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yo free samples printable color pagesPrintable Coloring Pages

Nothing is much cheaper than a box of crayons to keep the kids busy. Add some free coloring pages and they have a whole afternoon of fun. And where do you get free coloring pages? Online, of course!

What’s nice about printable coloring pages is that you can print them on better quality paper than you find in coloring books. Plus, your child can select just the pictures or designs they want to color. No more wasted pages!

Where to find the best printable coloring pages? Well…I searched for “coloring pages” then visited and printed some samples from the top 10 that came up. Here are my reviews!

Free Printable Coloring Pages Site Reviews

Free Coloring Pages
Nice quality and size with many basic categories – just click on the page you want to color to print. Only gripe was that it printed “back” on my coloring page! You can also print game pages here. But skip the online coloring. They never loaded and my browser crashed. I was too chicken to play the free games…and anyway, I have them here on yoFreeSamples where I know they work!

Cartoon Jr
This site was kind of noisy and a little slow, but there were lots of popular/name brand categories like Hello Kitty, Pokeman, Star Wars, etc… The size and print quality (easy to find “print” button) were excellent though the lines are very thick. Pages were branded but in a tasteful way. There are also related sites for crafts, animals, classroom and so on that contain other freebie stuff for kids.

Coloring Pages
Very slow site with basic categories. Good prints but printed “back” button.

Good quality and selection that has Disney characters. Prints on just about the whole page but lines are kind of thick.  There’s a big “branding” graphic at the top. They have a color online feature that worked pretty well for about a minute…then it crashed and took me to the home page (maybe it’s just me…). If you ever get to finish an online coloring project, you can print it. Lots of offers here plus you can join a coloring club.

Coloring Castle
It was hard to find the free coloring pages there were so many ads. This was the only site that “printed” the pages as a PDF document. Nice if you want to save it to print again. The quality and print size was excellent. Basic but not “name brand” categories.

Coloring 2000
Lots of popular brands like Barbie and Bratz but had to scroll through a bunch of ads to get to the lists. The coloring pages come up in a pop-up window…but I couldn’t find the print button, so I just hit CTRL+P on my keyboard. Print quality was good but didn’t always fill the page.

Coloring Book Fun
Skip this one! Way too many ads and poor quality prints.

Not the most exciting site but the coloring pages were full size and good quality. This site uses Javascript to print so some of you may have some trouble.

Seemed to have the same stuff as the site, Coloring (above), for it’s coloring pages but contains a lot of crafts/activities for kids.

Coloring Book
Has some good brands like Piglet, Peter Pan, Captain America. You select the one you want to print and it appears in a pop-up/new browser window. Once you get past the GIANT SCARY AD that comes up first, you’ll get a good sized, quality coloring page. The only thing was that it printed 2 extra blank pages….

Other Ways to Find Free Coloring Pages

While I was doing my “research” I noticed in the search engine image results for coloring pages, lots of great coloring pages came up. When I looked at them on Google, it was a little frustrating getting to the actual page. So…I went to Bing to search since I read they had a new image search feature. Let me tell you, it’s great! Here’s a screenshot. But basically, once you select an image, you go to a nice browser window. When you click on one of the images, it takes you right to the site. Easy….

Free Printable Coloring Pages

Download Free Coloring Pages Now!

If you can’t wait to get some free coloring pages, we’ve got a few right here for you to download.  Click on the image to open full size in new browser window. Then, use your browser PRINT button to print.

Free Printable Coloring Page Christmas Ornaments Free Printable Coloring Page Christmas Tree Free Printable Coloring Page Cornucopia Free Printable Coloring Page Leaves
Free Printable Coloring Page Fireplace with Stockings Free Printable Coloring Page Pumpkin Free Printable Coloring Page Snowman and Child