FAKE ALERT: All Offers From “Smplit” Are A Scam

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Smplit at first I thought it was a legit company like Sampler.io or SoPost which are startups that help big brands ship samples. However, upon further investigation, it appears to be tied to topsubscriptionboxes.co.uk, and the majority of the brands featured on the site do not even exist. These red flags clearly indicate that Smplit is a fake site and a potential scam, despite its impressive presentation. I have also tried to contact them without hearing anything back. Let’s dig into why this is a fake company.


Worried about your personal info? While these scams are often just a way to spam your email, stay vigilant. Always double-check links in emails from important companies like your bank, as you never know what scammers might do with your information.

Here are all the URLs for their known fake free sample offers at the time of this writing for reference, I urge you not to share your information with this website or visit it:

  • https://smplit.com/exrthx-mascara/
  • https://smplit.com/secret-key-lipstick/
  • https://smplit.com/victorias-fleur-body-mist/
  • https://smplit.com/spa-luxetique-body-cream/
  • https://smplit.com/spa-luxetique-shower-mousse/
  • https://smplit.com/cartoon-bear-dudu-fruit-lip-balm/

Let’s dig into why Smplit is a fake

  1. The biggest red flag is that Spa Luxetique is the only “real” brand, the rest of the products are brands that do not exist at all. Fake brands = fake company.
  2. The website’s code contains information connecting Smplit to a separate website called topsubscriptionboxes.co.uk, including shared Facebook and Twitter handles, which suggests that the two websites are closely related or owned by the same entity. This was specifically setup by the creator of the website, likely as an oversight but it exposes the connection regardless. This UK site seems to be a small time site trying to promote and make money off subscription boxes.
  3. The offers from late 2023 never arrived for anyone that I have polled in our Facebook group, nor did I receive it myself or any close freebie hunting friends/family. I also cannot see on Reddit or social media anywhere that anyone received it.
  4. The majority of the offers on Smplit link to “https://www.spaluxetique.com/pages/privacy-policy” for the first privacy policy link, indicating that the scammer is lazy and copy-pasting these pages without attention to detail. A legitimate company working with real big brands would have people from those brands quality-assuring the site and would not miss such details from my own experience working with larger companies.
  5. Additionally, the Smplit domain was registered on July 21, 2023, after being abandoned for a couple of years. While this alone isn’t a huge red flag, Smplit claims to have worked with over 160 brands, which would mean they have been onboarding nearly one major new brand each day since the domain registration (as of March 15, 2024). This is highly unlikely, and the fact that there are only 6 public landing pages on the site further emphasizes the discrepancy between their claims and reality, adding to the signs of a scam.
  6. The contact email listed in the footer of the Smplit homepage is [email protected], which is not only completely unrelated to the Smplit brand but also ties the website to a UK-based entity. This lack of attention to detail and inconsistency in branding is a common red flag among scam websites, as a legitimate company would ensure that their contact information is accurate and relevant to their brand.
  7. The three addresses listed for Smplit are highly suspicious and appear to be unrelated to the company. The USA address (544 Lockridge Ln, Lawrenceville, Georgia, 30046) is a residential property, the Canadian address (2643 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, British Columbia, V1X 7Y6) belongs to a furniture store, and the UK address (Unit G4, 38 ST James Street, Weston Super Mare, BS231ST) is a beauty spa. The residents of 544 Lockridge Lane might be in for a surprise if any mail for Smplit starts arriving at their doorstep!
  8. As a final confirmation of Smplit’s suspicious nature, I attempted to contact them at their listed email address ([email protected]) to request a comment on these findings. However, the email bounced back with an error message stating, “451 unable to verify user.” This suggests that the email address is not properly set up or monitored, which is highly unusual for a legitimate business. A genuine company that “works with 160+” brands would likely want a working email.
  9. There are many more red flags and they keep appearing the deeper you dig. I think this is sufficient evidence to make anyone not want to touch this website with a ten foot pole.

Based on this evidence, we can confidently say that Smplit is a fake company and merely out to use and abuse your personal information. Avoid it at all costs. If you’ve already signed up, just be cautious about clicking any links or providing personal information but ultimately it looks to be operated by a small time non-malicious grifter that just wants to make money from your info. Either way don’t expect anything to ship from this company. Stay safe out there, freebie hunters!

-John ‘Samples’ Clark

FAKE ALERT: All Offers From “Smplit” Are A Scam

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