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Essential Key Takeaways

  • Is Home Tester Club legit?
    Home Tester Club is as legit as they come. It’s a large marketing company that tests all kinds of consumer products for companies that hire them. Home Tester Club’s clients get feedback from real customers who actually try products and write reviews, take photos, make videos, and answer follow-up questions afterward. 
  • Is it worth the time and effort?
    It’s up to you to decide, but the majority of people who review Home Tester Club give it high marks. Users can review the testing requirements before requesting a particular product, so you’ll always know in advance what Home Tester Club requires you to do in exchange for getting the free item. You can always just skip the products that seem as if testing would be a pain. Some people, for example, don’t want to be bothered making videos, so they don’t apply for those .
  • What kinds of products do they offer?
    There are hundreds of different kinds of items you can receive free if you agree to test or rate them. Many are body care items, cleaning products, toys, pet food, car care goods, and many, many more. The long menu changes constantly, so you always have numerous things to consider when signing up for a test. 
  • How hard is it to sign up?
    Signing up to be a tester on the Home Tester Club website takes about five minutes. When you choose a product to test from the listed available items, you will answer a few more questions, which takes another several minutes. 
  • Do applicants qualify for every product?
    You might not qualify to receive some products based on your answers to the survey you’ll take when you click the “Register Now” button on a specific product’s panel. But most of the time, if you fit the general demographic of people who use the product, you’ll qualify.

Home Tester Club (HTC) is one of the more reliable freebie sites around, but don’t expect to make any money from it. You don’t get paid to test, but you do receive free products that are of relatively good value. Here’s the least you need to know before signing up on their website:


What is the Basic Offer for Applicants?

The way it works on Home Tester Club is that you sign up to be a member by clicking the “Join Now button, answer several basic demographic-type questions, and then select products you’d like to test. 

Members can choose anything that’s displayed, click “Register Now,” and see the testing requirements. If they agree to the requirements, like making a video or uploading a photo of themselves using the product, they apply to receive it for free. 

After between one and three weeks, you’ll receive the item via mail and begin testing. After that, you log back into the Home Tester Club site and answer some final questions about your experience. 

How Do People Get the Products to Test?

Users choose products from a list on the Home Tester Club website. Take time to choose something you want and are willing to test. The whole point for users is to get free stuff that has value for them. So, don’t apply for products that you have no use for. 


When you apply to receive a product, you see the testing requirements and can opt out of the deal. Otherwise, you agree to receive the product and test it as described in the requirements list. 

How Can Users Figure Out What the Best Products Are?

There’s a trick for choosing excellent products. On the Home Tester Club website, the company posts results of previously tested products, so you can see which ones people enjoyed and which ones they didn’t. Simply scroll through those results and narrow your choices down to only the particular items that testers gave very high ratings to. 

Another tactic is to only select products that are very similar to ones you already use. That way, you are sure to save a bit on shopping expenses because you’ll get the Home Tester Club item for free. 

Is Home Tester Club Mobile-Friendly?

Home Tester Club is mobile-friendly. Plus, you don’t need to worry about downloading any apps. Instead, you can simply log in via your phone and use the site as you would from a desktop or laptop computer. 

All the functionality is the same on mobile devices, so feel free to use your phone to check out newly posted products, sign up for tests, take surveys, post videos, or anything else you’d do from your non-mobile devices. 

Can Anyone Join?

Home Tester Club is available in dozens of nations to users who are at least 18 years old. Note that each country has its own Home Tester Club platform. That means people in Vietnam, for example, see different products than users in the U.S., Italy, or India. Here’s a list of nations where Home Tester Club currently operates.


  • Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany
  • Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia
  • New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Spain
  • South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA, and Vietnam

What If Users Need Help Before or After Testing?

There’s an extensive FAQ page that includes 99 percent of the questions you probably have about anything on the site, how testing works, etc. However, for users who need more info, there’s an easy “Contact Us” button on the main FAQ page. Home Tester Club offers solid support for their user-members.


Can users leave negative reviews?

You can leave any reviews you want as long as they are honest and backed up by facts you gathered while testing the product. Home Tester Club is not about creating a bunch of fake, glowing reviews for their corporate clients. They want authentic feedback and honest answers to survey questions.

What’s the deal with “status,” “badges,” and “points”?

You can earn all sorts of ranks by testing products and offering detailed reviews when required. You receive no money or gift cards for your rank, badges, points, or status. However, the more of those kinds of things you accumulate, the more tests you can gain access to.

How does Home Tester Club handle users’ personal information?

They’re careful about how they use your personal information, only giving general demographic data to companies that supply the products for testing. 

Home Tester Club is an excellent choice for people who want to receive free products in dozens of categories, test them, and give feedback. You never pay postage or anything for the things you receive, but some of the testing requirements can be demanding.

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