Coupon Tips & Policies

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In these days of extreme couponing, knowing a store’s policy is important – especially since, with the popularity of Extreme Couponing – some stores have made their policies tougher. Before bringing your coupon stash to the store, here are some tips on how stores typically deal with coupons.

Combining Coupons

Most don’t allow more than one coupon per item – and that includes a store coupon used with a manufacturer’s coupon.

National vs. Local Coupon Policies

Many national chains try to have consistent policies in every store but several give local owners the ability to change it or create their own policy. So just because the national website says one thing doesn’t mean it will apply locally.

Internet Coupons

For manufacturers’ coupons, you have a better chance of acceptance if there is a bar code on the coupon. Most national chain store coupons that you can print online will be accepted at the stores but some give local stores the option not to accept coupons printed from the internet.

Coupon Doubling/Tripling

Stores pretty much discontinued this practice, but if they do allow it, it’s generally with restrictions. They may limit the coupon amounts, exclude certain types of items, the total number of coupons you can use at a time or limit the total discount amount per sale (like up to 20% of total order).

Coupon Amount Limits/Overages

Many stores don’t allow a coupon to be for more than the amount of the product. Or, they’ll have a percentage limit. So if an item is $1 and you have a $2 coupon, you’ll only get $1 off or they’ll give you up to their percentage limit off. So if their percentage is 75%, your “rebate” for your $2 coupon would be 75 cents. However, some stores will apply “overages”. In this case, you’d get the item for free plus another $1 credit on your bill.

Here’s a list of some major national retailer coupon policies. For other retailers, look for their policies at the bottom of the page. If they don’t have a link to coupon policies, check the Help, Customer Service or FAQ links. And of course, you can always click on Contact to call or email them about their policies.


Coupon Policy –
Price Match Policy –


Well something funny is going on at Target. All the links to the coupon policy go to the promotions page. If we find it, we’ll post it but here’s a few other links for now:
Help Guide –
Price Match Policy –


Coupon Policy –


No coupon policy online, but found this August 2010 document. Would check with your local store.
Coupon Policy –
Help Guide –


Coupon Policy –
Help Guide – – help/contact


Coupon Policy –


Not much here for Kmart’s coupon policy so I’ve included the contact link.
Contact –