How To Become A Product Tester?

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A company sends you a product to test, you do an honest review, and you get to keep the product when the testing is done. Too good to be true, right? Wrong, my freebie-loving friends. You, too, can become a product tester and join in the free products or cash incentives being handed out to honest and willing testers.


To become a product tester online, you will need to register on product testing websites, apps, institutions and register yourself at different market research firms. To acquire full/part-time employment as a product tester, you can work through a recruitment agency or apply directly for the job.

Online product testing opportunities are numerous. Applying to any product testing websites or apps is free, and you don’t need any qualifications. When applying to become a full or part-time product tester for a company, the position may require certain qualifications, experience, and skillsets. 

How To Become A Product Tester?

Becoming a product tester is all about registering to become one. Start by contacting market research firms and register yourself with them. Many online survey companies offer product testing opportunities on their websites. You can register to become a product tester for them.

Product testing can also include completing surveys participating in focus groups and webcam studios. Video studies are also a popular way to make money, as is participating in clinical medical trials.


My point is that you shouldn’t mislead yourself into thinking that becoming a product tester will result in lots of free products that you get to test physically.

Most product testing websites and institutions work on a point-rewards system that can be converted to cash, vouchers, or pre-paid debit cards.

You will start to benefit from product testing as soon as you are given multiple opportunities to do so by registering on as many testing platforms as possible. Then you will start receiving vouchers, pre-paid debit cards, and the like. 

My advice is to register yourself on as many product tester platforms as possible. This way of doing will ensure that you have ample opportunities to “work” and make money. It’s better than waiting for money-making opportunities to arise from one or two product testing sources.

If you have certain qualifications, you can look for product testing vacancies at established companies directly related to your field of expertise. Some companies may offer full-time, part-time, or freelance product testing vacancies.

Be on the lookout for such opportunities. In-house product testing doesn’t require any qualifications – just certain demographics.


Online Product Tester Opportunities

Companies pay people to test a new product or service before launching it to relevant markets. 

Most of the time, said companies only want a brutally honest review from you. It ensures that they can rectify the parts of the product/service that don’t perform optimally before spending millions in production costs.

Let’s get your product testing career started by highlighting some of the more popular institutions, apps, and websites that offer product testing to the general public.

Note that you will be paid in one of the following ways:

  • Cash
  • Merchandise
  • Electronic Gift Cards
  • Redeemable Reward Points
  • Virtual Visa Pre-Paid Gift Cards

Ipsos I-Say

Sign up if you are interested in becoming a survey panel member that rewards you for your feedback and input. Ipsos is the third largest survey firm globally, doing over 70 million surveys a year for over 5000 clients.

Top brands pay Ipsos money to gather consumer input regarding trends, services, and future products. Staying on top of evolving trends is one way for these brands to grow and stay relevant, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

By being part of the different survey and feedback panels, you get a share of the dough in the form of reward points. Extra reward points can be earned through the following methods:


  • Product Testing
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Mobile App Surveys
  • Video Surveys
  • Diary Surveys

Payment Method: Cash – Electronic Gift Cards – Merchandise – Visa Pre-Paid Gift Cards.

Similar Websites:

Nike Product Testing

Sign up to become a part of Nike’s product testers. There are three age groups to choose from when applying for a Product Tester position:

  • Adult Tester – 18 Years & Older
  • Minor Tester – 13 to 17 Years
  • Child Tester – Below 12 Years

Testing of Nike apparel will take place at your home or a 1-day trial on site. You will have to indicate what type of categories you want to test on the application. My advice is to be very thorough with the application form details. Nike takes these testing sessions very seriously, so should you.

Suppose you are an active person who participates in one or more of the following activities. In that case, your chances of being selected may increase:

  • Running
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Men’s Training
  • Women’s Training
  • Skateboarding
  • American Football

Payment Method: Merchandise – Apparel – Cash Salary (Nike’s Discretion)

Pinecone Research

Sign up if you want to learn about products before they hit our markets. Have a contributing say regarding movies, TV, music, and get paid in points that can be converted to cash. 

Demographics play a role in how much you can make. If you are between 18-35 years of age, then Pinecone Research can be a great way to make some extra cash. You will find many similar organizations, and Pinecone Research is one of the most reputable.

Applying for a testing position is quite easy, and you may be accepted without a hitch. The trick is staying active (completing surveys as they pop into your mailbox timeously) and holding on to your tester spot.


Older members so get the opportunity to test some products, which they keep, also being rewarded via points earned. Your first 300 points are redeemed via a check sent to your address to confirm that your profile is legit. After that, you choose how you want to redeem accumulated points.

Payment Method: Cash – Virtual Debit Card (Online/Offline Use) – Gift Cards 

Johnson & Johnson: Friends And Neighbors

Sign up if you are a mother with young children. Or if you like make-up, self-care products, or nice smelling fragrances. Products to be tested include some of the following brands:

  • ROC
  • Aveeno
  • Neutrogena
  • Clean & Clear

Johnson & Johnson offers you the chance to physically test their products for free and keep them when done through their Friends & Neighbors Testing Program. You can also do online surveys, join focus and discussion forums, and form a part of panels.

