How To Find The Cheapest Place To Buy Wine Online

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If you’re looking for a great deal on wine, buying it online is a great option. You’ll have access to original and quality choices, you can buy at any time, and it’s budget-friendly.


Many websites sell wine online, but not all of them are created equal. Some sites are more expensive than others, and some don’t offer a wide variety of choices.

Best Places To Buy Wine On A Budget

When you buy wine online, you can access a much more comprehensive selection of wines than you would if you shopped in-store. You can discover wines from many countries, including hard-to-find and limited-production wines. In addition, many online wine retailers offer exclusive wines that are unavailable in stores.

One of the top benefits of buying wine online is that you can shop anytime, day or night. Most online wine retailers have 24/7 customer service, so you can always get help if you need it. There is also no need to take time out of your busy schedule to go to the store.

Another advantage of online buying wine is having it delivered to your door and no more lugging heavy cases of wine home from the store! Many online retailers provide free shipping on orders over a certain amount, so check for deals before you buy.


When you buy wine online, you’ll often have access to detailed information about each wine, including tasting notes and food pairing suggestions. In addition, many online retailers offer educational articles and videos that can help increase your knowledge about wine in general. This can be highly supportive if you’re new to wine or trying something new.

Inexpensive wine doesn’t have to be bad wine. Several websites specialize in selling quality wine on a budget. Let’s cut to the chase and look where you can purchase the most exquisite wines at the lowest possible cost.

Total Wine & More is a leading online wine and spirits retailer, boasting an extensive array of wines, beers, and spirits from around the globe at competitive rates. The site often presents exclusive promotional codes for shoppers, a loyalty rewards program, and even hosts in-person classes and events in their brick-and-mortar stores. The prices here seem to be the lowest for many of the biggest wine brands you can find.

The allure of is magnified by its “Total Discovery” rewards program, which rewards members for every purchase and offers benefits like bonus points events, early access to promotions, and unique personalized product recommendations. Members of this program can climb the ranks from Select to Reserve to Grand Reserve, each tier offering more privileges and bonuses.

Active on a range of social media platforms, also provides a user-friendly mobile app available for download on both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. They also have loads of ongoing rebates and coupons which help you save more on each order.

When shopping at, using cashback platforms like TopCashback can help you save even more. Regular cashback rates typically vary, but it’s not uncommon to find up over 5% cashback on Total Wine which can significantly save money on big orders. When you combine the coupons, low prices, wide selection and fantastic cashback plus a great rewards program to boot, Total Wine is the best option out there to get cheap wine online.

Advertisement is one of the most well-known online wine retailers, offering a wide selection of wines from numerous countries at competitive prices. They offer occasional coupon codes for your orders, an affiliate program, and you can even sell your collection of wines to them. is so popular because it offers 12 months of free shipping on all orders if you join StewardShip which currently costs a one-time payment of $49 USD, making it an excellent option for budget-conscious wine lovers. In addition, StewardShip members get exclusive discounts and deals, access to additional rare products, special events, and more. is active on various social media platforms and has a downloadable app on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You can refer a friend, and you and your referral will receive $30 USD.

You can use TopCashback with but it goes to only about 2% for repeat orders but new orders are usually 5%.

K&L Wine Merchants

K&L Wine Merchants, founded in 1976, is a favorite among wine specialists. This website is praised by the publications “Wine Enthusiast” and “Food & Wine” for selling ancient and uncommon vintages at reasonable prices. Its buyers travel to Europe regularly to buy directly from wineries, which helps keep prices low.

K&L’s wine list contains almost 8,000 bottles from throughout the world, with an emphasis on pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon. A minor assortment of alcohol is also available. You may filter your results by nation, subregion, variety, appellation, vintage, price range, or general.

K&L offers many wine clubs, including a personal sommelier service with personalized monthly selections. You may also buy wine by bottle. Prices range from less than $10 to more than $100.


