Best Cheap Deep Freezers & What To Look For Buying

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There has never been a better time to buy a chest freezer. Early in the epidemic, there was a huge run on deep chest freezers, and merchants have now caught up to the outsized demand, lately releasing bigger, better, and cheaper versions to their ranges than ever before. So, what are some of the greatest low-cost deep freezers available?


The 7 best cheap deep freezers are below, scroll down to see all the best ones.

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Key Takeaways

  • There are two types of deep freezers on this list: Upright and Chest freezers. Upright freezers are often more costly than chest freezers. However, Amazon, Home Depot, Wayfair, and Best Buy all offer quality budget deep freezers with excellent customer reviews.
  • Midea manufactures quality deep freezers at low cost and is a widely known brand. That said, Magic Chef offers larger deep freezers at competitive prices. However, each freezer on this list boasts its unique value.
  • When selecting a freezer, it all boils down to choosing either a chest freezer or an upright freezer. These include what purpose you will need it for and how much space you will have available, to name a few. Understanding the values of each type will help you identify which is best for you.

7 Of The Best Cheap Freezers

Whether you’re storing up your favorite frozen meals while they’re on sale or avoiding your shopping visits during the epidemic, there’s a high chance the freezer section of your fridge is too tiny for your requirements. Affordable deep freezers can in helpful in this situation.

Furthermore, even if most of us have recovered from pandemic panic shopping, many individuals have discovered over the last two years that having a few extra batches of chili and lasagna and the ingredients for a few essential dishes—comes in useful.

A chest freezer is an excellent storage solution for individuals who prefer to stock up on frozen items, whether it’s in the kitchen, garage, or basement. So, starting with the Midea upright freezer, here’s what value this list of affordable freezers brings to your home.


1. Midea WHS- 109FW1 Upright Freezer

The Midea Upright Freezer is a popular Amazon-Choice item with over 4,100 good ratings. It’s available in four different sizes to fit any area and can contain up to 105 pounds of food.

The Midea 3.0 Cubic Feet Upright Freezer is an excellent choice for the long-term preservation of your favorite foods like meats and ice cream. Your favorite meats, seafood, and sweets may be kept at the perfect temperature by utilizing adjustable thermostats. As a result, Midea 3.0 Cubic Feet Upright Freezer makes a living more manageable and more enjoyable.

“It came in wonderful condition,” one satisfied buyer said on Amazon. “However, the packing must have been better. One heavy-duty cardboard container was nested within the other. Styrofoam protective strips lined the borders, top, and bottom. Reversing the door’s opening took me approximately 10 minutes.

My dairy thermometer was minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit when I checked it two hours after plugging it in. The door seal is so strong that when the ambient temperature air cools and generates a vacuum within the refrigerator, it takes a bit pulling to open it.”

2. Danby Garage Ready Chest Freezer

Another fantastic cheaper alternative is this Danby chest freezer, which comes in a versatile yet small capacity of 3.8 cubic feet for only around $370 on Amazon. Customers who live in tiny homes and flats claimed that this chest freezer allowed them to stock up on various frozen food needs.

In addition, this model has a storage capacity of 3. 8 cubic feet (108 liters) and an energy-efficient top and cabinet with foam insulation to help save money on power.


A pleased customer stated, “ The freezer was well-packaged and arrived in perfect condition. It appears to be fantastic. It was simple to install and transfer it into place. I plugged it in after letting it sit for 6 hours.

This freezer arrived on a day when temperatures in my area reached new highs. I was placing the freezer in a garage-like location with minimal temperature control. When I cautiously hooked the freezer in, the room was 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

What’s more impressive? It kept the ice solid only 6 hours after plugging it in! That’s an excellent freezer. Then, one day later, with other more high temperatures, the room temperature was 90F, and everything was great, even ice cream!

This freezer’s silence also impresses me. I had expected it to be considerably louder, and I’m relieved that it isn’t. If you’re searching for a garage-ready chest freezer at a reasonable price, I doubt you’ll find one better than this.”

Furthermore, the mechanical thermostat is located on the front of the device for simple access, and the drain is also located on the front, making defrosting a breeze. Finally, the top of the unit has a storage basket for smaller, more often used things.

The freezer is meant to sit flush against the wall with its smooth-back structure. You’ll like the 5-year parts and labor warranty and the in-home service.

3. Insignia NS-Cz 70WH0 7.0 Cu Ft Chest Freezer

The Insignia Chest Freezer is a tiny but formidable freezer that is under $200 and is one of Best Buy’s most popular and highly rated goods. The compact size makes it an excellent match for flats, yet it holds far more than you may expect. You can also find a light inside the freezer when looking for frozen treats late at night.


This Insignia chest freezer holds any leftover meat, veggies, or other goods that won’t fit in your refrigerator. A retractable storage basket organizes your food so you can find everything. First, adjust the temperature control panel to ensure that your food is stored correctly. Then, when it’s time to eat, you’ll have no trouble finding everything you require.

In addition, BestBuy offers a price match guarantee, which means that if you find the item for a lower price elsewhere, they will honor that price.

Here are some words from one satisfied customer, “ We were searching for a compact freezer that might fit beside our refrigerator in our kitchen. So far, this is one of the finest investments I’ve made in a long time. I now have space in my refrigerator. It looks great in my kitchen. I told a buddy about it, and she too purchased one and is enamored with it.”

