All The Best Stores Like Wayfair

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If you enjoy decorating your home and love online stores’ variety and convenience, then you’ve undoubtedly used Wayfair. But you may be looking for a more affordable alternative or one that gives you a different selection of goods to choose from. We’ve listed the best stores like Wayfair.


The 19 best stores like Wayfair are below. Scroll down to see them all.

Key Takeaways

  • Although Wayfair is hard to beat for its affordability, quality, and selection, some competitors come close.
  • Some of the best alternatives to Wayfair are sister sites owned by the same company, namely Joss & Main, All Modern, and Birch Lane.
  • provides an excellent alternative to Wayfair, especially in terms of affordability, due to its close-out business model.
  • Big box general merchandise retailers such as Walmart and Target offer stylish decor for the budget-conscious.
  • Giant online retailer Amazon offers many of the same items as Wayfair, potentially at better prices. It’s worth making a comparison of prices between sites before buying.
  • Other online home decor sites offer a similar experience to Wayfair, such as Hayneedle, which is among the fastest-growing online home furnishing and decor retailers.
  • Some competitors, such as Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and West Elm, provide more upmarket items at higher prices than Wayfair. These stores are where you should shop if you want to invest in high-quality furniture and decor.

Where To Find Stores Like Wayfair

If you are used to using Wayfair but are looking for an alternative that offers different items better suited to your style, or you want to get items at a lower price than Wayfair offers, you may be wondering which sites to try. There are many home decor sites out there, many of which are not what you require.

We have combed through all online shopping sites that offer similar products to Wayfair and selected those that best suit your needs. Let’s see what are the best stores like Wayfair.

1. Overstock

Overstock is among the largest close-out retail stores operating online. They offer a massive selection of previously liquidated items across various furnishing and home decor categories, such as rugs, furniture, outdoor furniture, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen/dining, and decorations at prices that are better than those Wayfair offers.


They offer to ship to 48 states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii and also ship to international destinations in over 200 countries. Like Wayfair, Overstock offers a money-back guarantee. Sign up for their loyalty program; it gives you a 5 percent cash back on all items after they have been shipped, and more rewards for every item you review.

2. World Market

World Market offers retail merchandise at discounted prices. Unlike Wayfair, all of the items that World Market sells are imported from retailers worldwide. They offer various culinary items and apparel in addition to home products, including furniture, curtains, rugs, and decor. You can find many unique things for your home on this site.

If you prefer in-store shopping, World Market has over 250 stores across the US that allow you to browse their exciting wares. They ship to 48 states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, but do not ship internationally.

3. Amazon

Online retail giant Amazon offers products across every category, including home decor and furniture. As with Wayfair, prices and quality vary enormously, so you must comb through the coal to find the diamonds. Be sure to read the customer reviews.

However, if you are prepared to be discerning, Amazon offers a fantastic selection of pieces at affordable prices. Their product range overlaps with Wayfair’s, so if you’ve found something you like on one site, it’s worth checking the other to see which offers it at a better price.

Amazon ships almost everywhere worldwide with the option of next-day delivery, has many discount and reward opportunities, and has an outstanding refund policy.


4. Hayneedle

Founded in the same year as Wayfair, Hayneedle is among the fastest-growing e-commerce sites that provide furnishings and decor at budget-friendly prices. Now owned by Walmart, Hayneedle takes its name from its goal of stocking unique pieces that are as difficult to find as the proverbial needle in the haystack of similar-looking items offered by its competitors.

They offer indoor and outdoor furniture, office items, storage items, kids’ furniture, pet furniture, lighting, rugs, and more. They provide free shipping to the lower 48, with additional fees for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, and Canada.

5. Bed, Bath and Beyond

A long-established favorite for home decor, Bed, Bath and Beyond is not necessarily very affordable at first glance. However, they offer many coupons, discount codes, and an excellent customer reward program. Purchases over $40 qualify for free shipping, while you get free shipping and a 20 percent discount on your purchase with the $30 yearly membership.

6. At Home

Brick-and-mortar furniture and decor superstore At Home also has an online presence. No matter where you shop, you will find furniture, rugs, pillows, and accessories that are of excellent quality and very affordable. They offer a membership program that gives exclusive deals and a birthday coupon.

At Home ships to your home or offers in-store pick-up.

7. Joss & Main

Joss & Main is owned by Wayfair and therefore has similar prices and quality, but unlike Wayfair, this is a members-only service. The idea behind the service is to browse their stock or home design ideas using either their website or mobile app for a “window-shopping” experience.

Joss & Main stocks contemporary classic furniture and decor at excellent prices. They have an extensive and well-stocked sale section, and their My Way membership program, which costs $30 annually, provides exclusive sales, rewards, and discounts. All orders over $35 come with free shipping.


8. AllModern

Another Wayfair sister site, AllModern, has all manner of modern home decor and furniture. Fans of the show “Mad Men” will be excited to discover that it offers midcentury modern items at much lower prices than other sites. It also provides Scandinavian modern, farmhouse, industrial, minimalist, and contemporary modern pieces.

Whether you’re looking for dining furniture or cushions in trendy styles, this site has something for you. AllModern offers international shipping with free shipping on orders over $35 and members-only shipping rates that apply to most items.

