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There are currently tons of free stickers, decals, clings, magnets or other generally sticky promotional products you can claim for free online to receive in your mailbox at home. This list is meant to be thorough and cover all of them, let us know if we missed one. Don’t expect to get every single one because sometimes companies run out of stickers. Most of these free stickers are focused on the USA only.


Browse the list of free stickers and other sticky things below. What will you slap your free stickers on?

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These offers are no strings attached free stickers. In some cases they may expire or charge shipping, in which case they aren’t free and should be removed from the list. I may not always check the entire list every time I update this post, if you notice any expired please contact me so I can remove them ASAP. I do not the ship stickers you must sign up for them on your own. Thank you.

-John ‘Samples’ Clark

* Most of these free sticker offers are for the US Only or select US states. There is usually a limit of one free sticker per household. While sticker supplies last. Sticker offers may or may not come depending on if the company can fulfill the stickers or any reason up to their discretion at all.

All About Getting Free Stickers Online

Stickers are a great way to decorate, and they’re even better when you get them for free. Free stickers are actually a lot easier to find than you might think.

That’s why we created our list of places where you can find them.

Lots of companies offer them as some sort of promotional device. But, if you’re just looking for some free decorations, you don’t have to get anything other than the sticker.

To get a free sticker, you’ll need to complete whatever the company has set as their requirements. That could be as simple as sending them an email. About 50% of the time, you’ll get the sticker that you ordered. Other times they may not be sent to you, or they could even get lost in the mail. At worst, it could be a phishing attempt. That’s why our list only includes genuine offers. That way, you can easily find an offer that’s worthwhile.

What Countries Are Able to Get Free Stickers?

The first thing on most people’s minds is whether they’ll qualify. Not everyone can order stickers for free. Most of the time, companies won’t ship them unless you happen to live in the US.

All of the options we put in our list are meant for US residents. Anyone living elsewhere must check with the companies to see whether they’ll qualify. Sometimes, companies might offer to ship them to other places.

However, when you compare all the different offers, something is pretty obvious. Most of these offers are only valid for people who live within the US.

How Do You Get Free Stickers or Magnets Online?

What do you need to do so you can take advantage of these offers? Well, the rules vary depending on which one you’re talking about. A lot of the time, companies want you to fill out a form on their website. Calling them is also pretty common. We’ve listed the rules for all of our offers on the list. That way, you won’t have to wonder what’s needed.

What Are the Most Common Types of Free Sticker Offers?

Free sticker offers come in a variety of flavors. Some of them are more common than others. Among the most common, email offers ask you to simply give them your email address. Then, you’ll get something sent to you in the physical mail.

Some magazines and catalogs may include mail-in offers. Finally, online forms have made a resurgence in recent years.

Why Do Companies Offer Free Stickers?

What would make a company give something away for free? Well, in most cases, it’s because they’re trying to get your attention. You may not have heard about them if they didn’t put out such an offer. Other times, they may be trying to gather some information. These offers require that you submit your info to them before they’ll send you anything.

How Long Do Free Sticker Offers Last?

Each offer has a set time limit before it expires. Some of them may expire in as little as 24 hours. At the same time, there are other offers with much longer time limits. Check out our list to see what’s going on right now. We’ve put all our offers’ time limits together in an easy-to-digest format.

Do You Have to Pay for Shipping?

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t have to pay for shipping with these offers. Some of them may still require that you pay for shipping, though. To be sure, look at our list of offers. If you’d have to pay for shipping, we’ve noted that on the list.

Do You Ship Free Stickers?

We don’t ship the stickers to you ourselves. Each of the offers will be sent by the company that created it. You’ll need to complete whatever requires they’ve made, and then they’ll put it in the mail. Most of the time, companies like to use the USPS. Priority mail can arrive at your home within just a couple of days.

What Is SASE?