K&L, situated in California, only ships to eight states. You may choose between local delivery and curbside pickup if you reside in San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Last Bottle

You do not have to search through various options with just one wine daily. A wine purveyor in Napa Valley, Last Bottle, offers only one wine per day at a considerable discount, sometimes up to 70%. It is rated among the ten best wine shops online by Food & Wine Magazine.

The wine ships within 2-5 business days. They will hold your order if you hit hold at checkout from May through October. Last Bottle will not be responsible for any shipments during the hot summer months.

A $25 credit will be given to the person who purchases the “last bottle” of the day’s wine. Additionally, everyone gets 2% back on all purchases.

Do you own a smartphone? You won’t miss a single deal if you download the Last Bottle App.


Drizly is the place to go if you need wine or other drinks quickly. The website has worked with thousands of liquor and wine stores in over 1,400 locations across the United States and Canada to provide alcohol delivery to over 100 million clients. As a result, when you buy wine through Drizly, you also support local companies.

Because of this concept, the variety offered on Drizly is determined by your location. You may browse choices in your region by entering your zip code on the website. In most situations, the wine of your choice may be delivered within an hour.

You may also order wine from outside your region and send it to you. On the other hand, the shipment might take several business days, and you cannot choose your delivery date.


Bottlerocket is one of the most intriguing online wine stores around. After becoming dissatisfied with how traditional wine shops ordered goods, the creator, Tom Geniesse, devised a novel browsing structure.


When you visit the Bottlerocket homepage, you’ll see options such as Poultry, Green, and Take-Out. The wines are grouped by what cuisine they match.

Do you want pizza or Chinese takeout? Some wines go well with those cuisines! It’s no wonder that Food & Wine Magazine named Bottlerocket one of the top online wine retailers, given their creative approach to wine purchasing.

In addition to browsing by cuisine type, Bottlerocket provides standard searching capabilities. Red or white, new wines exclusively, and even critics, where wines are divided into sections for each of the significant wine review groups such as Wine Enthusiast, Robert Parker, and others.

Are you just interested in organic or biodynamic wines? From the home page, look for the “Green” category. Scroll down a bit farther, and you’ll discover some more in-depth search choices, including words like “jammy,” “spicy,” and “earthy.”

Bottlerocket has a wide range of domestic and international varietals. For purchases above $150, they provide free local delivery to the Manhattan region; otherwise, all wines are delivered through UPS. They now have two physical storefronts, one in New York and one in Connecticut, with ambitions to establish more.

Amazon Wine

Did you know there is now a wine category on Amazon? According to Deal News, Amazon Wine is one of the most fantastic places to find a reasonable price on wine.

Like the official Amazon site, there is a comprehensive search menu. It is possible to find style, varietal, professional rating, place of origin, reviews, price, vintage, brand, and even size. You may also filter your search by selecting your delivery state and looking for wines that qualify for free shipping at the top of the menu.

There is a strong emphasis on indigenous wines, but international regions such as Italy, France, Spain, South America, Australia, and others are also represented. Unfortunately, Amazon Prime members do not receive free shipping on wine.

However, specific orders will be eligible for one-cent delivery. Amazon has many video clips on wine basics, such as the right temperature to keep and serve wine and which wines go with specific cheeses.


If you ever wanted to look up if a wine was good or not, you may have heard of It allows you to shop wine stores like, and hundreds if not thousands of wine sellers all across the country. They have a fair free shipping limit and great customer service. The best part is you can shop prices for your favorite bottle and then pick the cheapest price. The downside of this site is that you need to order from one seller at a time.

This used to be my personal favorite option, but they removed all cashback offers like on and they are forcing $20+ shipping costs unless you buy their membership program. Also, customer service has dropped off significantly, it usually takes 1-2 weeks to get a response which is very bad if you have an urgent issue with an order. That being said, you can still shop prices and brands pretty easily and even buy them on the site. But if you are just trying to do price shopping, you might want to try which has better data.

Astor Wines

Are you looking for unique French and Italian wines? Explore Astor Wines, the online home of Astor Wine and Spirits, founded in 1946 in New York. Astor Wines is recommended by notable sites such as Wine Folly and wine specialists such as Jancis Robinson.

