How does it work? Big companies want you to come in and enjoy what they have to offer for the first time, or the hundredth. Companies are always giving away free stuff by mail to real people like you. Part of the Yo! Free Samples experience is trying all of the freebies before you buy them. And the this is exactly what companies want you do to, enjoy their free stuff so you come back and buy the full size version later! We put all these free stuff, coupons and money saving offers all in one easy place.

Feeling skeptical? Don’t worry, we were skeptical too. Now, every week we take photos of our mailbox. However, you must always be careful there are plenty of free sample scams. When in doubt stick with well known companies like Costco, Walmart, Target and so on.

Ready to save money? You can start sampling and couponing by finding offers on this website. Make sure to act quickly. Many times companies only have a certain number of free items to give away. After that supply is gone, it is gone. For free stuff by mail, allow 2 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Information about Yo! Free Samples

What people are saying:

My husband and I have had to cut back costs A LOT! Between healthcare costs, gas prices and my unemployment, we can’t afford to try new products sight-unseen–even if they would make our lives easier! But free samples give us an opportunity to try before we buy that lets us make sure that what we get will actually be what we want. it’s a HUGE improvement on our lives! I ALWAYS check for free samples before I buy a new product, or switch brand names now!
-Erica R. from Bloomington, IN

Being on a limited budget samples come in handy when you need a product and don’t have the money to buy them. I keep all my samples in a box. When I run out of something I just go to the box and usually have something I can use.
-Gardner D. from Los Angeles , CA

I love all the free samples I get. Helps me save money on things like shampoo, while giving me a chance to try new brands without having to shell out the money for a full-sized bottle!
-Jamie V. from New Lenox, IL