List Of Stores That Price Match Against Amazon

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Although many of us prefer supporting local businesses and stores, it’s hard to argue against the savings you find while browsing Amazon’s vast range of products and services. The good news is that, although the mega online marketplace holds the monopoly over many aspects, several stores price-match Amazon.


The best 13 stores that price-match against Amazon are below. Scroll down to read all the details about each one!

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Key Takeaways

  • Many stores price-match against Amazon.
  • Although these stores offer price matching, most have specific conditions that must be met before honoring a price match.
  • Some significant “disqualifying” criteria against price matching include special sales, like clearance and liquidation sales, membership deals, and limited-time offers.
  • Most stores require that you bring proof of the lower price in the form of an advert within 14 days of purchase.
  • Most stores offer price matching before and after the product is purchased, provided you have proof of purchase and the lower amount.

Department Stores That Price Match To Amazon

Department stores have a significant advantage over specialized stores when granting discounts and price-matching. Their popularity and convenience mean that many people shop there, plus if they make a “loss” on a specific type of product, they have many others to make up for the loss.

1. JCPenney

JCPenney is a department store that stocks various items from home decor to clothing. Their 669 stores are spread across 49 states.



  • If you find a product that JCPenney stocks advertised for a lower price, you can take the advert to a store or their customer care support, and they will match the price and beat it by 5 percent.
  • You’ll need to bring proof of your purchase within 14 days to qualify for the price adjustment.


  • A limitation on the price match guarantee is that JC Penny won’t price match on items sold by third parties through Amazon’s marketplace.

2. Target

One of the most recognizable big-box department chain stores (and the eighth largest in the US), Target boasts 1,934 stores across the US. Their range is phenomenal, and their prices are usually competitive.


  • As Target is in the top ten department stores in America, you’re almost guaranteed to be within range of an outlet, making transport less of an issue and saving on your overall cost.
  • You have 14 days after purchasing an item to bring proof of your purchase to a Target to qualify for the price matching.


  • Items can only be price matched if they are identical to the item in question.
  • Price matching does not include lightning sale deals or similar specials from Amazon Prime.
  • Exempted items/products include other specials (clearance, limited offer, etc.), damaged, open package, or refurbished products, and items sold by third-party vendors.

3. Walmart

Probably the most well-known department store in the US, Walmart’s tremendous range and great deals make them the first choice for many shoppers. Walmart operates roughly 10,500 stores across 24 countries. In the US, Walmart has approximately 4,742 stores.



  • Walmart offers similar price matching services to many competitors, provided the item is the same size, color, and brand (identical).


  • The limitations to the price-matching service are that only products sold by Amazon are eligible (no third-party retailers or auctions), and the product needs to be in stock with Amazon and Walmart.
  • No items on clearance, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or similar specials are eligible for price matching.

Specialized Stores That Price Match Against Amazon

Although department stores can price match with ease, specialized stores might struggle to do so due to not having as wide of a selection of products to make up for their losses. There are, however, many stores that offer price matching.

4. Advance Auto Parts

As the name implies, Advance Auto Parts focuses on aftermarket vehicle parts sales.

With roughly 4,912 stores across the US and Canada, you’re bound to find a retailer close to you. Advance Auto Parts price matches against select online companies but won’t price match against auction sites.


  • Advance Auto Parts guarantees they will price match any identical or comparable products. To qualify for price matching, bring in the competition’s advertisement and proof of payment (if you’d already purchased from Advance Auto Parts).


  • Price-matched items must include same-day shipping from Amazon.
  • Some other items that are excluded from price matching include:
    • Clearance sales or company liquidation.
    • Damaged, open packages and refurbished products.
    • Loyalty and membership programs.
    • Two for one deal.
    • Tax-exempt prices.
    • No price matching on engines, transmissions, and heavy commercial equipment.

5. Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.

Located in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, Bed Bath & Beyond inc. is a popular domestic goods chain store that price-matches Amazon. They have roughly 1 530 stores across all 50 states and abroad.