Search by any term or criterion, but keep in mind that any search results that exceed 100 are truncated. As a result, if your search is too broad and yields more than 100 results, you will not see them all.

Wine Folly says there is a concentration on inexpensive French and Italian wines, but other regions are also covered. Free delivery inside some regions of the state of New York and free shipping on your first web order over $99; specialty delivery choices are available in New York City.

Astor Wines’ website includes tasting notes and educational tools. They have a physical store where you can do tastings in New York City.

Gary’s Wine & Marketplace

Gary’s Wine and Marketplace has an outstanding assortment. It has approximately 3,000 wines, over 1,200 beers, and over 1,100 different types of spirits. There are also gift packs and a large selection of gourmet cheeses, nibbles, and other morsels to complement your beverages.

Gary’s has wines for every budget, from $5 to over $1,000 a bottle. Its options may be browsed by style, variety, nation, wine area, or features, and the list can be sorted by name, price, or what’s trending.

Gary’s also has many wine clubs, including a sommelier society that each month features a new sort of wine. Gary’s has four physical storefronts in New Jersey and one in Napa Valley, California, where clients can arrange for a $5 local delivery.

Shipping takes one to three days to other places. The product page displays projected delivery charges.

Chambers Street Wines

Chambers Street Wines was ranked among the top ten online wine retailers by Food & Wine. Chambers Street Wines has a wide range of biodynamic and organic wines and some unique Old World wines. All wines are carefully selected, according to Wine Folly, and tend to appeal to current trends and tastes in New York City.

Search by country/region, term, organic, biodynamic, or low sulfur. Inventory is constantly changing, and you’ll also discover wines obtained from private cellars, including those in Piedmont, Italy.

You have several options for same-day delivery and free shipping if you live in New York City. You can choose an alternative shipping method; the cost will be determined after processing your purchase. Delivery charges are computed at checkout based on current FedEx Ground rates.

If you’re going to be in the neighborhood, Chambers Street Wines features a sidebar listing local wine events in and around NYC. Additionally, there is a menu heading for articles where you can discover more about additional events, the wines they offer, and the winemakers from whom they obtain their wines.

Wine Insiders

Wine Insiders’ selections set it distinct from other online wine merchants. It offers wine sets organized by subject, variety, and region to help you choose exceptional wines.

Some examples are Italian reds, rosés, natural wines, sparkling wines under $20, and brunch options. Celebrities such as Martha Stewart and Geoffrey Zakarian curate several sets.

Wine is also available by the bottle. There are over 500 wines to pick from, with tasting notes to help you. Prices range from $9 to $25 per bottle, and each bottle comes with a money-back guarantee.

Shipping to most states is available from Wine Insiders, but only on orders of three or more bottles. Shipping is $14.95 for three to five bottles and is free for six or more bottles.

You may have a few questions now that you’ve learned about our top-recommended online wine stores. Here are some questions on locating and purchasing great wine on a budget:

Is It Cheaper To Buy Wine Online Or At A Liquor Store?

The cheapest place to buy wine may not be the liquor store. You can often find better deals at wine specialty shops and online retailers. Be sure to compare prices and look for sales before purchasing.

You can also find good deals on wine at local wine festivals. There are typically many different wines available at these events, so you can choose something that meets your budget. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to taste the wine before you buy it, so you know what you’re getting.

How Can I Buy Quality Wine On A Budget?

Some ways to buy quality wine on a budget are to look for wines on sale, join a wine club, or buy wine in bulk. Another way to save money on wine is to buy wine online.

Many online retailers offer discounts on wine. One way to be sure you are getting a good deal on wine is to read online reviews before making a purchase.

Is Price A Good Way To Judge How Good Wine Will Be?

Price can be a good indicator of the quality of wine, but it is not the only factor. Other factors such as the grape variety, region, and winemaking process can also affect the quality of the wine. So, while price can be a good indicator of quality, it is not the only factor to consider.


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