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Target is a terrific location to shop for bargains, whether you’ve been using coupons for years or are just getting started with the discount arenas. The company operates on a secret sale timetable, offers color-coded discounts, and has liberal policies that help customers save money.


Browse the 8 Best tips, tricks, and hacks to get the best deals at Target below, scroll down to read the full list!

Key Takeaways

  • Target’s app, Cartwheel, is a handy little tool that helps you locate specials that Target publicly announces and occasionally offers various coupons. With apps in mind, BrickSeek is one of the best apps to help you find hidden clearance items that Target registers into their system and aids you in price matching.
  • Target clearance sales offer plenty of opportunities to save money, and you can find sales on specific products every day of the week. Furthermore, Target’s clearance sales happen during a series of events, including holidays, Christmas, winter, and summer Toy clearance, and special sales in July to make space for school accessories.
  • Target has one of the best price match policies big-box retailers have to offer, including being able to price match again Amazon prices.
  • Coupons are not always limited to traditional sales, and they can stack on top of clearance sale discounts that not many shoppers are aware of. Finally, there are also a hidden meaning behind Target’s price tags, as well as Target salvage stores that shoppers need to be aware of.

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The Best Tips, Deals, And Hacks To Get Great Deals At Target & Find Hidden Clearance Sales

Target is our idea of happiness for many: it’s a one-stop-shop for anything you need, from groceries to attractive grillers. But, unfortunately, it’s easy to get lost in its aisles for hours, knowing what happens next. As a result, we see excellent deals and discounts but often find ourselves still spending over our budget.

Many people know that Target is inexpensive and sells a diverse selection of home goods, apparel, food, and school supplies. However, many shoppers are unaware that there are techniques that might help you save money while buying there.

So, starting with downloading Cartwheel, Target’s nifty little app, here are some of the best tricks, tips, and hacks to finding the best deals at Target, and with a little bit of prep, you can buy the same amount of items, while remaining in your original budget. That said, this is what you should know.


1. Download Targets’ App Called Cartwheel

Target’s mobile app, Cartwheel, is like Robin to Batman for Target deal hunters. Customers may acquire unique coupons through the app, and when they arrive at the register, they can show the coupon screen to the cashier to get savings. Additionally, the app notifies you of extra savings ranging from 5% to 50% off.

So, before you go to Target, download the Cartwheel app. It’s also an online shopping gateway that lets you create a shopping list and take advantage of exclusive discounts for app users when you arrive at the checkout line. For example, show your app to the cashier, and that griller you’ve been eyeing can be 15% off, with an additional 5% discount if you pay with your RedCard.

If there’s one thing I love to advise shoppers on, it’s how to obtain the best deals by stacking discounts as much as possible.

Finally, you can also use the app to arrange home deliveries and in-store pickups and locate things in the retail giant, although wandering the aisles for hours is half of the pleasure for many.

2. Take Advantage Of Targets Clearance Schedule

Ah, yes, the holy grail of bargain hunting, Target clearance. Waiting and looking for those little yellow stickers may lead to some of the best Target clearance buys ever.

Furthermore, because most Target categories are marked down for sale on specified days, understanding the timetable might help you uncover the most excellent Target offers.


On a Monday, for example, you may discover that your Target store may offer the best bargains on clearance for electronics, while on a Thursday, you’ll find the best deals on sports gear and apparel clearance goods.

Markdowns occur on a reasonably consistent basis by category; however, this might vary based on the retailer you’re shopping at. I recommend being acquainted with your surroundings and keeping track of what and when your business offers discounts. That said, here is an unofficial schedule of what to expect that I have found at a few Target stores:

  1. Mondays: Electronics, Baby Goods, Kids Clothing, Stationery and Accessories, and Books.
  2. Tuesdays: Women’s Clothing, Domestics, Food items, and Pets.
  3. Wednesdays: Health and Beauty, Men’s Clothing, Diapers, Furniture, Garden and Lawn items.
  4. Thursdays: Lingerie, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Toys, Luggage, Decore, and Housewares.
  5. Fridays: Cosmetics, Auto, Jewelry, and Hardware.

Following the first markdown, more reductions are made every two weeks. However, there are still various things that may change. For example, if there are any overstocked clearance items, Target may begin aggressively marking them down, so keep an eye out.

3. Keep An Eye Out For Various Clearance Sale Events

I don’t know about you, but Target is one of those shops where we can go in with a list and leave with a $150 bill. So, as a result, locating Target clearance products is critical to maintaining our routine.

Target clearance prices range from 15% to 30% off, depending on the item and the amount of inventory available. Household goods, such as laundry detergent, will begin their clearance trip at 15% off and eventually reach 50% off. Unfortunately, these items are so swiftly snapped up that they never make it past 50% off.

