something other than a basket to house your gift items, which is a batter bowl. Then to line, your container, use one or two inexpensive kitchen towels and finally fill it with an assortment of baking and cooking goods. In this case, it can be general items, or you might know they lack certain things.

You can include a wide range of things, and many of them you will be able to obtain for an inexpensive amount. The sorts of things could be cheese graters and zesters, various spoons and spatulas, sandwich crust cutters, peelers, knife packs, cookie dough scoops, rolling pins, and many more.


On top of all these items, you could also do a parcel where you provide them with a delicious recipe and then include all the necessary ingredients and elements required to prepare the meal or baked goods.

6. Baby Shower Gift Basket

You can add all the essentials that a mother would need to start this new journey. Include things like closet organizers, baby hangers, stain remover, and clothes such as matinee jackets. For a baby shower gift basket, something that is great to place the items in is a small laundry basket or a baby bathtub.

Another idea is to think further down the line and consider buying things that will not be needed immediately but will come in handy in time. These could include size 2 diapers, sippy cups, baby shoes, and other items one needs once the baby starts outgrowing all the initial things.

7. The Fisherman’s Basket

For this one, you may need to do a little research as you will need to learn what type of equipment they use when fishing, what they may continuously have to replace, or even what they are currently lacking, and the kind of fishing they do. For this gift idea, a tackle box is an excellent thing to place the items in, especially if theirs is old and tattered.

You could include tackle, fishing hooks, fishing lures, heavy-duty gloves, and maybe even a few fishing magazines to keep them entertained while they wait for something to bite on their line. Other little odds and ends to fill up space could include fish-themed items, like key rings or caps.

8. A Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Nobody could replace our mothers, and each of us likely knows in our hearts that our mother is the best in the world. Therefore, it is a great idea to spoil her on the one day of the year dedicated to reminding us of their importance and role in our lives. Each mother is different, and you ought to know her likes well enough, so tailor the basket to your mother if possible.

We have ideas to help you, though, such as scented candles or incense that she can burn while she sits and enjoys her favorite wine (which you will have also bought for her). Most mothers like receiving flowers, but store-bought ones are not entirely special, so consider going to a florist and have them make a specialized bouquet or make one yourself, and top it all off with a handwritten letter.

9. A Father’s Day Gift Basket

Just like our mothers, we only have one father, who has likely worked hard in his life to give you things you needed and wanted as you were growing up, so why not reciprocate the gesture and make him feel like the one-of-a-kind dad that he is. Dads are also not too difficult to shop for, especially since the way to most men’s hearts is through their stomachs.

Thus, we suggest using a beer bucket or a cooler and filling it with his favorite craft beer, along with some tasty treats he can enjoy while he sits back on the couch and indulges in watching the sport of his choice. These snacks could include savory meats, crackers and cheese, salty snacks (like nuts), dried fruits, and perhaps he even has a sweet tooth.


10. The Movie Enthusiast Pack

Many people love watching movies, but there are those among us who are movie enthusiasts, and whenever they find spare time, they will head to the couch or their bed and start watching the next latest film they can get their hands on. One of the main things they will need is snacks; you cannot have a movie without snacks, so we have a few ideas for you.

Use a popcorn tub as your basket and fill it with various sweets, from Skittles and M&Ms to chocolate bars, cans of cooldrink, and most importantly, popcorn. You might also want to consider movie posters of their favorite films, a miniature Oscar, a small clapper board, and a voucher for the streaming service they like to watch on.

We brought you a few ideas for some exciting and memorable gift baskets that your family and friends will adore. However, before you go out shopping for your items, there may still be a few lingering questions, so we have to clarify a few below.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Basket For A Gift Basket?

There are various things you can make use of instead of a basket that will make for lovely and unique containers (obviously, some will relate directly to the type of gift you are giving). Below is a brief list of possibilities, but the sky is the limit as far as containers go.

  • Cellophane
  • Cookie jar
  • Mason jar
  • Popcorn tub
  • Cooler box or bag
  • Tacklebox
  • Wooden crate

How Do You Make A Gift Basket Appear More Full?

When purchasing your items for the gift basket, try to consider what you will use as the “basket” and perhaps even buy the container before you compile your gift basket. However, it is always a good idea to have some room in your gift basket as you do not want things to be squashed in, as presentation makes gift baskets appealing.

The next thing to note is that your items will look a whole lot more presentable, and your basket will seem fuller if they are elevated in the container (especially if you have a shallow basket). You can use thankfully various things, including shredded paper, colorful tissue paper, bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper, packing straw, and foam balls.

How Many Things Should I Put Into A Gift Basket?

A gift basket can be as simple as using a mug or similar container, filling it with sachets of hot chocolates and coffees, with some Lindt balls and a short and sweet message. However, if you are looking for figures and are not sure if you intend on buying too many or few things, then for a small basket, put in at least 3-4 items and 8-10 for a large basket.

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