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If you like to try new things – and get them for free – you might want to try product testing. Yes, there’s some work involved, but these can pay off with free samples, points for other goodies or even get some cold, hard cash.


We’ve rounded up the most current testing programs and divided them by type of company. Social testing sites and those affiliated with magazines/media sites put the emphasis on your getting the word out about products and/or interacting with your peers. Old school companies don’t have the social sharing – they’re just interested in your experiences with a product. Same thing usually applies to big brand testing panels. We’ve also listed a couple of Mom only testing sites. They’re a little of both.


Social Product Testing Sites

Most of these sites are looking for are “influencers” – people who effectively spread the word about new products. Getting free samples is based on how well you do that AND if you fit into the demographic group the brand wants feedback from. Some have other ways to get free samples or other goodies – like filling in surveys or posting photos. For all, the more you participate and share, the better your chances for getting freebies.

  • BzzAgent
    Sample fun products and share your thoughts with friends and top brands.
  • Crowdtap
    Crowdtap partners with great brands to offer members opportunities to provide feedback, be creative, and get rewards and free samples.
  • House Party
    Host in home parties to get exclusive access to products for you and your friends. Party-goers provide feedback on the products.
  • Influenster
    Review products, share honest opinions with brands and the community. Influential members may be asked to test free products.
  • Swaggable
    Explore new products on the site and mark the products you want to be selected to receive a free sample to test and review. Members also get exclusive promo codes.
  • Smiley 360
    Discover new products, contents and offers. Interact with brands and become an advocate. Post online reviews.
  • VocalPoint
    Sample testing, special gifts and parties/events offered from brands to get your thoughts and opinions on how to make their product or service better.


Free sample product testing for moms

These can be a cross between old school and social sites but all the products are home and kid related.

  • Mom Select
    For Moms and Mom bloggers, you get to choose from a variety of products and activities that you want to try out and provide feedback on.
  • Mom’s Meet
    Mom’s get to try new products and services that they’ll need to provide feedback on. There’s also a community section for members to discuss products, provide tips and share ideas.
  • PTPA – Parent Tested, Parent Approved Panel
    Join this group to have a chance to test products from a wide variety of categories – everything from baby stuff to electronics. Give companies feedback after testing. Your opinions help determine whether a product is worthy of gaining the PTPA seal.


old school product testing for freebies

These companies are looking for testers for a wide variety of brands or a specific group (like Mom’s) or product type. Some of these will require quite a bit of time since they’re more “scientifically” oriented so you may be asked for detailed results of your testing.


  • Good Housekeeping
    Initial survey determines whether you can become a member. Not as much social participation required. Panel members help determine whether product receives the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.
  • PCR Global Product Testing
    Princeton Consumer Research needs consumers for clinical testing of skin care products and cosmetics. These are likely longer term assignments but you not only get samples but are paid for your time.
  • Product Testing Services
    Before the internet, there were snail mail based companies that did consumer research. This is one of them. Members fill out various screening surveys to determine if they’re eligible to receive free products for testing. Several other incentives offered, the value based on how much time participation will take.
  • Toluna
    Located in the UK but with members across the world, Toluna provides samples for testing, opportunities to earn points and rewards for sharing and providing feedback.


Media related free samples for product testing

Most of these will have a qualifying survey and are targeted at women so product testing will be for personal and home related products. They’ll match your survey results with products they need to test.

  • InStyle Trendsetters
  • Oprah Magazine – DevOtees
    Initial survey to see if you qualify.
  • She Speaks
    A community website that offers members opportunities to test products.
  • Pink Panel
    A Facebook only site, there’s an initial survey to fill out to determine if you can become a panel member.
  • Vogue Insiders
    If you’re selected as an Insider, you’ll occasionally get the chance to sample and report on new products. Not to be confused with the Influencer program for beauty/fashion bloggers!


test products for free from big brands

These can be tougher to get into since each brand is looking for a specific type of consumer. You’ll take an initial survey to determine eligibility and, if selected, they’ll use that info to determine what type of products you can test for free. There might not be as many opportunities for freebies, but you’re dealing directly with the brands to give them valuable feedback for product design and marketing.

try new products for free with product testing

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