As a result, learning about some of Target’s unique clearance events is a smart way to get a start on some of the products before they vanish into the cosmos. That said, keep the following in mind.

Keep An Eye Out For Toy Clearance Events

Toy clearance discounts at Target are a terrific way to stock up for the kids. Every year in January and July, during the second or third week of the month, Target holds a clearance event for toys.


So, If you stick with it, you’ll be able to get name-brand toys for up to 70% off. Although some clearance offers are accessible online, the finest deals may be found in shops. You may save on various brands during this event, and it’s the ideal opportunity to stock up your gift closet for the entire year! So, if you’re in for some gift collecting for the little ones in 2022, keep the following in mind:

  • Winter Toy Sale
    • 30% off – January 17 to January 24 (one week)
    • 50% off – January 24 to January 31 (one week)
    • 70% off – January 31 to February 7 (one week)
  • Summer Toy Sale
    • 30% off – July 14 to July 21 (one week)
    • 50% off – July 21 to July 28 (one week)
    • 70% off – July 28 to July 28 (one week)

Unfortunately, the Winter sale has passed us by; however, the Summer sale is on its way, so be prepared! Furthermore, I would still keep track of the said dates, as Target may do the same in 2023.

Always Be Prepared For Targets Christmas Clearance

It’s time to acquire the décor on markdown now that you’ve loaded up on toys for gifts. Target’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales begin on December 26 in stores and online. Holiday gift sets, accessories, Christmas décor, party supplies, gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbons, and more are all on sale.

  • Non-food items get a 50% discount, while food and candy get a 30% discount.
  • Second, between December 28 and December 31, get 70% off non-food items and 50% off food and sweets.
  • Between December 31 and January 2, get 90% off non-food items and 70% off food and candy. But be warned: the best items will most likely be gone by this time.

Target Also Has A Holiday Clearance Sales

Stores will lag behind or go on clearance ahead of each other, just like ordinary clearance products. However, most Target locations will follow the following Christmas clearance schedule:

  • Non-food items get 50% off on the first day after the holiday, while food and candy are 30% off.
  • Non-food items get 70% off on the second day after the holiday, while food and candies are 50% off.
  • Finally, at the beginning of the seventh day after the celebration, non-food items will be discounted by 90%. In comparison, food and confectionery will be discounted by 70% for one to two days.

It’s advisable to wait until the middle of the week to take advantage of a 70 percent discount before the store is completely depleted. Then, four days following the holiday, come in the morning and stock up.

Clearance deals run around a week during the holidays. Before 2020, Target clearance lingered a little longer, but with the introduction of Target salvage stores (more on that at the bottom), it appears that Target prefers to move clearance quickly.

Target Has A Special Clearance In July On Various Items

Finally, you now know when to go shopping for toys and Christmas and holiday decorations. However, know that you may also save on summer products in July.

If you’re in store for a new patio set, wait until July, when all remaining patio furniture and garden products discount up to 70% off. Fortunately, Target is eager to move the patio furniture out of this portion of the shop, which is mainly utilized for school supplies. They’ll start at 15% off, then build up to 70% off as we approach closer to the end of July. Happy Hunting!

4. Target Has An Excellent Price Match Policy

Did you know that Target and will price match almost every major store in the United States? Because Walmart and Amazon don’t do this, you can receive the same price at Target as you would practically everywhere else.


As a result, Target’s policy of price matching is fantastic! It’s simple and versatile, and you may save even more on top of price matching, making Target the cheapest place to purchase if you shop wisely. You also have two weeks to price match if you find a lower price after buying something at Target.

Target will match that price if a local store or an online retailer (such as Amazon) sells an item at a lower price. Yes, you read it right: they match Amazon prices.

5. BrickSeek Can Help You Find A Hidden Clearance Sale

BrickSeek makes deal hunting at Target look like child’s play and is known as “The Internets Price Checker.” It can also assist you in finding online, and in-store offers at the country’s major stores, including Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, and others. In addition, it’s a free inventory checker that finds an item’s current price and displays its availability.

To get started with BrickSeek, enter the DPCI or UPC codes of the item you’re looking for and your zip code into BrickSeek’s Target inventory checker and click “Check Inventory.” You can do this by searching for an item on and scrolling down to the details area to get the DPCI and UPC numbers.

Your search may also be sorted by price, quantity, or distance. In addition, you’ll be able to check if the item is in stock, out of stock, has limited supply, and the current pricing at nearby Target locations.

