How To Save Money Shopping At West Elm

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West Elm offers mid-century modern aesthetics which lean towards elegance and high quality. They are an aspirational choice for decorating your home, but often when it comes to high-quality furniture and other elements, it also means that there are likely to be higher price tags than we would like. Therefore, we ask, “How does one save at West Elm?”


To save at West Elm, one must make the most of seasonal discounts, insider specials, and rewards that can go towards purchasing there. One can also use promo codes and other deals that allow one to have West Elm products fit into your budget. You could also extend the period of your project.

One does not have to fear the insurmountable expenses you could rake up by going and purchasing at West Elm; all you need is to be savvy, have the right amount of patience, and be flexible. We have compiled an array of manners in which you can avoid exorbitant fees and stay within your budget while still enjoying the benefits of such a store, so be sure to read on for tips and tricks.

Joining The Key Rewards Program Is One Way Save At West Elm

The Key is the loyalty program that West Elm runs, and it is quite literally the key to you being able to save on future purchases at West Elm. There are also affiliated stores such as Pottery Barn, Mark & Graham, and Williams Sonoma. So it is a wise decision to get yourself onto their loyalty program as soon as possible.

You are looking at getting back 3% when you shop at either West Elm or their affiliated stores. Now you may wonder and say that this is a case where I need to spend to save, and yes, it is, but if you intend to purchase from them in any case, you might as well get rewarded for your loyalty to them. For instance, when you spend $500, you will get back $15 towards your next purchase.


The only snag here is that the Key Rewards expire within 90 days of receipt, but thankfully, you will be notified by email once you have received a reward. Another reason to sign up is that you gain exclusive access to specific sales, which others would be unaware of. That brings us to the next point.

Be Sure To Sign Up For A West Elm Credit Card

Although many of us do not like to purchase on credit, at times, it can be very convenient and may even aid in improving our credit score. There are two types of cards on offer the first is the West Elm Key Rewards Card; the other is the West Elm Key Rewards Visa Card.

If you hold a Rewards Card, you can enjoy 5% back in rewards that you can use for online or in-store shopping. There is also 12-month promotional financing that you can utilize when purchasing items of $750 or more, and for your birthday month, you receive a $25 reward. You may even be eligible for free shipping.

If you own a Visa Card with the store, you get the same benefits as mentioned with the other card. Still, there are also other perks involved, one of which is that you can gain 4% back in rewards from certain restaurants, and to top it all off, anywhere else that accepts Visa will earn you a 1% reward back on your purchase.

Be Sure To Sign Up For West Elm’s Mailing List

It is hassle-free, and all you need to do to receive regular updates on their sales and exclusive offers is to supply them with your email address. You are also likely to receive discount promo codes this way; however, the value of the discounts does vary from time to time. If you are on their loyalty program, you will be on this list, which is an all-around win.

Be Sure To Purchase West Elm Outlet Deals

As mentioned, there are times when West Elm Outlets have items that are past-season and are sometimes even overstocked, and during these times, it is time to make the most of the offers they have on; sometimes, you can get as much as 60% off of the items you desire. You will have to be proactive, though, as many others will also be on the lookout for these incredible deals.


It does, however, mean that you are not likely to get the exact item you want as part of the sale, but if you love their aesthetic, then you are sure to find a small treasure trove of things that are on sale and will fit very nicely into your home, where you hope to expand on your products from West Elm.

Make Use Of Discount Codes At West Elm

There are plenty of sites, such as, that will enable you to receive reasonably substantial discounts from time to time. So, before you head to the checkout, make sure that you scour these sorts of sites to discover if there are any active discount codes available online that you can take advantage of. It is always a special surprise to find out that you can, at times, pay far less than expected.

Be Sure To Make The Most On Shipping Deals From West Elm

If you can visit the store in person and have a vehicle that can cart your more oversized products to your home, you are in luck; however, some have to opt for the shipping option, which is not always cheap, especially with bulkier products. Therefore, always be on the lookout for free shipping or at least discounted shipping coupons.

There are times when you could get as much as a 20% discount on your product with a promo code, and if the product is small enough, it may even come with free shipping. However, be careful with the shipping offers as certain items are excluded from the free or discounted shipping offers.

If you can collect from the store when you order your product, there is the option for store pickups, and this will enable you to avoid the shipping fee, especially if there is a store nearby. If you are unsure whether your product can be picked up from the store, the company clearly marks which products can be picked up on its website.

Several items are available for in-store, or what is sometimes referred to as curbside pickup. Once you have chosen your color and quantity, this option will be shown. Sometimes, you may need to change the color of the item or the store you wish to pick up from to use this offer.

