Business Closed On 7/18/17: FREE Cash For Eating Veggies, Working Out & Counting Calories From Pact App (Mobile Phone & Credit Card Required)

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I’ve been Pact for 2 months and now I feel comfortable sharing how cool it is to motivate you to eat veggies, work out or count calories. It basically allows you to make a pact of $5 to $50 for a task like eating a veggie or fruit and if you don’t follow through, you get charged whatever you waged ($5 to $50). That loss is what allows others to earn cash for being healthy. If you need a huge fire under your you-know-what then this is a great app for that. There are some short comings, the app is kind of clunky/buggy at times so if you want to give it a shot make sure you start small with 1-2 pacts the first week so you understand how it works.


Popular question: How do you prove you did stuff? For veggies + fruits you take photos, for counting calories you need to count 3 meals with over 1200 calories in any popular calorie counting app (MyFitnessPal) and the gym/work proof has multiple options but I don’t recommend their app as it’s inaccurate. I used a cheap $20~ Jawbone UP24 to count 10,000 steps and it syncs with Pact for the gym pact. FAQ for more info here. I am also using AchieveMint to earn additional points passively. It’s very easy to setup and after that you just collect points, I expect to earn $10 per year max which is nothing compared to Pact but hey it’s free money for being healthy on top of Pact, why not?

Personal update 5/17/17: Still going strong, $68.05 earned and paid out total so far.

Personal update 2/16/17: Got another $2.14 this week. Also I am using AchieveMint to earn additional points.

Personal update 2/11/17: Almost at $50, hit $43.53 this week. This is getting addicting to see $2.00~ each week show up for being healthy.

Personal update 12/21/16: I’m at $32.14 earned and have not lost a single “Pact” to myself yet. Checked out $15 and $10~ via PayPal without any issues. Usually came within the next day or same day as requesting payout. And beyond the free money benefits, my health is improving too which is priceless.

Personal report 10/4/16: Starting to earn $1-2 per week now that I have 20 activities per week. Overall I’ve earned $5.54 for 58 activities across the 2 months I’ve used it so far. I set my Pact’s all to $50 per activity. If I missed out on all 20 activities that is, $1000 lost. That big number scares the hell out of me so I just get out the door and do my Pact’s in fear (which is awesome). Having a higher number like $50 for your Pact also gives you more money at the end of each week which is another reason why I set the Pact so high. So far haven’t lost a Pact yet.
-John ‘Samples’ Clark

How to earn cash for being healthy:

  1. Download the app for iOS here or Android here.
  2. Register for an account and add your credit card to start your first pact when you are ready.
  3. Start working out, eating veggies and counting calories to start earning cash (or losing it if you fail your Pact).

* US Only. Limit one set per household. While supplies last. Please allow 4-10 weeks for delivery & processing. Samples may or may not come depending on if the company can fulfill the samples or any reason up to their discretion at all.

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