9. Birch Lane

Birch Lane is another Wayfair sister site, but while All Modern focuses on contemporary styles, Birch Lane’s specialty is classic farmhouse and traditional pieces. If you love the timeless decor, this is the site for you. Shop for furniture, outdoor furniture, lighting, rugs, bedding, mirrors, bathroom items, kitchen/dining, and storage offerings.

Birch Lane ships internationally, with free shipping for orders over $35.

10. Zulily

Zulily aims at a hip, young audience, intending their unique pieces for moms. While it doesn’t offer a wide variety of furniture, it does have some designer furniture, bedding, and a range of quirky decorative accessories, accents, and the like to decorate your home, outdoor living areas, and office.

Zulily has some distinctive practices that result in its offering outstanding prices. They do not house their products in a warehouse; instead, they ship them in bulk from brand partners once you have ordered them. They also provide a guaranteed price match for most items found for less on Walmart or Amazon.

If you love Wayfair’s Daily Sale Event, you should check out Zulily’s flash sale events. They offer up to 75 percent discount during these events.

11. Walmart

While Walmart may be more familiar as a retailer of groceries and such-like products, they also offer a fantastic assortment of home decor items and furniture at bargain prices. They are a perfect option if you are a student, a first-time homeowner, or looking to decorate your home with style while saving money.

Since Amazon came along to challenge them, Walmart has improved its service, and they are now an excellent option for online shopping, despite their detractors. They offer a wide range of pieces at excellent prices, particularly on the brand’s MoDRN line or collections such as Drew Barrymore Flower Home.


Walmart offers same-day in-store pick-up, a 30-day refund policy, and free shipping on orders over $35.

12. Target

A close competitor to Walmart, Target has developed an excellent reputation for its wide selection of furniture and decor in various styles at low prices. If you are shopping for furniture, office items, artwork, bed/bath items, storage solutions, and even natural plants, you’re on a tight budget, but you want to purchase stylish goods, you should consider Target.

13. TJ Maxx

It may seem strange to include a store best known for its well-known fashion items at discount prices on a list of Wayfair alternatives, but TJ Maxx approaches home decor and furniture in the same way as fashion.

They offer a fantastic assortment of cute and quirky items for your home and a plethora of sales and discounts. It’s an excellent place to pick up sophisticated furniture and elegant accent pieces that look like they came from a fancy shop at highly affordable prices. We particularly recommend their rugs.

14. Houzz

Although you’ve probably used Houzz before, you may not have realized that they also have a store. Houzz is a website, a community, and an app that makes architectural design, landscaping, home improvement, and most relevantly, interior design easy. They offer over 25 million photos and many ideas for improving your home. However, they also have an excellent selection of mass-market and luxury home decor and furniture.

15. Ashley

Ashley offers many options for furniture, outdoor furniture, mattresses, items for your little ones, bath/bed items, rugs, lighting, and decor at excellent prices. Shop online or at a physical store near you.

Ashley has a wide variety of discounts, and the free-to-join Ashley A-List provides exclusive special offers and styling tips. They offer free shipping.

16. 1Stopbedrooms

While they began by focusing on everything for creating your ideal bedroom, 1Stopbedrooms has since branched out. You can get living room and office furniture, bars, and other entertainment items, at highly affordable prices.

17. Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel has several small boutiques across the US and Canada and an online presence. They stock high-quality items direct imported from India, Thailand, Mexico, and various European countries, offering a large inventory of items exclusive to their stores. They are known for sustainable materials and a classic, rustic style.

Although their prices tend to be somewhat higher than Wayfair’s, they stock almost exclusively high-quality items so that you will get a good investment return.

18. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn has been a recognized upscale decor and furniture store for decades, with a brick-and-mortar presence and online store in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. They have long been a favorite with designers, offering high-quality, classic items that provide your home with timeless style.

Their aesthetic is not particularly modern, and their range is limited compared to competitors, but their quality is unbeatable. Pottery Barn Kids is an excellent alternative to Wayfair for child-size furniture built to stand up to rough treatment while looking great.

Although their prices are higher than Wayfair’s, their style’s quality and excellence make up for it. Their stuff will last many years of use, and they offer an outstanding refund policy for damaged or unsatisfactory items.

19. West Elm

Like Pottery Barn, West Elm is owned by Williams and Sonoma. It offers ethically-sourced, sustainable, high-quality items that are trendier than their sister site’s. They are also not too expensive, although they are pricier than Wayfair. But unlike Wayfair, the things they sell are unique, handmade offerings.

They offer excellent furniture and decor, particularly midcentury modern and exclusive art. In addition to physical stores across the US and Canada, West Elm has an outstanding online store. They offer free shipping on some items, unlimited flat rate shipping, next-day delivery for an additional fee, and in-store pick-up.

What Stores Are Like Wayfair?

Stores like Overstock provide a wide range of home decor and furniture at excellent prices. At the same time, many traditional furniture retailers also have an online presence that offers a similar experience to Wayfair’s.

Is Wayfair Like Amazon?

Wayfair is an e-commerce site like Amazon, but while Amazon offers products from every category, Wayfair specializes in items for interior decorating, such as furniture and household accessories.

Where Are Wayfair Stores Located?

Although Wayfair’s headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts, it is an online store only. If you prefer shopping in a physical shop, some of the stores mentioned on this list have a brick-and-mortar presence.

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