Samples Update: Riversol Skin Care, KnightSpeed Koozies, Monkey Snacks, Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Glove, Sriracha Mug, Wildflower Seeds Packet, FLEX Intimacy Product, Brew Brothers Coffee, Endangered Species Condoms, BioNatures Flax Oil, Wayward Gourmet & More

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Good day my fellow freebie hunters, I want to start off by begging your forgiveness for not posting an update last week, this update will be extra large because of my delay. And I’ll be sticking with the good, the bad and the ugly theme because why not start with the good news first?


Here are the freebies I got since the last update (exactly two weeks):
Samples from past two weeks

The Good:

  • Samples received: To name most of them in no real order, there are Energems energy chocolates, Mirabella Beauty Hydrating CC Creme, Nectar Sunglasses, Francois et Mimi headphones & cord, Snickers bar, PINCHme samples for Unisom & Muse Cat treats, Covergirl & Olay Ageless foundation, Saveur magazine, StriVectin Body Cream, banner samples, Gray Away from Target, YUP bars and the phone cases were from very, very short lived Amazon multi-use codes I post in our Facebook group only.
  • Wildflower Seeds Packet: They sent an email this morning saying “We are currently processing the orders and expect to be able to start shipping them in the coming days. You should get yours in a perfect time to plant them and start growing great forage for your local pollinators.” so expect to see those soon! And if you missed this offer it’s still active so don’t miss it.
  • FLEX Intimacy Product: I got an email from FLEX and they asked for my address with a new form link and after filling the address in it said “Your sample will ship this fall. We will send you more information as we are closer.”… that is right, this fall. So good news it’s coming, but it’ll be awhile before it comes, you know, like a season or two. And if you don’t fill in your address in the new link I do not think you’ll be getting one. It looks like they tried to trim some of the initial freebie hunters by doing this tactic, so go fill out that form (again) if you want this sample.
  • Brew Brothers Coffee: Good news all around, they got a bunch of non-sample orders (samples work for business!) and they are honoring our sample requests and according to their email “we will be starting to package Monday April 18th. Please note that if we find more than ONE order with the SAME address we will be sending ONLY ONE of those orders (4 samples was the limit). We appreciate your understanding.” – so let’s hope we all get some coffee samples next week or the next!
  • Kitchen Products from Arousing Appetites: They are going through and validating entries, we should know in a few days according to their email if we get free stuff or not according to their email from April 10th: “Once we’ve identified and verified all valid winners of our prizes, we’ll reach out to you individually (within in the next week) with detailed instructions on how to redeem what you’ve earned.” and our Facebook group has some promising details on this as well. Fingers crossed, this looks good!
  • Endangered Species Condoms: This is a mix of good and bad news. Only 300 volunteers were selected for the condoms, but it looks like a few of our readers got selected and received the massive box of condoms. So I’m sure those who received the condoms will start spreading the love! And the rest of us? Oh well, next Earth Day.
  • Wayward Gourmet: I didn’t post this on the site because it was the first 100 sign ups (and I was very late to find it) but they announced via email that they are “going to try to get to everyone, even those of you who signed up who live on the other side of the planet so please hang in there!”
  • Choose Happiness Button Pack: Another promotion that was only the first 100, but they added another 25 at random to fulfill button packs as well according to their email here.
  • Outback Pain Relief: They took down the offer and sent folks to this Facebook post saying they want to honor all the sample requests before they shut down the offer but they provided no timeline or date. I can see this one to fading away without a sample, but who knows it’s up to their good word.
  • Monkey Snacks: They were overwhelmed but looks like they will try to scale down the $17 value sample pack to something a small business can handle and they intend to send out samples, at some point, see their blog post updates here to read more about it.

The Bad (Not Coming):

  • KnightSpeed Koozies: Most likely everyone who signed up won’t be getting one, according to Jennifer from our Facebook group they said “Unfortunately for this promotion, we are only giving away koozies to the first 30 people.”
  • Sriracha Mug: if you missed it, Amazon cancelled all the orders. Ah well, sometimes it seems good to be true with those multi-use codes on Amazon (especially with Amazon Prime free shipping). But there will be more that don’t get cancelled, don’t fret!
  • Riversol Skin Care: It looks like this was an old survey link and they contacted me to let me know that “both the article and the external survey are not valid” – so that means this sample isn’t coming, sorry folks!
  • Pandamonium e-liquid: I should have seen this coming but it was posted before April 1st so I posted it on the site anyways. It was a joke according to their email, but they were good sports about it and provided a deep deal after!

The Ugly (Fakes):

  • Fizzy Wizzies Bath Samples: When you visit a page and your browser and anti-virus software say “Might install unwanted software on a computer with the intent to make system changes or enable third-party monitoring, without the user’s consent” I think it’s safe to say this is fake and has no intention of giving you free samples. URL to avoid:
  • Kona Red Mountain Coffee: This is a known fake that I encountered on another freebie site. Avoid this one. It just sends you to affiliate spam after you sign up like most other fake offers. URL to avoid:
  • Prayer Cloth: Nothing about this says it’s real, I didn’t even enter my information. It’s on a free web host that doesn’t police their users too. URL to avoid it:
  • BioNatures C-Leinosan Clear Organic Flax Oil: I have no clue what happened here but it smells really putrid. My hunch is that made an entire fake Shopify website (no Facebook or social pages, just looks fake now that I revisit the page) and then redirected the free samples page (link you can copy/paste: to their website to capitalize on all the other free sample sites linking to them. They may have done this so they show up at the top of the page when people search ‘free samples’ in Google, which they do, so it looks like cheating the system maybe works. Yay… they win and we all lose because I doubt this sample will ever show up.
  • Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Glove: Another fake, what annoyed me was a SlickDeals moderator told me it’s up to the users to determine if an offer is a scam or not, glad another one with some sense went and deleted the post about it when I provided proof it’s a scam. Company address is in the middle of a road intersection is the most glaring proof and an invalid phone number. After filling out sketchy form, it asks you for ‘help’ and of course it sends you to an affiliate offer. More work from some sketchy affiliate fraud ring. URL to avoid:

That is all I have for the sample update today! Do you have any updates to contribute, send me an email at [email protected]

Have a wonderful day,
John ‘Samples’ Clark

Samples Update: Riversol Skin Care, KnightSpeed Koozies, Monkey Snacks, Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Glove, Sriracha Mug, Wildflower Seeds Packet, FLEX Intimacy Product, Brew Brothers Coffee, Endangered Species Condoms, BioNatures Flax Oil, Wayward Gourmet & More

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