And since I mentioned Target’s excellent price matching policy, if you’re not sure where to hunt for cheaper alternatives, services like (which also has an app for Android & iOS) may be able to assist you in locating lower prices to price match with.

6. Use Coupons During Clearance Sales

According to Target’s coupon policy, customers may use up to four coupons on one purchase. Use Cartwheel mobile coupons, print coupons from advertising, and manufacturer discounts on the same purchase for triple the savings.

Fortunately, just because something is on sale doesn’t mean the discounts are over. Want to earn even more money off Target’s clearance? On clearance products at Target, use manufacturer coupons. Unless the fine print specifies otherwise, you can use Circle deals.

However, keep in mind that Target only allows four identical coupons per household per day (unless otherwise noted on the coupon), and they do not accept coupons that have expired. All coupons and Target Circles must be handed to the clerk and contain a scannable barcode during checkout.

Get A Target RedCard For Additional Savings

Sign up for the REDcard, which is available as a credit or debit card, if you buy at Target all the time. Both choices include a 5% discount on in-store and online purchases, free two-day delivery, and extended returns for 30 days in-store and online.

In addition, the 5% discount also applies to third-party gift cards sold by Target, such as iTunes and Disney, and others, implying that you might save 5% on your Disney World visit.

It would help to jot down that the REDcard’s interest rate is high (like with other store-affiliated credit cards), now approximately 25% (ouch!). So if you don’t always pay your debt in full every month, consider using your debit card instead of a credit card. But, overall, it’s great to have a RedCard ready when shopping at Target since the RedCard can stack on top of other discounts.

7. Take Advantage Of The Meaning Behind Some Of The Price Tags

Target often has nifty algorithms behind its price tags that you must know. For example, regular deals, which last a week, are also identified by red price tags. However, price reductions, which are identified by yellow price tags, are unique. They’re usually just temporary, lasting anywhere from two weeks to two months. However, a yellow price tag may even signal a permanent price reduction.

When an item is placed on clearance at Target, the first discount is generally 15%. By glancing at the upper right-hand corner of the red clearance tag, you may see how much the item has been marked down. For example, if you see a small number labeled “15,” the item has been reduced by 15%.

The product’s original price will always be recorded on the left, next to the word “was,” and the clearance item’s new price will be posted on the right, near the word “now.” The item’s final digit is generally one of the digits that end with a 6 or 8 (for example, $9.48).

Furthermore, if the price of a clearance item ends at $#.#6 or $#.#8, the item will be marked down again during the following markdown cycle. However, Target will need a stock of that item still in its inventory to be reduced further. And if they do, the item will normally stay at the current % discount for two weeks before being discounted further.

Finally, 6 and 8 are not the only numbers to watch out for. Items that end with $#.#4 are also something to consider. That said, the item has been designated for final clearance if the last number in the price ends at $#.#4, and this is the lowest price Target will sell it for. Therefore, if it were an item on your “Watch list,” it would be best to consider buying it rather than waiting for further reduction.

8. Locate A Target Salvage Store

Not every item you see disappears off the shelf due to some lucky deal hunter. But unfortunately, some items like the non-holiday products are only good for a 70 percent discount before being shipped to a salvage store.

So, you’ll need to travel to a salvage store to locate the missing Target discounted items and welcome yourself to a deals-wonderland. Target works with many local chains to sell their salvage stuff, so your salvage store may be a Goodwill. Aubrey Swan, a home décor blogger, compiled a handy list of salvage businesses in more than three dozen locations – bless her soul!

However, you may find out by contacting Target and asking for the “Hardline” or “Softline” leader. They’re in charge of keeping the shelves stocked and assisting consumers in finding what they’re searching for, so they’ll know where your Target ships its salvage items.

Can I Return Target Clearance Items?

Yes, clearance products, like everything else at Target, are subject to the same return policies. However, products that have been salvaged or discontinued are the only goods for which you will not receive a refund at Target.

Can I Find Target Specials On Social Media?

Social media is an excellent location to spread the word about the special targeted deal and hot goods. For example, when you search #TargetStyle on Instagram, you’ll see a gallery of fantastic, curated, shoppable Instagram photographs that, when clicked, will lead you straight to the Target website, where you can read reviews and make a purchase.

Overall, most shoppers love boasting about a bargain they found in-store and sharing it with the public, so taking a peek at it once in a while could never hurt.

How Would I Get Free Gift Cards For Electronics At Target?

You may earn free electronic gift cards when you trade in old electronics at Target. Furthermore, Target makes it simple to trade in phones, tablets, games, consoles, and wearables in exchange for a gift card. So if you have old tech lying around at home collecting dust, you may just score some cash off the next best device you wanted!

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