How To Get Red Seal Coupons

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If smokeless tobacco products are one of your guilty pleasures, you are not alone. Statistics issued by the CDC in 2020 indicated that more than two out of every 100 adults over the age of 18 in the US reported current use of a smokeless tobacco product. That is around 5.7 million adults, so it is a massive industry.


Key Takeaways

  • If you are not of age and trying to get free tobacco products, forget it.
  • It’s generally not easy to find coupons for Red Seal but it’s possible
  • The best way to get discounts or coupon offers is by registering on the Red Seal website.
  • Coupons for future sales are sometimes included on product packaging when purchased in store

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How To Get Red Seal Coupons

Red Seal is owned by UST Inc., an American Tobacco company founded in 1911. The company manufactures smokeless tobacco products like dipping tobacco (dip), chewing tobacco, and snuff. In addition to Red Seal, UST has several other brands, including Copenhagen and Skoal.

One of the major attractions of Red Seal smokeless tobacco products over competitors is that their products come in slightly larger than standard sizes. So that means you get more product for your buck, even if you don’t find any discounts or coupons.

In an effort to discourage tobacco use, legislation has, however, made getting discounts on tobacco products super-tricky. Luckily though, it’s not impossible – they simply want to keep temptation out of the way of youngsters, so access to special offers and advertising may not always be prominent.

Legislation has made getting your hands on discounted tobacco products really tough – unless you know where to look.


Sign Up On The Official Red Seal Website

With tobacco legislation being restrictive in terms of advertising and discounts, the very best way for Red Seal to keep a loyal following of customers is to give them direct access to special offers via their website.

You will need to type in your social security number as proof that you are over 21 years of age, but once you’re in, you’re in, and you can receive information about marketing campaigns, promotions, special offers, etc. From time to time, you may even be able to score some free stuff by simply being registered on their website and receiving information about their promotional offers.

Lookout For Promotions

Tobacco products are intended for use by adults only. Therefore, you are unlikely to find promotional stands in the aisle of your local grocery store. However, keep a lookout when you are at nightclubs and bars. Don’t be shy to request sample sizes of products of Red Seal products that you would like to try.

Check For Coupons And Offers When Purchasing

Besides offering a range of great products, Red Seal, like many other highly regulated products, likes to keep its loyal customers coming back. Since it is often difficult to widely market and distribute discount coupons for future purchases, they are frequently part of the product packaging.

When buying Red Seal products, it is always a good idea to ask if any deals or promotions are available. It may be worth the outlay to buy an extra can of dip to score a decent coupon for your next purchase.

Use Coupon Sites

An excellent resource for coupons on many tobacco-related products is Tobacco Superstore. They may not always have coupons for Red Seal available, but be ready to jump on any offers as they do come up from time to time.


Cigarette Coupons and Discount Tobacco also offer tobacco product coupons. However, these sites require registration and sign-in to verify your age to comply with legislation regulating the marketing of tobacco products.

Go Straight To The Top To Get Coupons and Promotions

While it is certainly advisable to sign up on the Red Seal website to become eligible for offers and discounts on their products, it is also useful to sign up for coupons, offers, and promotions from their parent company, Altria Group.

On the opening registration page, there is a drop-down menu that asks about your preference of products to receive information and discounts about. Drop down to Red Seal and let them know you would like coupons and information about promotions.

Check on eBay

Coupons for tobacco products have become so hard to get your hands on that some people have realized their value. From time to time, bunches of Red Seal discount coupons come up for grabs on eBay. Before you rush in and buy, though, first check that the coupons aren’t available on the Red Seal website for free and that the expiry dates on the coupons give you enough time to redeem them.

Sure, buying a coupon may sound like it is defeating the object of the discount, but so long as you are paying less for the coupon than the discounted amount, it is still a saving.

Get Other Free Stuff From Red Seal

Tobacco companies aren’t usually stingy, and Red Seal is no different. Even if you aren’t a tobacco user, you may still be able to get other free promotional items. The idea is that the company would like to draw foot traffic to their website, so by simply creating a login account at Red Seal, you may score stuff.

There are also websites that advertise Red Seal promotional items, but ultimately, you will need to go to the tobacco maker’s website and sign up before you will be able to get anything. Yo! Free Samples is currently one portal that will direct you to the Red Seal free American hat offer.


What Types Of Red Seal Tobacco Are Available?

Red Seal is a well-known brand of smokeless dipping tobacco manufactured by the US Smokeless Tobacco Company. Their products include:

  • Fine cut natural and wintergreen
  • Long cut mint, natural, straight, and wintergreen

Red Seal also manufactures dry snuff, but its distribution is limited.

Where Is Red Seal Tobacco Grown?

Red Seal tobacco is 100% American grown, and the processing plant is in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. US Smokeless Tobacco Company also has a manufacturing plant in Nashville, Tennessee.

Does Dipping Tobacco Go Stale?

Dip doesn’t go bad like a piece of meat, but it will begin to dry out as soon as the seal on the lid is broken. This will affect the texture and overall enjoyment of the product. Unopened packs of dip are usually fresh for around two years.

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