11 Insanely Easy DIY Projects Under $10

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We feel most DIY projects can cost you a ton when all is said and done- but believe it or not these DIY projects all cost just about ten dollars! They are not only affordable but seriously simple to complete. Even those on the lazy side of the road or the not so crafty will be able to finish most of these cute DIY projects in under an hour!

1. Classy, Clever And Green-Friendly: DIY Vintage Mason Jar

This elegantly awesome DIY Project is perfect for all sorts of home decorations to share the captured memories of your loved ones. It even smells delicious for a DIY project considering it’s less than $10 and green friendly! Click here or the image to go to Cori’s blog to full instructions!


Source: augandeverythingafter.blogspot.com

2. Embrace Your Inner Artist: DIY Sea-life Canvas Art Project

There is something down right relaxing about sea-life on the wall. The most important ingredients you will need to create your own art canvas is Mod Podge, a printer and glue. Once you tie it all together you have relaxing and inexpensive canvas artwork. You can start here reading the full DIY instructions at Kellie’s blog.

Source: nestofposies-blog.com

3. Radically Simple Elegance For Parties: DIY Confetti Tumblers

Instead of wasting $30 per cup, you can save the money and keep the cute cups to spruce up any house party. Look at you, Martha Stewart for only under $10!


Source: radicalpossibility.com

4. Absolutely Adorable DIY Fashion: Ombre Chevron DIY Necklace

This thrifty and fashionable DIY project that takes only minutes to create on your own. Just grab yourself some tooling foil and you’re past the hard part! Dig into the full guide on Abigail’s DIY blog, which by the way is packed full of clever, fast and cheap DIY projects to try out as well.

Source: muchmorethanthebirds.blogspot.fr

5. A Cute DIY Heart Sweater You’ll Actually Wear

Who pays over $100 for a sweater with fabric slapped on the chest these days? Sarah is paying her budgetista spirit forward to you and saved you $90 so you can sport this trendy DIY sweater. What you do is started with $9 Target Sweater and a cut out felt heart. Better go to Target before another do-it-yourself-er beats you to the money saving DIY isle!

Source: wearingitonmysleeves.com

6. Upgrade Your Mirror To Trendy With This Cheap And Easy DIY Spoon Mirror Project

This barely $9 DIY project offers huge value for what you get after you finish making it. The green friendly factor of using old plastic spoons is also a big plus! To get started you collect those plastic spoons to organize into a unique decoration that will leave any visitors wondering about the possibility of artistic genius. Not to mention it will make you smile every time you ‘reflect’ on how much money you saved.


Source: saversavvy.com

7. DIY Under $10 And Surprisingly Classy: DIY Capiz Shell Light Fixture For Any Room

Get the beach look for less than $10 with this incredibly ritzy Capiz Shell Chandelier DIY project. The secret to how cheap this DIY project is to use wax paper capiz shells instead of the real capiz shells. This clever choice will instantly save you about $100-200 if you were to buy it in a store! Click your way over to Mallory and Savannah’s blog to start DIY’ing this project!

Source: classyclutter.net

8. Instantly Adorable In Ten Minutes: DIY Agate Necklace Project

Glitter up your day with this stylish DIY necklace project. Creating this jewelry piece only takes 10 minutes and you’ll be back to your life making a fashion statement and not to mention for under $10 so you have extra money to spend on more fashionable DIY projects. Head on over to Sara’s place to read the instructions from her so you can get started on this cute and cheap DIY necklace project too!

Source: beautifullycontained.blogspot.com

9. Beautiful DIY Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub To Gift Or Keep Your DIY Hands Beautifully Soft

This clever DIY beauty mix will transform your hands into a silky soft dream even after the hardest DIY projects. Stephanie came up with seriously awesome DIY instructions here so you can start creating this hand scrub right away. Now you can give those hard working DIY hands a little scrub love!

Source: bystephanielynn.com


10. Stay Stylish On Sunny Days With This Dreamy DIY Beach Hat / Floppy Hat Project

It’s easy to show off beautiful skin and keep protecting it with these DIY Hat ideas. It only takes a little bit of tape, sewing and finding the right pattern pieces to make your own sun hat. You’ll be stylishness in the sun in no time, just head over to Pam’s surprisingly sunny DIY blog to read the instructions and grab her free patterns!

Source: veryirie.blogspot.com

11. Insanely Relaxing Spa Scrubbie And Bath Soak DIY Project To Make A Warm Bath Feel Fabulously Soothing Every Time

How do you make every bath as relaxing as a full spa experience? All you need to do is spend under $10 on ingredients, start lacing up that Spa Scrubbie and soaking the tea for your warm bath. Read the full DIY Spa Scrubbie and Bath Soak instructions from this wonderful blog run by Beverly.

Source: flamingotoes.com

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