7 Cheap and Easy Art Projects

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Looking for some variety in the arts and crafts department? Or some new ideas to keep kids busy this summer? Try these easy art projects that use common and inexpensive materials.


1. Foil Relief

7 Cheap and Easy Art Projects

Source: www.artclubblog.com

Begin by drawing your design with tacky glue on a cardboard square to create a raised design that will show through the foil. After the glue is completely dry, apply a glue stick to the back of a piece of foil larger than your cardboard square. Gently press the foil to the design, being careful not to puncture the foil. Use a cotton swab to get into the creases and tighten the foil around the glue so that the raised design shows more prominently. You can add extra detail by using a pencil to carefully etch further designs on the portion of the foil that is not raised. Use a sponge to apply paint to the foil.

2. Toilet Paper Roll Art

7 Cheap and Easy Art Projects

Source: Daniela www.flickr.com

There are some cool designs you can create by cutting toilet paper rolls into ½ inch thick strips, keeping the ends intact so you have a bunch of small circles. At this point, you can paint each of the circles a different color with basic acrylic paints. Arrange them how you like by keeping them in circles, bending them to create ovals, or cutting them to create spirals. Once you have a design you like, hot glue the pieces together.


3. Salt Relief

7 Cheap and Easy Art Projects

Source: www.jojoebi-designs.com

Salt relief projects are easy for even toddlers, and they produce an amazing finished piece. On a piece of black construction paper, or black painted cardboard, create a design with white glue. While the glue is wet, pour table salt on top of the design. Shake off the extra salt and grab your watercolor paints and a small paintbrush. Lightly touch the salt with the wet brush and watch as the color expands.

4. Magazine Art

7 Cheap and Easy Art Projects

Source: www.basteln.co

With the vibrant colors from the pages of magazines, you can create relief style art easily by rolling pages or folding them. You can make beautiful butterflies jump off a canvas by painting a canvas white or black, then take various sizes of magazine pages and fold them accordion style. Once folded, connect a larger piece and smaller piece by tying them together in the middle with a small piece of string. Trim the edges with scissors to resemble wings. Using a small pin, push it through the center of the butterfly and onto the canvas where you would like it placed.

5. Melted Crayons

7 Cheap and Easy Art Projects

Source: www.lindseydanielladidit.blogspot.com

Line up crayons in the colors you want along a canvas and glue them down with tacky glue. When it dries, tilt the canvas at an angle and aim a hairdryer at the crayons. Allow the them to melt down the canvas until you have the design you want. Be extremely careful since the wax can spray or go in places you do not intend. Afterwards, allow it to dry, add embellishments, and enjoy!


6. Suncatcher

7 Cheap and Easy Art Projects

Source: www.doitandhow.com

Lay cheap plastic beads in a single layer in ceramic dishes or metal pans. Place in a 400 degree oven until they are melted, about 20 minutes. Once the beads are cool, remove them from the pan and drill a hole in them to hang.

7. Lace Resist Painting

7 Cheap and Easy Art Projects

Source: www.kollaj.typepad.com/

Place a piece of lace on paper, then spray over with Krylon’s clear gloss finish. Remove the lace and allow the finish to dry. Afterwards, begin painting with watercolors on the paper. The gloss will resist the watercolor paint, leaving a white area resembling the lace.

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