SASE is an abbreviation that stands for ‘self-addressed stamped envelope.’ These are envelopes that companies will ask you to send them if you’d like to claim their offer. A SASE is simply an envelope with your address on it, along with a stamp. If a company asks for one, you’ll have to make it yourself. Take an envelope, and write all your info down on it. Then, slap a stamp on it. Put that inside of another envelope. Finally, send it to the company at the address that they’ve given you.

Do Some Stickers Have Shipping Costs?

Most stickers won’t cost much of anything to ship. A lot of companies will ask you to send them an envelope with a stamp. So, you’d just have to cover the cost of that. In other instances, they’ll ship it to you without charging anything.

Can You Email or Call Companies to Get Free Stickers?

Yes, lots of companies offer free stickers to people who call or email them. These offers change all the time. If you’d like to take advantage of one of them, check out our list. We’ve included a ton of different stickers you can get for free by sending an email. We’ve also put together a bunch of them you can get by simply placing a call.

Does This List Include Digital Stickers, Like on WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, we’ve only included things that are really sticky. Digital stickers aren’t something we’ve put on our list. However, if you’d like a physical sticker, we’ve gathered a ton of offers on our list.

What Major Companies Have Offered Stickers in the Past?

It’s tough to list all the companies that have offered stickers for free. Zumiez and Patagonia have both been known to put out offers from time to time. In-n-Out Burgers also has some offers. We’ve always enjoyed the stickers that Vineyard Vines produces too. Our list has a bunch of different offers, categorized by company.

Can You Make Your Own Free Stickers With Templates?

There are tons of templates online out there, but none here, sorry!

Do Stores Give Out Free Stickers in Person? If so, What Stores Have Free Stickers?

Most stores seem to prefer holding out their giveaways online. However, it isn’t unheard of for companies to give out free stickers in person. Most of them still don’t announce when they’ll be holding these evens ahead of time, though. Walmart has given out some of them in the past. We’ve got a list with some companies that have given them out before. Check it out to see if there’s anything going on near you soon.

Can You Get Free Stickers From Patagonia?

Patagonia does a lot more than just make awesome clothing. They’ve also got some pretty sweet stickers if you can catch the deals at the right time. Look at our list to see whether Patagonia is giving anything away now.

Can You Get Free Stickers From Android?

Android also gives away free stickers occasionally. They’ve created some online forms before, where all you had to was fill them out. As long as you completed their forms, they’d send you a few stickers without charging you a dime. Our list has all of Android’s latest offers if that’s something interesting to you.

Can You Get Free Stickers From Apple?

Apple doesn’t seem like they enjoy giving anything away for free. That said, there have been a few times when they’ve given out free stickers. They’ve been huge fans of using giveaways to gather customer information. Look at our updated list to see when they’re planning on hosting their next giveaway.

Can You Get Free Stickers From Vans?

Vans shoes are among the world’s most well-known skate shoes. They’ve created an iconic image that’s easy to recognize. If you’re a huge fan of those shoes, you might like one of their stickers as well. Any Vans offers we find will be sent straight to our list. So, if you’d like to hear about them first, check out that list often.

Can You Get Free Stickers From Zumiez?

Free stickers from Zumiez are some of our favorites. This hip skate store is super popular for its clothing. But, in our opinion, their stickers might be even better. Anyone who is interested in some free Zumiez stickers should take a peek at our list. If they’ve put out an offer, you’ll find out about it there.

Can You Get Free Stickers From Backcountry?

Backcountry is a familiar brand for anyone who spends time in the great outdoors. They’ve made a name for themselves by creating some of the best outdoor gear around. Now, if you’d like to show off something from them, you can use one of their stickers. Our list has more details.

Can You Get Free Stickers From Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola might be the biggest name on our list to offer free stickers regularly. They’ve got brand recognition that’s off-the-charts, so those stickers ought to be recognizable. We’ll always keep Coca-Cola’s most recent offers listed on our website.

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