Testers living in New York can participate in one of Johnson & Johnson’s dedicated sensory panels at their Skillman, NJ facility.

Payment Method: Merchandise – Pre-Paid Visa Card

Similar websites:

Beta Testing

Sign up you are interested in testing out new apps, websites, and hardware. Providing feedback on the technical products you test is easy to do, and you will earn between $10-$20 per test. You can expect up to five tests “jobs” per month.

Payment Method: Cash

National Consumer Panel 

Sign up if you want to earn redeemable points by simply scanning the barcodes of the contents of your shopping cart and providing requested details of the shopping trip. You have to share this information with the NCP via their app.

By doing all of the above, you earn points, which you can use to purchase popular merchandise, like the PlayStation 5. Or exchange it for a gift card. Another option is to enter yourself into a sweepstake, hopefully winning even bigger prizes.

Payment Method: Gift Cards – Merchandise Catalog

Product Tester Full/Part-Time Employment

There is a difference between becoming a product tester for the companies and institutions listed above and having a product testing full-time/part-time job. 

Firstly, you won’t get rich completing surveys testing products at home; it’s just a way to supplement your income and score-free stuff. “Don’t quit your day job yet” is applicable here.

The following sectors in product testing are both fun and lucrative. Applying for a position through a job search company or directly on the company’s website is how you become a full/part-time product tester. 

Game Tester 

  • Annual Salary Range – $50k-$90 (Full-Time Employment)

Ask any gamers what their ideal job looks like, and you will probably find that “Game Tester” features pretty high on the list.

There are many part-time to full-time game testing positions available all over the country. Helpful sites like Indeed, where you can register and apply for product testing job opportunities, will assist you in finding your perfect job. 

Certain testing positions can require certain qualification criteria. In contrast, other entry-level positions only require a high-school certificate and a love for games. 

  • Activision is looking for game testers, and you only need a high-school diploma to apply. There are full-time or part-time positions available at $17 per hour. Your job is to test their products before they are released, which means you test unreleased new games!
  • Electronic Arts are currently looking to employ Quality Verification Testers. The only requirements are a love of video games, a high-school diploma, and the ability to lift 25+ pounds. They pay $13.50 per hour, and the contract is for three months.
  • Epic Games, the creators of “Fortnight” and “Unreal Engine,” are constantly looking for all types of testers. Some testing jobs require some experience in certain aspects of gaming. In contrast, others are not as strict concerning the required skill level.

In-Home Usage Tester

  • Hourly Rate Of $25-$45

Applying to become an in-home product tester is easy, as you don’t need any qualifications. Products will be sent according to your demographics as indicated when applying for the job.

Your job is to test products, provide honest feedback, and provide companies and market research firms with data that helps them ensure proper product certification. The feedback typically includes the following:

  • Journal Entries
  • Online/Mobile Feedback
  • Writing Reviews
  • Taking Pictures
  • Making Videos
  • Audio Recordings

You don’t pay for the product you’re testing; no shipping fees are due from your side. You often get to keep the product while getting paid on top of it all. In-house product testing is ideal for people looking for an entry-level opportunity, seasonal, temporary, or part-time work.

Clinical Trial Product Tester

Sign up here if you are interested in partaking in clinical trials. You will test new medicines to help create drugs that can combat and possibly cure various diseases. The FDA oversees all studies.

  • Step 1 – Fill out contact details
  • Step 2 – Recruiter contacts you if you are eligible
  • Step 3 – Baseline visit
  • Step 4 – Study visits
  • Step 5 – End of study

Besides getting a free medical check, you will also be paid for your volunteer work. You will find many clinical trial opportunities around the country. For example, Wake Research has many clinics looking for volunteers (product testers) around the country.  

One of their clinical trials is developing a vaccine for the Chikungunya virus. Participation in these clinical trials will pay the volunteers $1,000.

Where Can I Find Available Product Tester Jobs?

The following websites can guide you to find the perfect Product Tester jobs; currently available across the United States:

What Is The Average Salary Of A Product Tester?

According to the website ZipRecruiter, a product tester’s average annual salary is estimated at $38,113.

With the highest salaries being just over $100k, the lowest being $20k, and the majority salary of a product tester falling between $26k to $45k, it can be a very lucrative endeavor for you to undertake.

Higher earnings can be directly related to opportunities used for personal enhancement and higher pay based on your:

  • Years Of Experience
  • Skill Level/Qualifications
  • Location
  • Company 

Everything You Need To Know About How To Become A Product Tester

Testing products for marketing research companies and other institutions can be great fun. Earning some extra cash on the side is never a bad thing. Add to that the possibility of getting some free products, and most of us will be interested.

Please be advised that becoming a product tester for online companies won’t replace your regular income, so you can tell your boss to stuff his job. Finding a permanent, or at least part-time position in a reputable company as a product tester, will allow you to do this. 

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