FREE Stuff For Leaplings / Leap Day Today

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FREE Stuff For Leaplings / Leap Day Today

Is your birthday technically only every 4 years? Well you lucky dog you, you have 4 freebies you can reap on your birthday (in addition to you know, birthday freebies).

A list of free leapling stuff:

  1. Pizza Hut will Dish out a free one-topping Personal Pan Pizza to carryout customers with IDs showing they were born on leap day.
  2. The New Jersey-based Villa Italian Kitchen will give away free slices of pizza to leap day babies.
  3. McCalister’s Deli, based in Atlanta, Ga., will hand out free cookies to people born on Feb. 29.
  4. Leaplings dining at Hard Rock Cafe will be treated to a free entree from a special menu on Monday.

If you aren’t one of the lucky 200,000 Americans born on the leap day, then maybe just revisit these birthday freebies. Or check out these leap day specials:

  1. On Monday, Arby’s will offer a special vegetarian menu.
  2. Tacos Tu Madre, a taqueria in Los Angeles, will offer its Asada Tacos for 29 cents on leap day.
  3. Hungry Howie’s a pizza chain based in Michigan, will sell a large, one-topping pizza for 29 cents with the purchase of a regular-priced large pizza.
  4. Krispy Kreme on Monday, you can get a dozen original glazed donuts for $2.29 if you buy a dozen donuts.

Got anymore to add? Shoot me an email!

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by on February 29th, 2016