Does Petco Take Expired Coupons?

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Key Takeaways

  • Petco’s official policy states that it does not accept expired coupons, but many shoppers have had success using Petco coupons after their expiration date.
  • In addition to coupons, there are numerous ways to save big money when shopping at Petco.
  • Make sure that you’re a member of Petco Pals Rewards to get the best discounts.

If you have pets, chances are good that you are a frequent Petco shopper. That means that you also probably use Petco coupons, and you’ve probably wondered more than once if that retailer will accept expired coupons.


Although Petco’s official coupon policy says that they do not accept expired coupons, many shoppers have discovered that the stores will accept some coupons past their expiration date. Manufacturer coupons that have expired typically are not honored, but Petco coupons offering deals such as a certain dollar amount off of a purchase generally are accepted.

Of course, there are no guarantees, but if you stop by a brick-and-mortar location with an expired coupon, it is worth asking at the checkout stand if it will be honored.

Join Petco Pals Rewards

The Petco motto is, “Healthier Pets. Happier People. Better World.” One of the ways that they bring this motto to life is through the Petco Pals Rewards program.

Membership in this program is the absolute best way to save money at Petco. It will clue you in to all of the possible savings that are available.


Some of the perks of being a member of the program include earning one reward point for each dollar that you spend on Petco merchandise. You also earn one point per dollar on grooming services, veterinary services and Repeat Delivery. Members further receive $5 in rewards for each 100 points earned. These rewards can be put toward a future purchase.

When you belong to Petco Pals Rewards, you also will have numerous opportunities to earn bonus rewards, and your pet will get a free birthday gift every year.

To sign up, just visit the Petco website and provide your email address. Each time you buy something at Petco, you’ll earn points. Once you’ve accrued 100 points, you’ll be given $5 in Pals Rewards. Load the reward onto your account or print out the reward voucher to present it in the store.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

In general, Petco charges shipping fees based on the weight of the items being shipped and the speed of the shipping method that you choose. However, you can find ways to save on shipping fees.

For instance, Petco’s website regularly offers free shipping on orders that cost more than $49. In fact, you may even be able to score free same day delivery on qualifying products.

Alternatively, you may select Petco curbside pickup. You simply do your shopping online, and then select curbside pickup for your delivery method. Any items that are in stock in your brick-and-mortar store are eligible for this option. After preparing your order, the store will notify you that it is ready for pickup. Just head to the store, let them know that you’ve arrived and they will hand deliver your items to your car for free.


Petco families also may take advantage of Instacart. This service delivers groceries, pet supplies and other items directly to your home. Your first order usually is free, and the nominal delivery fees that are charged by Instacart on subsequent orders may be a great deal for you.

Join Repeat Delivery

Most pet parents buy certain essentials for their furry family members month after month. If this sounds familiar to you, then you definitely need to know about Petco Repeat Delivery.

Think of this as a Petco subscription service. Several hundred products are eligible for this service. These include a wide variety of pet food, treats, cat litter, pest control and many products that serve your pet’s health and wellness.

Signing up for Repeat Delivery is free, and there are no hidden fees. Cancel whenever you like or choose to skip or pause your delivery each month. You even have the option to decide how often each product is shipped to you. For example, you might need something only every other month, but other items are needed every month. Setting up this schedule is a snap on Petco’s website.

If you are using Repeat Delivery for the first time, you’ll receive 40-percent off your order as well as free standard shipping. Each of your subsequent Repeat Delivery orders will net you five-percent back in Pals Rewards. Moreover, you always get free shipping. Should any of your regularly ordered items go on sale, you will automatically receive the lowest available price.

You can even add one-time items to your Repeat Delivery order. Simply choose the eligible item and select the “Add once with next Repeat Delivery” button. You’ll still get free shipping on your add-on items.

Ask for a Price Match

Smart pet parents tend to shop around to make certain that they are getting the best possible prices. If you find an identical item being sold by another retailer at a lower price, Petco will match that price. It doesn’t matter if the product is on sale or is being offered at its regular price. Petco typically matches all competitor’s pricing.


Save Money at the Spa

Does your dog or cat love going to the groomer? For many pets, Petco’s grooming services are a favorite. The Petco grooming salon is popular with pet parents too. They love to be able to give their pet a day at the spa with a full-service bath, a haircut, a trim of their nails and numerous other options.

Taking your pet to the Petco grooming salon is a great way to rack up rewards points. However, you’ll earn even more if you join the free Petco’s Spa Club. Membership means that Petco will keep track of how many spa visits your pet has enjoyed, and the result is that your pet will earn free services.

Make Sure You’re Getting Coupons

Visit Petco’s website where you can provide your email to receive regular newsletters and special deals. Coupons are sent with virtually every communication, so if you want to save money, you’ve got to sign up for emails.

Remember, these Petco coupons are the ones that you can most likely use even after the expiration date if you take them to a brick-and-mortar store. There is no guarantee that the cashier will accept the coupon, but it is definitely worth a shot. Many regular Petco shoppers have been able to use expired retailer coupons, especially if the coupons are only expired by a few days.


Does Petco take expired coupons?

Petco never accepts expired manufacturer coupons, but cashiers do sometimes honor expired Petco coupons. Be sure to ask at the checkout stand if you have expired coupons.

What is Petco Pals Rewards?

This is a membership program that gives you discounts on products and services. Moreover, you’ll earn reward points for every dollar you spend. Accrue enough points, and you’ll receive five dollars to be spent anywhere in the store.

What is Petco Repeat Delivery?

This is a subscription service that provides shoppers with discounts and free shipping on regular monthly deliveries. It is possible to add one-time items or to pause or skip delivery whenever you choose. This free service can be cancelled at any time.

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