Best Walmart In-Store Inventory Checker Options

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Have you made a trip to your local Walmart only to find that the products you were looking for were out of stock? This can be frustrating if you collect coupons and plan your shopping trips based on current in-store promotions. Using an inventory checker can help ensure the products you want to buy are stocked at your local store.


Our list of the 6 best Walmart in-store inventory checker options:

Key Takeaways

  • Only a few inventory checker tools help you check the inventory at your local Walmart store.
  • Besides the Walmart store finder and Walmart app, Brickseek is one of the only other tools to check stock.
  • Some inventory checkers are not free and may require you to sign up for a membership to use them.
  • Some inventory checkers can display inaccurate inventory results, and most inventory results fluctuate.
  • The best way to check for the stock is still by visiting a Walmart store.

How To Check Walmart In-Store Inventory?

Using an inventory checker to check the in-store stock at Walmart can help save you time and money. While only a few inventory checkers are reliable and easy to use, using these can make your shopping trips more successful.

If you’re serious about couponing, you also know how important it is that every stop at Walmart counts! Keeping coupons and accessing the latest promotions through an inventory checker is a great way to get the best deals and a few freebies.

Suppose you’re not into couponing and want a specific product at Walmart. In that case, an inventory checker can help with showing what items are in stock at your store or stores nearby.

Store Finder On Walmart’s Website

The most popular and free method of finding products in stock at Walmart is through Walmart’s Store Finder search. This search function allows you to find the stores closest to you and check if the products you want to purchase are in stock.

Once you select the store via the store finder, you can search for the products you would like to purchase. Useful information like the aisle the products are found in and delivery and shipping options are also displayed when selecting the product.

Although the number of items in stock is not displayed, the store finder does show all the available products in your local store.

The Walmart App

The Walmart app allows you to shop via the app for delivery or for your shopping to be collected at your nearest Walmart store. The Walmart app is available on the Google play store and the Apple app store. The app displays weekly savings and store maps and allows you to create shopping lists. This inventory checker also has a built-in barcode scanner to check prices and stay on budget.


With the Walmart app, you can manage payment methods and check inventory at your local store. The store maps locate your nearest stores and help you navigate the aisles. The most significant benefit of using this app is contact-free check out with your phone.

The Walmart app is an easy way to check if your nearest store has sufficient inventory of the products that you’re looking for. It’s free to download and has some of the best built-in features compared to other retail apps.

Brickseek Inventory Checker

Brickseek is a tool to check inventory in stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Macy’s, and Target. In addition, you can search for clearance sales and sales in your local stores. Brickseek uses software and product codes like SKUs and UPCs to find specific products and discounts on items in stores and online.

Brickseek saves you time and money by displaying the inventory of some of the most popular retailers. Brickseek has a few membership options, including a free plan for those who only use the application now and then. Their premium membership which generally goes for $9.99, is for those who shop regularly and want access to early deals and discounts.

Their final plan, the extreme deal hunters, is for those who want the best deals and are couponers. This plan gives you the best deals on clearance items and discounts, and early access to all of these. This plan is generally $29.99.

Brickseek uses a specific search function where you can look for trending online and in-store deals and local stores that have products in stock and the best deals on items.


Call Your Local Walmart Store

Calling your Walmart store is one of the quickest ways to check the inventory at your store. If you call your Walmart store, they should be able to tell you if they have stock of a specific product and how many items are left on the shelf. This is easy to do and can save you from unnecessarily visiting Walmart for products they may not have in stock.

Calling your Walmart store is also a great way to check when new stock will arrive at your store. You could even inquire about them keeping products for you when stock arrives.

Stocktrack Inventory Checker (Canada)

Stocktrack inventory checker is not as well-known as other inventory trackers, likely because it only works for Canada. However, Stocktrack is free to use and lists helpful information like trending Walmart products and price drops on products. Stocktrack covers a range of retailers like Staple, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. You can search for a product by typing in the product name or the UPC or SKU code.

You can also search for products by location or by store number. This site is easy to use but lacks an efficient display compared to other inventory checkers. However, if you’re looking for a free tool that you may use once in a while, then Stocktrack is a great site to look for deals and product inventory.

Checking Stock At Your Local Walmart

Checking your local Walmart store for inventory may be your last resort, but it is still one of the best ways to check which items are in stock. You can also enquire about products that are out of stock and when they will be restocked again. If your friends or relatives shop at Walmart, they could check the inventory at Walmart for you on their next shopping trip.

We all want to save, and saving on groceries can make a big difference when your next paycheck seems far away. In addition, using an inventory checker can save you time, money, and gas by not going to a store to check which items are in stock.

While inventory checkers are great at making your life easier, are they reliable, and do they reflect accurate pricing of products online and in-store?


How Accurate Are Walmart Inventory Checkers?

Inventory checkers are generally accurate but not entirely accurate. Most consumers report that the accuracy fluctuates when using inventory checkers. The safe way to use these tools is to assume that if a product is listed at 5 or fewer items, it’s more than likely sold out by the time you want to purchase it.

Other tools like Brickseek may be slightly inaccurate at times but generally provide the most up-to-date inventory results. These tools have to refresh the stock across thousands of stores every day which can be expensive and costly, so that is why their information maybe out of date or inaccurate at times.

Does Brickseek Inventory Checker Have An App?

Brickseek is available in an app that can be downloaded via the Google play store and the Apple app store. You don’t need an account with Brickseek to download the app and see featured deals. However, there may be some limitations on using the app without an account with Brickseek. The app also comes with push notifications to access new deals.

Are Paid Inventory Checkers Worth It?

You may have access to more deals, clearance sales, and discounts with paid versions of inventory checkers. Although this type of membership may be unnecessary if you aren’t a weekly shopper and more of a monthly shopper. The Walmart website and app are free to use and work just as well as some paid inventory checkers.

If you’re looking to get access to deals and inventory across many stores, then paid inventory checkers like Brickseek may be perfect if you’re serious about saving.

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