Know When Best To Shop With West Elm

West Elm, like other companies, offers sales, and it is a great idea to make yourself aware of when these occur. There are flash sales that happen from time to time, where you may receive 20-25% off on products. However, there are also more predictable sales during the year. With patience and planning, you can be sure to make the most of the correct times to shop with West Elm.


One of the big ones to keep your eye on is the end-of-season sales, and these usually occur following a holiday. This is because the item is usually marked up for the season or holiday period, but then afterward, they are looking to get rid of excess stock to make room for the next influx of products.

Along with the above are seasonal sales, where the type of decor and furniture, linked with specific seasons, go on sale as the seasons come to an end. So, for instance, if you are looking to furnish your home with summer-style decor when winter comes around, you will likely be able to pick up such items at a significantly reduced price.

Another two days, which we are all aware of, but when we may not think of West Elm, are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On these days, the prices of goods will be significantly reduced, but be sure to check your emails and look at the website so you are notified of what will be on the cheaper side. These two dates will be busy, and if you are an avid shopper, it will feel like Christmas to you.

Holidays and long weekends such as President’s Day and Labor Day are often excellent opportunities to get incredible deals on furniture and the like. So be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for notifications, or perhaps even pop into your nearest West Elm on the day to see whether there is anything you fancy on sale.

Use Gift Cards From Other Stores At West Elm

If you ever shop at the affiliate stores and have perhaps received gift cards to use at these other stores, you may not know, but you can use these gift cards on your subsequent West Elm purchases. The likes of Pottery Barn, Mark & Graham, Rejuvenation, and Williams Sonoma, are affiliated with West Elm, and you can use any gift cards for these stores at West Elm to help cut the cost.

Make Use Of Capital One Shopping When Buying From West Elm

This site is a handy tool, and it aids in finding coupons and price comparisons. It is a Google Chrome extension that will assist you in trying to reduce the amount you have to pay at check out. If you buy from West Elm, Target, or Crate & Barrel, you may want to add this extension that finds working coupon codes for you and applies them to your order.

Design Professionals’ Discount At West Elm

While you are at design school, you are likely aware of the types of discounts you can receive from various stores; however, what you may not be aware of is that those discounts do not end there. Instead, if you are a design school graduate, you may still be eligible to receive up to 20% off of the items at West Elm and its affiliated stores.

Make Use Of The West Elm Free Design Service

Okay, so you are not a designer yourself, even though you love filling your home with exquisite decor. You may be shocked to discover that West Elm offers an interior design consultation, which, although basic, is entirely free and is a full, hour-long consultation with one of their expert planners to aid you in planning out your room of choice.

It can be challenging trying to figure out exactly what furniture and decor you ought to put in your space, and one of these experts on the matter can help you come up with a strategic plan to fill the room in a manner that best fits your budget and needs.


Look At The Furniture Flea Or Sales Section In West Elm

West Elm has a designated area with clearance items that were either floor models or other final sale items readily available for the pickings. Here you will find the lowest prices on various West Elm Products, and some people are entirely unaware that it even exists.

Another option if you are on the website is to head over to the sale section, where you can find an array of products marked down from their original prices. It is much like the flea section of the physical stores.

You will not find the newest items here, but you can make use of purchasing ahead of the season. So, for instance, if you’re looking for new patio furniture, then go ahead and look to buy it in the early fall instead of when the time comes.

Open-Box Discounts At West Elm

This one is not a secret kept from the public, but it is also unlikely something you will see advertised: the open-box discounts. This is much like the flea furniture, but instead, here, these are items that have been returned unused. It is possible that someone was given it as a gift and did not like it or perhaps bought the wrong product.

Either way, it is a win for you because as the box has been opened, the item is now marked down, and it means that you receive the very same product at a reduced fee, and there are no hoops you need to jump through or particular searching for discount codes that you need to do.

West Elm Final Sale Items

Sometimes companies and stores do not make a huge fuss about the sales they are having or the available discounts, and one such time is when there are items on final sale at West Elm. This is why it is essential to note the price tag of the product you are interested in, as it will give you a clue you are looking for.

If the price ends in “.97” or “.99”, this is a subtle hint that you may want to make the most of this opportunity as you are unlikely to find this product on sale lower than its current price. It also probably means that the product is not eligible for returns, so be sure that you are happy with the product before making your way to the checkout.

How To Best Engage With West Elm

We advise that you make use of as many of the tips and tricks we have supplied, including seeking out the free service of a consultation with an expert in the field to fully kit out your home or a room within. Join their rewards program and constantly stay in the loop regarding when specials and discounts are happening or are on their way.

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