H&M Return Policy Guide

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H&M is one of the globe’s most renowned clothing stores. This means that there are thousands of people shopping at H&M every day, meaning that some people might make mistakes when they buy things from H&M and want to return the item. Luckily, H&M has a return policy. So, what is H&M’s return policy?


H&M offers a 30-day return period for anything bought from them. H&M has both online and physical stores, but the 30-day return period is the same for both. Any items returned after 30 days will result in you receiving store credit for the amount paid for the original item.

Although you are allowed to return most of the items you can buy at H&M, some items are often not allowed to be returned for the safety of the store and the health of the customers. There is a lot to know about the return policy that H&M has in place, so be sure to stick around to learn about it.

What Is The Simple Version Of H&M’s Return Policy?

H&M is a global company, but its return policy is the same in every country. H&M also has an online store in multiple countries and many physical stores across the world. The majority of the items purchasable from H&M can be returned within 30 days of the original purchase, no matter whether the purchase was on the online store.

Any returns made within 30 days of the original purchase will be refunded via the way the item was paid for. However, if you paid with a check, you would receive a refund in cash. On the other hand, suppose an item is returned after the 30 days granted by H&M. In that case, you will not receive cash but rather in-store credit equal to the amount paid for the original item.


What Items Are Not Returnable?

All companies have items in their return policies that cannot be returned. This is normally for the safety of both the store and the customer. For example, things like gift cards cannot be returned as those can be used to commit fraud against the store, while items like underwear are unsanitary.

There are certain items at H&M that are not allowed to be returned. For example, if an item was bought from a ‘Final Sale’ rack, the item is no longer being restocked in the store. Therefore, you will not be able to return a ‘Final Sale’ item as it is no longer being sold by H&M. Gift cards cannot be returned to H&M due to an attempt to prevent fraud.

Underwear is another item that is not allowed to be returned to H&M. This is for very obvious reasons regarding the customers’ health. Under no circumstances will H&M allow anyone to return undergarments of any kind. The same goes for all the swimwear sold at H&M unless it still has the ‘hygiene seal’ put on all the swimwear before it is sold.

Designer items, however, may be returned under special conditions. Some items made by H&M are under a specific label, and these items are deemed to be ‘designer’ items. Unlike the other items of clothing that are returnable before 30 days, designer items are only returnable within 7 days of the purchase. They are also not allowed to have been washed, worn, or damaged by the person that purchased them.

How Do You Return Something To H&M?

Returning items to H&M is very simple. There are two possible ways to return an item to H&M. This is either via mail or by visiting a physical H&M store. But before you attempt to return something, make sure that the item falls under the returnable item criteria.

While you can send online purchases back to H&M via mail, it is not possible to return an item bought in the store via mail. Therefore, if you are returning your item to the H&M store, remember to bring your receipt. Luckily, if you do not have a receipt, it is still possible to make a return and get a refund.


As said above, H&M refund you via the original method of payment, although some original methods of payment may require a different method to be refunded with. The refunds are as follows:

Payment MethodMethod Of Return
Credit CardIf your original payment was via credit card, H&M will refund you via that same method of payment.
PayPalIf you paid for your item with PayPal, H&M will pay you back through PayPal.
CheckIf you paid using a check, you will not receive a check back. Instead, H&M will likely pay you back with cash, unless you ask for another method and H&M agrees.
Pay Later (Klarna)If you have paid using Pay Later, you will be required to report your return on your Pay Later account. If H&M accept your return, you will be contacted by Pay Later and will receive your money back.
Gift CardAlthough you cannot return gift cards, you can return items bought with a gift card. If you paid for the item you wish to return using the gift card, H&M will refund you by giving you an “H&M e-gift Card” to the value of the item you bought.

Can I Return An Item If I Do Not Have A Receipt?

If you do not have a receipt, H&M will still allow you to return an item as long as you present valid photo identification. Valid photo ID includes a driver’s license, a state ID card, a passport, or a government/military ID.

Any returns in-store will need to be done at the customer service desk that you can find in any H&M store. Also, it is imperative to remember that if a product came with a tag, the tag still needs to be attached to the product; otherwise, H&M will not allow for any returns.

How Do You Return An Online Purchase?

Most items bought on the H&M online store are allowed to be returned in-store. For example, suppose you can prove that any undergarments, swimwear, or beauty products have not been worn or damaged by you. They are applicable to be returned within 30 days of the original purchase, provided you can show the receipt for these items.

However, if a ‘H&M Home’ product was bought online, it is not possible to return that item in-store. Instead, you will need to return it via mail, which is also possible for most items bought online. It is possible to send the items back via USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

If you are returning an item via the mail, you need to make sure that you do it correctly. A return form is provided with online purchases, so remember to fill this out to receive your refund. Also, be sure to visit the websites of the courier service you are going to use to see steps on how to send an item back to the H&M warehouse. The address for the H&M warehouse is:

281 Airtech Parkway
Dock Door 42
Plainfield, IN 46168.


Is It Possible To Abuse H&M’s Return Policy?

Although there is not a large amount of this occurring, H&M state in their return policy that it has the right to refuse anyone a return should they attempt to abuse the policy. Anyone who attempts to abuse H&M’s return policy can be refused a return even if they have a receipt. This can occur if someone attempts to return items an excessive number of times.

Short Overview Of The Return Policy

H&M is one of the biggest clothing stores globally, so its return policy has been tested before. This means that it is nearly impossible to abuse H&M’s return policy. H&M has made sure to make its return policy as fool-proof as possible while also being as lenient as possible for its customers.

The majority of the items bought from H&M can be returned within 30 days of the purchase or even longer. However, items like underwear, gift cards, swimwear, and makeup are not allowed to be returned. In addition, items bought in-store must be returned in-store, while items bought online can either be mailed to H&M or returned in-store.

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