  • Bed Bath & Beyond offers a price match on identical products purchased from Amazon within 14 days of purchasing.
  • You can also price-match before purchasing the item from Amazon by bringing the advertisement to a local Bed Bath & Beyond store.
  • Suppose you have a coupon while price matching; Bed Bath & Beyond will honor the lowest amount. They also price match manufacturing coupons, but not other retailers’ coupons.


  • Some exemptions to price matching include any Amazon Prime deals and items sold by third-party retailers.
  • The product must also be in stock with the competitor and not on clearance, closeout, or liquidation sale. Items marketed as “limited time or stock” are also exempted.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond won’t price match on refurbished goods or factory seconds.

6. Best Buy

Best Buy is a popular consumer electronics company with a strong online platform and around 1,000 physical (brick-and-mortar) store outlets across the US and Canada.


  • Although limited in which online companies Best Buy price matches against, Amazon is one of their chosen competitors (Best Buy only recently added Amazon to their price-matching service).


  • Price matching is unavailable for contract cell phones or products sold between Thanksgiving Day and Monday.
  • Special membership prices and lightning deals are also excluded from price matching.

7. Dick’s Sporting Goods

As the name implies, Dick’s sporting goods is a sports equipment retailer. Dick’s sporting goods has 854 stores across the US, making it the largest sporting goods retailer in the states.


  • As with many stores, Dick’s offers a price match deal if you bring an advert within 14 days of purchasing an identical product, along with your original receipt.


  • Unfortunately, products sold by third-party retailers through the Amazon platform are exempted from the price match guarantee.
  • Handling and shipping fees are also not included in the price match.

8. Joann Stores LLC

Joann Stores LLC is a specialty crafts and fabric retailer in the US, which offers price matching against brick and mortar stores, their online store, and certain online retailers.


You’ll need to bring a printed or digital version of the ad to one of their 865 stores for verification. Alternatively, you can contact customer care to link the advertisement/website.


  • When price matching, Joann considers instant rebates as part of the purchase price, and, although limited, Joann accepts price matching from Amazon.


  • The price-matched item must be identical to qualify for a price match and be in stock at Joann’s.
  • Additional limitations on price matching include:
    • Coupons are not used in conjunction with price matching.
    • Bulk orders and Joann+ items are exempt.
    • No Joann stores in Alaska price match.
    • Joann’s won’t order more to meet a price match if there is no stock.
    • No price matching on limited special offers, liquidation/closeout sales, etc.
    • No third-party retailer goods.

9. Lowe’s Companies Inc.

Lowe’s Companies Inc. is a home improvement chain store across the US and Canada, with approximately 2,200 retail outlets. They offer a price match service when you bring proof of the lower price to a physical store or contact customer services.


  • Lowe’s goes above and beyond the 14 days to claim the price adjustment. They allow you to bring the advertisement showing the lower price for up to 30 days after purchase.


  • The price match has limitations. Certain products sold by third parties are exempt from the price match.
  • The price to beat includes handling and shipping.

10. Michaels Stores Inc.

Michaels Stores Inc. is a chain of roughly 1,252 privately owned stores in the US and Canada. Focusing on the DIY arts, crafts, floral and wall decor, and framing market, they are one of the largest providers in the industry.


  • Not only does Michaels’s price match against Amazon, but they are also out to beat Amazon’s prices by taking off an additional 10% of the cost on price-matched items.
  • Michael’s offers before and after purchase price matching when you provide proof of the lower price.


  • Price matching is available for only 7 days after purchase.
  • Some of the other limitations on Michaels’s price matching guarantee include:
    • The item needs to be in stock.
    • The item must be identical.
    • Coupons do not combine with price matching.
    • Wholesale goods are exempted from price matching.
    • Special buys, closeout, liquidation sales, and any damaged, open package, or refurbished products are exempt from price matching.
    • Third-party retailers’ items are not eligible.

11. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is another chain with approximately 350 stores across the US. They focus on men’s, women’s, and children’s fashion.


