How To Get Camel Cigarettes Coupons

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Camel cigarettes are made by the R.J Reynolds tobacco company and have been around since 1913. Cigarette coupons and discounts for brands like Camel were everywhere and easy to find, but finding deals and coupons for cigarettes has become almost impossible due to specific legislation. Despite this, we’ve come up with a list of the best ways to get Camel cigarette coupons.


Key Takeaways

  • Camel cigarette coupons are not easy to find, straight up.
  • Some coupon sites have cigarette coupons, but most are limited to grocery items.
  • If you purchase Camel cigarettes, you may find a coupon or discount on the pack or hidden in the box.
  • Bars often use promoters to promote cigarettes in bars, and they usually hand out coupons as well.
  • Influenster is a site where influencers review products; you may get coupons and cigarettes to promote if you become an influencer.
  • Contacting cigarette suppliers directly and asking them for cigarettes is an excellent way to try and get coupons for cigarettes.

Our list of the top methods of getting Camel cigarette coupons is below. Read on to see it!

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How To Get Camel Cigarette Coupons

If smoking is your favorite pastime, then a few coupons and discounts on cigarettes can help with that middle-of-the-month pinch on your budget. But unfortunately, cigarettes can get expensive, especially if you’ve been smoking for a couple of years and need more cigarettes than a social smoker.

While the law had changed drastically since the times when advertising cigarettes was allowed, there are a few places where you can find cigarette coupons. The coupons may not be available as much as you’d like, but any discount helps make your budget go that much further.

Sign Up On The Camel Cigarette Website

Many companies, including Camel cigarettes, send promotional offers when you sign up to their mailing list. As cigarette companies can be restricted where they are allowed to market, most of them market via email marketing. If you sign up for Camel’s mailing list, they send you coupons to your mailbox. You can also get coupons sent to your mailing address. Be warned, you do have to prove your identity by providing your social security number which can be jarring.


Camel may also run promotions on their website from time to time, in the form of a discount or introduction of a new product or coupons. They also have offered some of the highest value sweepstakes historically with over $100,000+ in prizes being given away. They also have been known to give away great freebies to everyone signed up too from time to time.

Purchase Camel Cigarettes

Purchasing Camel cigarettes may not directly get you coupons. Still, some packs have a slightly discounted offer displayed on the box as part of their marketing campaign. Generally, this is a couple of dollars saved or a percentage saved per box of cigarettes.

Online stores and cigarette retailers may offer discounted rates on cigarettes and seasonal promotions. A few good stores for coupons and discounts are Cigsway, 123 Cigs, and Ciggiesworld.

Coupon Sites

One of the best places to find cigarette coupons is coupon sites. Besides subscribing to the Camel cigarettes mailing list, you could try a few online coupon sites for cigarette coupons. Most of these offer discounts between 10% and 15% on cigarette products. Websites that offer great deals and coupons are Retail Me Not and Slickdeals.

Bars And Nightclubs

Many smokers are social smokers and are more likely to smoke in a social setting. Therefore, cigarette companies are more likely to advertise in local bars and nightclubs where young adults are more open to trying a new brand of cigarettes.

Promoters in bars and nightclubs may offer a promotion on cigarettes or even hand out digital coupon codes, which can be redeemed on the cigarette brand’s website.


Become An Influencer On Influenster

Influenster is a great site to join for getting free products. Influenster will send you items you are interested in. Once you receive the product samples, you will need to produce a review. Reviews are generally written reviews but can also include images and videos. As a member, you can unlock testers from well-known brands and be the first to try new products before they launch in stores.

Contact Camel Cigarettes For Coupons

If you really like discounts on cigarettes, you could always contact the cigarette manufacturer directly. Most companies are willing to give customers discounts if you contact them directly. Samples and discount codes may also be available. For example, Camel cigarettes may refer you to their website to join their mailing list before sending you a discount or referring you to a promotional offering.

Other Ways To Save

Stores like Walgreens are known to have the best prices on cigarettes in general. It pays to shop around, try going out of town, or a nearby zip code and explore all the stores near you to see the prices in-person for your favorite Camel pack. Walgreens always seems to have the best prices but it can vary where you live. It does pay to drive around and shop the prices, once you find the lowest price you can always go back there and your savings will compound.

Another savings tactic is to buy a 10-pack or a case at a time, some stores, usually gas stations will give a minor discount when you buy a case of cigarettes. This does vary by store but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

You can also try looking on Ebay for coupons that are being sold for less than the coupon value making them a decent deal. Be sure to check the coupons aren’t expired and only for vintage purposes though.

The best way to find Camel cigarette coupons and discounts is by signing up for Camel’s mailing list. This will give you access to deals, promotional offers, and the latest news. Unfortunately, there are many rules and regulations regarding advertising cigarettes. As a result, most promotions and advertisements are prohibited, making finding cigarette coupons challenging.

It’s much easier to purchase cigarettes from an online or physical cigarette store. These stores are more likely to issue discounts based on current in-store or online promotions and if you are buying in bulk.


If you love Camel cigarettes, you may have also found blog posts about a Camel cigarette app, Camel cash, and a Camel cigarette code generator. While these seem like legitimate methods to get discounts on Camel cigarettes, they may not be as reliable as they seem.

Is There An App For Camel Cigarette Coupons?

There has been some confusion and false advertising regarding a Camel app for coupons. Currently, there is an app called Camel rewards app, which is geared towards earning rewards for attending events and games. This can be confusing as the name and image of the Camel suggests it is related to the Camel cigarette brand. Currently, there is no mobile app for Camel cigarettes to earn coupons.

What Is Camel Cash, And Can You Redeem It?

Camel Cash was a ticket found in the filtered Camel cigarette boxes. This ticket resembled currency and could be exchanged for items in the Camel Cash catalog. However, this currency could not be used to purchase cigarettes or any tobacco products.
Camel Cash can no longer be redeemed and expired in 2007.

Are There Coupon Generators For Camel Cigarettes?

There are numerous methods to create coupons. While these may seem legitimate and legal, they may not be. Many sites request your personal details, which could be an attempt to steal your personal information. It is best to avoid coupon generator sites and use reliable sources for cigarette coupons. These are highly likely not endorsed by Camel at all.

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