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Have you ever received an oil change and wondered if you got a brilliant deal? The majority of us share the same concerns: Is it possible to obtain an oil change at Costco? Where can I get the most affordable oil change? Is Jiffy Lube overpriced? With this guide, you’ll get the best oil change discounts, deals, and saving tips around! That said, the following is what you should know:


The best 7 Oil change coupons, discounts, deals, and saving tips are below. Read on to see the full list!

Key Takeaways

  • Many mechanics and lube stores recommend changing your car’s oil every 3,000 miles, although most modern automobiles can last considerably longer. In addition, some people will drive up to 7,500 miles between stops. As a result, the 3,000-mile mark is not always an oil change indicator. 
  • Many repair stores, including Valvoline, Firestone, Jiffy Lube, Pep Boys, and Meineke, occasionally offer coupons that can be found on their websites. In addition, Groupon is also a well-known app and website that provides a wide variety of oil change coupons for a more comprehensive selection.
  • Dealerships are not always the best first choice compared to the favored neighborhood mechanic in terms of pricing. However, that shouldn’t rule dealerships out entirely since they also have unique specials and saving tips.
  • Besides coupons, Walmart is known to have the lowest shelf price for oil. In addition, Costco offers its members a 15% discount on oil purchases. As a result, these stores are excellent choices for when you would like to DIY an oil change. That said, performing an oil change yourself also has pros and cons.

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How to Save on Oil Changes With Coupons & Saving Tips

One of the essential things you should do every few weeks is to maintain your vehicle, and one of the things you should do is schedule regular oil changes for your car. Some expenses in the family budget are necessary and required, yet they still hurt when you pay them.

While oil changes are seldom expensive, everyone should be aware of how to save money on them; since the constantly increasing costs, you should always look for a deal before heading out and note down ways to save. Even minor amounts of money saved may make a significant difference in your budget.

Furthermore, understanding your car inside and out allows you to avoid the deceptive marketing practices of some repair shops. In addition, the most crucial piece of advice we can provide you is to read your manual. Yes, we realize how simple and uninteresting it is.


That said, that’s why so few of us do it! However, equipped with knowledge about your vehicle, you may make informed judgments about how to spend your hard-earned cash on maintenance. So, in light of that, the following are some of the best oil change coupon guides and saving tips.

1. An Oil Change Isn’t Always Necessary Every 3000 Miles

To cut costs on oil changes, remember that the usual mileage for oil changes is 7,500 to 10,000 miles, rather than the 3,000 miles listed on your window sticker at most oil change facilities. Check your owner’s handbook to learn what is suggested for your car.

In addition, individuals often request that their dash sticker read 7,500 miles until it has to be changed again. That said, you may save up to 50% on your oil change by not changing it as regularly. But, according to environmentalists, it also adds to the surplus of spent oil that must be recycled or disposed of, and the state of California is attempting to discourage the practice.

Finally, oil change periods vary depending on the vehicle’s age, kind of oil, and driving circumstances. For example, it used to be customary to replace the oil every 3,000 miles, but with today’s lubricants, most engines recommend changing the oil every 5,000 to 7,500 miles (if not more).

2. Oil Change Coupons Are Always A Good Idea.

Tire and lube shops frequently advertise coupons in the newspaper or weekly free classified advertising. These discounts may sometimes get you an oil change for as low as $14.99. That said, before you take your car in for an oil change, browse around for a coupon.

As a result, this can save you up to 50% of the work you need to do. Most businesses also provide online coupons that you may show them on your phone to save money. Here are some online discounts.


Finally, select your oil change location depending on who offers the best coupons. Coupons can be in the form of a monetary amount (such as $7 off an oil change) or a discounted oil change pricing (such as “Get a $24.99 oil change”). As a result, the following sites are often excellent choices to peak into to find the best coupon deals from time to time.

Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube is an American vehicle oil change franchise started in 1971 in Utah, United States. Since 2002, it has been a subsidiary of Shell plc, with headquarters in Houston, Texas. Jiffy Lube frequently offers excellent oil change coupons, which can be found on their website.

Pep Boys

Pep Boys offers a variety of oil change service packages near you, and their ASE-certified experts are pleased to help you in picking the right one for your vehicle. In addition, Pep Boys also offers occasional promotions and coupons on their website.


Valvoline is a renowned global marketer and provider of premium branded lubricants and automotive services, with sales in over 140 countries. Their website also often has excellent bargains and coupons.


Firestone offers a national guarantee on services and repairs (including oil changes) at over 1,700 appropriate store locations across the United States. Furthermore, Firestone provides unique specials and coupons for various services, including oil changes, that you can find on their website.


Meineke Car Care Centers is an international car repair brand with over 900 sites. Like the others on this list, they occasionally provide discounts for oil changes. That said, you may find the best coupons on their website.

3. Groupon Offers Oil Change Coupons

Groupon began in 2008 as an online coupon platform that provides daily bargains to local companies as marketing initiatives. In recent years, Groupon has evolved from a daily deal site to a coupon and cashback site that offers discounts on a broader range of items and services, including holidays.


However, some people frequently receive the best rates on oil changes for as little as $9.99. How? They took advantage of Groupon. While Groupon is often used for fun activities and eating out, you may come across something like an oil change that may genuinely help you save money. It never hurts to check, and you could just get fortunate with a discount.

4. Dealerships Have Their Pros And Cons

Dealership repair locations are ideal for certain repairs that your automobile may require, such as an engine replacement. However, they are frequently far more expensive than other businesses for minor maintenance, such as an oil change. Going to a local chain store or a friendly mom-and-pop repair shop for these sorts of repairs will save you money.

In contrast, dealers commonly run promotions such as “free oil change with a test drive.” Here’s how it works: they usually have a specific brand and model of vehicle they want you to test drive (even though it’s not always the case!).

You agree to drive it, and the dealer will give you credit for up to $35 for an oil change at the dealership. It may or may not be sufficient to pay the cost of an oil change, but it is still free money! In addition to your usual friendly neighborhood repair shop, there are some cases when dealerships may offer a cheaper option in their own unique ways. That said, keep the following in mind.

New car purchase add-ons

Dealers frequently include complimentary oil changes and other maintenance as a bonus for buying a new vehicle. If they do, seize the opportunity! Better still, the next time you buy a car, bargain a little with the dealer and ask for free oil changes as part of the deal.

Dealership Package Specials

We’ve seen car dealers offer package discounts, which bundle services at a price, generally around the holidays. Deals like “three oil changes for $90,” which boils down to $30 per service, are often offered up for grabs. In my opinion, that’s a fantastic offer, so keep your eyes peeled!

5. You Don’t Always Have To DIY

Many of us now advocate for doing things yourself, and while growing up, many of us changed our own oil regularly. When comparing the expense of doing it yourself vs. going to an oil change shop, the difference is generally only a few dollars.

For example, 5 quarts of 5W-20 Synthetic mix ($25 at Walmart) plus $10 for the filter costs roughly $35, not including the essential tools you’ll need to get started, your time and work, and getting rid of the old oil. That said, most oil changes cost roughly $30-$40 at a shop, depending on your region, and with a coupon, you can nearly always save even more money than if you did it yourself.

However, have at it if you know your way around a car and aren’t scared when you pop the hood! On the other hand, however, if you’re new to vehicle maintenance, it’s generally preferable to see a professional keep you safe on the road. Still, if you decide to change your oil, Amazon and Walmart are excellent places to start.


You may save a lot of money the next time your car needs an oil change if you always take the time to look for a good bargain. Prepare ahead of time so you can go in, get it done, and get on the road – which brings us to our next point.