  • Nordstrom offers a price match on items that Amazon sells for less. The benefit of Nordstrom is that you don’t need to purchase the item from Amazon first. They allow you to present the advertisement (or receipt) and receive a discount.
  • Nordstrom also actively looks for lower prices as a company and provides limited-time price matching options.


  • Lightning deals, flash sales, and third-party vendors are excluded from this price-matching service.
  • Other limitations on price matching include:
    • The item must be identical to qualify for price matching.
    • The item must be in-stock at Nordstrom and the competition.
    • Shipping offers, bulk buying, and gift card promotions are excluded.

12. Office Depot/Office Max

Although Office Depot (which merged with Office Max in 2013) specializes in office furniture and supplies, they also stock electronics, printing services, and more. They have approximately 1,154 stores across the states.


  • Office Depot/Office Max allows up to 14 days from purchase to claim a price match.
  • The process for price matching is simple. Take a digital or printed copy of the advertisement to a local store, and they will verify the cost and eligibility of the product.
  • If you’ve already purchased the item and discover a lower price, take your proof of purchasing with the advert, and they will refund the amount.


  • There are some limitations on the price matching services Office Depot provides, including:
    • Only new items are eligible for price matching. Refurbished, open packages and damaged items are not.
    • Products must be in stock and identical at Office Depot and the competitor.
    • No third-party sold products are eligible for price matching.
    • No holiday promotions are eligible for price matching.
    • Delivery and installation are not included in the price matching.

13. Staples

Staples is another chain of office supplies retailers. They offer printing and other services at some of their 1,040 stores across the US.


  • Staples offers a before and after price match option. Present the proof to your local store, and they will reduce the price accordingly.
  • If you’ve already purchased an electronic item, you have 14 days to price match and receive a refund. Other items are eligible for up to 30 days after purchase.


  • Some of the limitations on price matching include:
    • The item in question must be identical to the one stocked by Staples (brand, design, warranty, etc.).
    • Items need to be in stock at Staples and the competitor for a price match.
    • Some specials (opening, closeout, liquidation, and lightning deals) are not eligible for price matching.
    • Price matching is unavailable for auctions or third-party sellers through online marketplaces.
    • Shipping price matching is subject to terms and conditions.

Why Do Stores Offer Price Matching?

Although price matching seems like stores might make a loss, the reality is they don’t (in most instances).

Stores usually put a percentage mark-up on goods, so they cover their cost price and make a profit on the item.

When a store’s price matches, it reduces its profit margin, which, although not sustainable in the long run, is feasible in the short term for the benefits the store gains.

By treating the customer as their most important asset, a company that price-matches tells the customer that they care about their business enough to lose some profit to encourage the customer to return in the future.

The most significant boon that price matching provides a company is marketing and good publicity.

Why Don’t Stores Offer Price Matching Against Online Marketplaces?

Although many stores offer price matching against, they don’t usually honor price matching against items purchased on the Amazon Marketplace. Most stores also don’t price match against any third-party vendor.

The reason for this is that third-party vendors are often able to sell items for much less than a store can match. Items sold by third parties are also a “risk” as they might be damaged, refurbished, used, etc.

For these and other reasons, many stores won’t honor price matching to these vendors.

Is Price Matching Guaranteed?

Although many companies tote their price-matching policies, the reality is that stores have a lot of wiggle room for getting out of price-matching.

The reasons for stores avoiding price matching on products include:

  • Many stores won’t price match unless you provide a printed advert. While most stores allow you to bring a digital ad version, some stores require a hard copy from the competition.
  • The proximity of the retailer to the competition. Some stores won’t honor a price match if the competing stores are out of a certain radius from their stores.
  • The competition is online. Although many stores offer price matching to online platforms, many more stores do not. They can’t afford the low prices as they have buildings and other assets to maintain.
  • Some stores won’t price match against warehouse club membership deals. Exclusive deals available to club members are generally not honored in price matching.
  • Most stores don’t price match other specials, like limited time and stock, clearance, closing, liquidation sales, or other special discounts.

Although stores want your business, their fine print is exceedingly important when determining if you’ll receive a price match or not.

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