FREE & Discounted Francois et Mimi Full Size Products Redeemable On Amazon [Verified Received By Mail]

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FREE & Discounted Francois et Mimi Full Size Products Redeemable On Amazon [Verified Received By Mail]

I can’t believe I didn’t see this on-going free product offer until just now. Francois et Mimi has a promotions email list where people have gotten Amazon gift codes for free headphones, breakfast in bed tables, bowls and many other household items on I am going to sign up and share the codes for any products I won’t use in our Facebook group but you should sign up too and see what free full size product promotions you get throughout the year.

3/1/21 Update: Been a slew of iPhone/phone case emails lately. Worth checking your email/spam box.

6/2/19 Update: I thought this program was dead but it just sent out a working code for iPhone case for 24 cents (freebate after $1 no rush credit). Their website is down entirely now though so not sure of the future of this still.

6/10/17 Update: Program has been slow lately but there have been headphones and phone cases going out for $0.08-$0.10 per item. Still alive!

1/25/17 Update: This program is still going strong, only observation is that about half of the codes seem to be for deep discounts (usually around $4~) and the other half seem to be for making the products $0.00.

Note: if you get the ‘subscribed too many times’ error- try another email or name. And also not using auto-fill and manually typing in the email address/name, that seems to work as well. Also try this form if all else fails.

Update: A few folks in our Facebook group have been sharing their freebie codes (including me), check out the thread here.

How to get free products:

  1. So you sign up for their email list that emails you codes you can use on Amazon to make it $0.00 for new product releases using the link from this post: by clicking “Get This Offer (External Website)”
  2. You don’t get a code immediately, you have to wait and be fast to respond when you get an email with a code.
  3. Once you get the email with the code in it, you can enter during check out on Amazon to get a full size product from Francois et Mimi. You pay shipping unless you have Amazon Prime. Also the list exists because the company wants reviews, I have left reviews for all the products I’ve received so far, so in good faith, please leave a review to keep this email list going for everyone else and.

* Restrictions may apply to and promotion codes may expire after hours or even days once you receive them.

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by on March 2nd, 2021