4. Avanti Products Portable Chest Freezer

The Avanti 2.5 cubic feet white deep freezer allows you to stock up on frozen meals to save time and money. The ideal freezer for busy families that need to keep large quantities of food in their homes or offices.

This type comes with a handy, detachable storage basket that helps you quickly organize and find your frozen meals. The power pointer light lets you know that your freezer is safely freezing your favorite foods, and the adjustable temperature control helps you save electricity.

Manual defrosting keeps your frozen food fresher for longer and maintains a more uniform freezing temperature, while the defrost water drain eliminates water throughout the defrosting process.

“So far, everything has gone well! This freezer has been immensely helpful in keeping our convenient meals. Our primary refrigerator is modest, and this provides just enough capacity for a small household. Because we have little room in our house, I like how small but large it is.

Before plugging in the freezer, make sure it stands straight for at least 24 hours. It would be best not to turn it on immediately away after receiving it. Wayfair did a fantastic job of informing me of this critical move. Wayfair has made another excellent buy.” One happy Wayfair customer-reviewed.

With a capacity of only 2.5 cubic feet, Avanti Products’ compact chest freezer is ideal for tight spaces (and tight budgets). Thanks to the seven pre-set settings, changing the temperature to your liking are simple. It also includes a detachable basket that attaches to the top of the freezer for convenient access.


5. Magic Chef MCUF3S2 Upright Stainless Steel Freezer

If you’re looking for an affordable chest freezer, the Magic Chef HMCF7W4 is a good option. It covers all the basics with two bulk storage baskets, temperature control set anywhere from -8 to 6 degrees Fahrenheit, and LED lighting.

Furthermore, you will have little trouble locating what you’re searching for, thanks to a detachable partition that allows you to arrange foods from frozen pizzas to veggies.

One happy Home Depot customer commented, “I recently purchased this deep freezer and am pleased by the amount of frozen food it can hold. I was first afraid that it was too little, but it’s a nice size for a low price.”

This model is not frost-free or self-defrosting at the moment. You’ll have to defrost the device manually using the provided drain. Furthermore, while this item isn’t as large as others on the market, it makes the most of its 7.0 cubic feet of inside capacity. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you take it to a college dorm or a vacation house.

6. GE Appliances Garage Ready Chest Freezer

Next up is the GE Chest Freezer with a capacity of 5.0 cubic feet; and is another excellent low-cost deep freezer that can hold a lot of frozen food. One lift-out sliding bulk storage basket is included with our Garage Ready freezer to help you store and organize your favorite frozen goods. In addition, its defrost water outflow makes defrosting simple.

Furthermore, the GE Garage Ready Chest Freezer is a perfect alternative for families and individuals who live in hotter regions because it comes with the assurance and confidence of a renowned brand.

It can endure temperatures of up to 110 degrees in a garage. In addition, you can quickly verify whether or not the freezer is operating correctly by looking at the power light and temperature control on the exterior.

Here’s a happy Home Depot customer’s promising review: “ The delivery was simple and timely. It’s ideal for our family of four. Because of the size of my house, I might have been able to get away with a smaller one. But it has a lot of capacity, and I’m extremely pleased with it.”

7. Koolatron Compact Chest Freezer

Lastly, we have a chest freezer that is both convenient and affordable. The Koolatron is a 99 L/3.5 Cubic Foot chest freezer that is the ideal basement or apartment attachment for keeping your frozen meals conveniently accessible and organized to save money and decrease food waste.

The freezer’s sleek white design includes a detachable wire basket that simplifies arranging frozen products and reaching small and frequently used items. In addition, this freezer’s swing-top lid and smooth back make it easy to fit into any corner of your cottage, apartment, house, or condo.

Freezing technology that is both reliable and energy-efficient The contents of this Energy Star-rated freezer are kept between 0°C and -24°C (32°F and -11.2°F) by a dependable CFC-free compressor cooling system. In contrast, a magnetic door seal keeps the cold inside where it belongs.

A satisfied customer on Amazon left a review stating, “I bought it for my son and his small family (mom and two kids) primarily for overflow – ice, ice cream, popsicles, and the odd meats and frozen vegetables.

It’s the ideal freezer size for them, and they parked it near the house’s front entrance in the garage. It works nicely, is a good size, and makes no noise. It was on sale, and I think it was a good deal. It’s well worth it.”

The Best Cheap Freezers: What To Consider Before Buying

What you need a deep freezer for, how organized you are, and where you want the freezer to go are all factors to consider when shopping for one. Upright and chest are the two types of deep freezers available. An upright freezer resembles a refrigerator and features a refrigerator-style door.

Additionally, they are more costly than chest freezers. Depending on the size, you’ll have shelves, door bins, and baskets to categorize what you need. Chest freezers resemble the beach coolers where you pull the cover from the top, but they take up more room.

If you need daily access to frozen items, an upright freezer may be the right choice. On the other hand, the chest freezer might suit your needs to keep goods frozen for an extended period without using it every day. Also, remember that certain freezers are “garage ready,” which means they can endure a broader range of exterior temperatures without losing their temperature or functioning.

Another thing to remember is that a freezer will undoubtedly face frost accumulation. Some freezers will need to be defrosted every few months, while others will be able to go longer between defrosts. Your food supply depends on how much you have on hand; you don’t want it to be empty. Moisture enters more quickly, and the more frost forms, the more it is opened and closed.

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