How To Get Free Or Cheap Coffee

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Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage. Most of us would be very miserable without our morning coffee. Of course, it may be cheaper to drink coffee at home (depending on what type of coffee you like). But getting a cheap or free cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop is even better! We’ve got a list of ways to get free or cheap coffee, so you can save on buying more coffee.


The best 10 ways to get free or cheap coffee are below, read on to see the full list.

Key Takeaways

  • Most free coffee is earned through rewards programs.
  • You can get cheap coffee by signing up for mailing lists and receiving discounts in your mailbox from your favorite coffee stores.
  • Some old-school coffee shops may use discount cards with stamps or stickers earned every time you make a purchase, and eventually, you can get free coffee.
  • Promotional offers on National Coffee Day can get you free coffee.
  • Some coffee shops may even offer free coffee on your birthday.

How Can I Get Free Or Cheap Coffee?

Americans consume 450 billion cups of coffee daily, more than any other country worldwide. That’s a large amount of coffee, so naturally, you’d expect to find cheap and free coffee offered by local coffee shops.

There are a few ways to get free or cheap coffee. These include loyalty programs, samples, discounts, and coffee shop promotions.

1. Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks is very well known and one of the most popular coffee shops offering flavor-packed, unique coffee. There are a few ways to get free and cheap coffee at Starbucks. First, you can sign up for the Starbucks rewards program to get free coffee.


Each purchase made through the rewards app earns stars which can be redeemed for coffee. To start redeeming a free cup of coffee, you’ll need a minimum of 25 stars.

2. Dunkin’ Donuts Perks Card

If you love Dunkin’ Donuts not only for the donuts but for the coffee, you’ll be happy to note that you can get free coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. You’ll need to sign up for the DD Perks Card to get free coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.

You can download the Dunkin’ Donuts app on Android or iOS. You’ll earn rewards when you pay for items at Dunkin’ Donuts via the app. For example, for every $1 spent, you will earn 5 points. Once you have 200 points, you can swap them for a complimentary Dunkin’ Donuts beverage.

3. 7-Eleven

The 7-Eleven Café has some surprisingly good coffee for sale. You can get free coffee from 7-Eleven when you use their app to pay. For each $1 spent, you earn 10 points. Once you have 1000 points, you can redeem them. The 7-Eleven app is available on iOS and Android devices.

4. Hardee’s

The Hardee’s loyalty program allows you to earn 10 stars for every $1 spent through the app or website. Once you reach 150, you can use your starts to get coffee or other menu items. You can register for Hardee’s loyalty program via their website or by downloading the app.

5. McDonald’s Rewards App

McDonald’s has some delicious coffee, and their iced coffee is even better. If you love McCafe and get your morning coffee at McDonald’s, then signing up for McDonald’s rewards app is an excellent way to get free coffee. You can start redeeming menu items once you earn 1500 points, although you will need 3000 points for the iced coffee.


6. Discount Card

Most coffee shops have discount cards, where you get a stamp or sticker each time you purchase. Although this is more of an outdated method of a loyalty card, it’s a great way to work towards getting free coffee and other items from your coffee shop.

7. Biggby Coffee

At Biggby Coffee, they reward their loyalty club members with a complimentary Biggby beverage after purchasing 12 drinks. As a rewards club member, you also get access to exclusive deals sent to your mailbox and birthday freebies. The Biggby rewards card or the app can be used when purchasing from Biggby Coffee to earn rewards.

8. Ikea Family Card

The Ikea family card has some great perks, including a free cup of coffee while you shop from Monday to Friday. Other offers with the discount family card include free workshops and events, a birthday gift, and other member discounts.

9. Caribou Coffee Rewards

Caribou offers a complimentary beverage after your first visit to their coffee shop. Caribou has stores spread across the U.S and is the second-largest coffee chain in the United States. You can order your coffee through the Caribou app, earn rewards and access the best offers on food, merchandise, and coffee.

10. Quickchek

Quickchek has some of the best promotional offers. The concept behind their rewards program is that the more you visit, the more you’ll be rewarded. For example, you’ll be rewarded with a free coffee if you visit between 4 and 9 times a month. To sign up for the Quickchek rewards program, download the app on Android or iOS.

Rewards programs are the easiest way to get free coffee, but did you know you can get free coffee on National Coffee Day and your birthday?

If you want to save on coffee, there are cheaper brands you can try and a few coffee shops that offer coffee at a ridiculously low price.


Where To Get Free Coffee On Your Birthday?

You get a free birthday beverage if you’re a Dunkin’ Donuts rewards member. Starbucks rewards also send you a reward for a complimentary beverage on your birthday. In addition, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf offer a free drink or delicious treat on your birthday. But remember to download their rewards app to qualify and earn even more freebies!

If you’re looking for another fantastic rewards program, you can check out Au Bon Pain’s e-club. You’ll get a fresh cup of coffee, a bakery item when joining the club, and some other freebies on your birthday.

Where Can I Get Free Coffee On National Coffee Day?

National Coffee Day started in the early 2000s to celebrate the world’s most beloved beverage. Coffee shops worldwide celebrate National Coffee Day in many ways. These include offering a buy one get, one free coffee deal, discounts on pre-packaged coffee, and free coffee.

Places that may offer free coffee on National Coffee Day include:

  • Duck Donuts – Free coffee or iced coffee with any purchase on National Coffee Day
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – Free iced coffee or regular coffee (medium-sized only) with any purchase
  • Krispy Kreme – A free donut and coffee on National Coffee Day (this offer may not be applicable every year)
  • Quickchek – Free coffee for rewards members on National Coffee Day
  • See our full list as it happens year to year here for the latest.

Who Has The Cheapest Coffee?

It’s much cheaper to make coffee at home than to purchase coffee. However, if you’re late for work or just want to stop at your favorite coffee shop, there are a few ways to save.

If you want a cheap cup of coffee from a coffee chain, then McDonald’s has probably one of the best-priced coffee in the U.S. it’s also got a good kick of caffeine and is worth what you pay for it.

Dunkin’ Donuts is the second contender for cheap coffee. With their rewards program, you get extra savings to buy even more coffee and those delicious donuts.

If you’re looking to save on your current coffee budget by purchasing a slightly cheaper brand of coffee without compromising much on the taste, then a few brands to try are Costco (Kirkland Signature), Eight ‘O Clock Coffee, and Community Coffee. These 3 brands were rated the best go-to cheap coffee brands by consumers.

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