6. The Best Oil Change Deals May Be Closer Than You Think

So, if you’re familiar with this site, you know that we don’t only cut coupons for groceries since coupons are invariably helpful – oil changes are of them! However, if you have no luck with coupons, the next best step to cutting costs is hunting for markdowns in prices! As a result, the following are some of the best places to get a good bargain on an oil change.


If your engine light is on and you need an oil change right now, your local Walmart is the lowest full-price oil change alternative. An essential oil change at Walmart costs $20 for regular oil and $40-50 for synthetic oil.

Furthermore, compared to Jiffy Lube, which charges roughly $40 for an oil change, Walmart stands up to its low-cost reputation. There are no coupons required to achieve the under $20 price range; however, it would be best to remember that this is for regular oil, not synthetic.

Furthermore, because traditional oil burns faster, you’ll have to change it more frequently. A synthetic oil change at Walmart will set you back closer to $40. However, you can find the lowest oil change at Walmart.


You can save 15% on your oil change if you’re a Costco member. However, they do not do the oil change at Costo. That said, for more information about which dealerships offer this discount, visit Costco.com and enter your member number and car make.

7. Ensure You Are Getting The Best Deal

Because we all know that certain repair shops would try to take advantage of you, realize that not all of them are the same, but it never hurts to be prepared. When you next utilize an oil-change coupon, follow these steps:

Ensure to read the fine print when you receive a coupon

Before you go, read the coupon to be sure you’re getting a decent bargain. For example, the bold print can state “Free oil change,” while the fine print might say “with an $89.99 brake check.”

Comparing costs should come first

A coupon isn’t always the most excellent option. For example, bulk retailers like Sam’s Club have an in-house car repair. Without a coupon, you might be able to obtain a better value elsewhere. Before you go, compare pricing at other neighboring establishments.

Confirm the oil change

Before getting an oil change, check the oil in your vehicle. It will most likely appear dark, almost black. The hue should be more of a honey tint after the modification.

Keep an eye on the mechanic.

If you have the opportunity, observe the mechanic. If you’re standing there, chances are you’ll get the oil brand you requested – plus, you’ll get to ensure the entire process gets done.

Tag your oil filter

Before you leave the house, draw a slash or an “X” on your oil filter with a marker. Then, check beneath the car after getting an oil change to check whether the mark is still visible. It’s a simple technique to see if the oil filter has been changed.

Sometimes saying no can save you more.

You are not obligated to accept any extra repairs recommended by the technician. Ask for an estimate if the shop says you require maintenance or repairs, then take your car somewhere else for a second opinion. You could discover that you don’t need the job at all or that you can obtain a better offer elsewhere.

Overall, coupons exist because they are effective. And in respect, they work both ways since the business gains a new customer, and you save a few dollars. But, on the other hand, most coupons don’t put you in the position of having to assess a possibly costly up-sell. So, when you get an oil change coupon, use it, but don’t let them take advantage of you.

May I Bring My Own Oil To A Mechanic For An Oil Change?

Yes, bringing your own oil for an oil change is cost-effective to save money on automobile maintenance. As a result, most mechanics, garages, and dealerships will let you bring your own oil, lowering the cost of an oil change.

How To Locate A Mechanic For An Oil Change Near You?

To locate a mechanic near you, run a Google search for vehicle repair companies in your area to identify a nearby technician that can perform an oil change for you. You should read the reviews for each choice and contact them to find out how much they charge for oil changes.

What Is The Cheapest Oil For An Oil Change?

Conventional oil is the cheapest, and synthetic mixes are in the middle, offering some of the benefits of synthetic oil at a lesser cost. Most businesses provide coupons, discounts for online appointments, or other special offers to reduce prices. Go with a fully synthetic oil if you can afford it. It is the most refined engine oil available.

In addition, synthetic oil eliminates the inconveniences and mistakes that come with more frequent oil changes and deposits. If synthetic oil is too expensive, use a mix or alternate between synthetic and non-synthetic oil every other oil change.

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