11 Walmart Hacks For Unbeatable Savings

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With some of the lowest prices around, it may seem that Walmart’s prices couldn’t get any lower. Here are a few tips for driving the prices down even lower when shopping at Walmart.


1. Utilize the Walmart Savings Catcher App.

Download Walmart’s Saving Catcher App to your iPhone or Android in order to take advantage of Walmart’s best deals. You can also do it on their Savings Catcher website. The app collects specials running at other stores and allows the customer to get the best price at Walmart no matter what, even if the price on the item at Walmart isn’t the lowest. Walmart ensures that their prices are the lowest in the game by comparing the price of the purchased item to that item’s price at other stores, then driving down the item’s price to that lowest price available. The Savings Catcher app works after the item has been purchased. The customer scans the barcode at the bottom of their Walmart receipt with the Savings Catcher app, allows the app to compare the prices and receives the difference if lower prices are available at other stores.

Walmart Savings Catcher App
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2. Understand the limitations of the Savings Catcher App before using it.

Of course, the Savings Catcher App comes with some limitations. A customer can scan up to seven Walmart receipts per week using the app. Some items are banned from the app’s comparison tool, including items on certain in-store specials, produce, meat and some other foods with expiration dates.

3. Time is money, so don’t waste it in a Walmart crowd.

Walmart Crowd
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Many shoppers refrain from shopping at Walmart because the stores are always filled with people. That said, it’s good to know the best time of day to shop at any Walmart stores to avoid the crowds, have a quick checkout and take advantage of the store’s fresh stock. Walmart finishes stocking their stores each morning at 7 a.m. With that in mind, the range of 7:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. is a time to shop at Walmart stores.

4. Know that Walmart is one of the few stores that offers overage.

Overage is a golden word in the money-saving word. Here’s how it works: the shopper has a coupon. The item listed on the coupon is on sale in the Walmart store that day. The shopper buys that on-sale item with the coupon and receives the extra cash back from Walmart. When overage occurs on a purchase, the shopper gets paid to take the item from the store. This cash can go toward the entire purchase or can go into the shopper’s pocket.

5. Remember that Walmart does not offer store coupons.

Unlike other stores of its kind, Walmart shoppers will never find in-store flyers with coupon cut-outs galore. For this reason, it’s important for shoppers to use cut-out and printable manufacturer coupons when shopping at Walmart in order to drive item prices down lower.

6. When using outside coupons, understand Walmart’s complicated coupon policies.

Walmart takes many coupons but the store also has several limitations. However, at this time, Walmart does not accept print-at-home coupons that do not require a purchase to use the coupon, competitor coupons or checkout coupons that take a certain out-of-pocket amount off an entire quantity. Additionally, Walmart only allows one coupon per item, so it’s important to choose the coupon with the best value.

7. Utilize manufacturer coupons that have other store names listed on them.

Some stores pay to have their names on manufacturer coupons. For instance, a coupon for $1.99 peanut butter may read, “Use this coupon at your local Rite Aid store.” However, that store listing on the manufacturer coupon does not mean the shopper is limited to using that coupon at the store listed. A manufacturer coupon applies to the product and item in question no matter what, even if a store advertises their name on a coupon. This means that the peanut butter coupon with Rite Aid’s store name on it can work for the same brand and type of peanut butter at Walmart or any other store as long as the coupon is used within its restrictions.

8. Have a thorough understanding of the Walmart coupon policies before getting in line to check out.

Walmart cashiers can receive punishment from management staff for accepting coupons that do not align with the store’s coupon policies. For this reason, cashiers at Walmart have been known to put their feet down, declining coupons that they feel uncertainty toward. Most often, a cashier will call a manager during times of uncertainty, which can work to a Walmart shopper’s benefit who knows the store’s coupon policies very well.


9. Heads up: Walmart cashiers are more likely to call their supervisors to the check-out line for one reason.

Walmart shoppers using more than one coupon may run into the cashier calling a manager or supervisor in the middle of the transaction, slowing the process. This occurs due to one major part of Walmart’s coupon policy. When a customer wishes to use 4 or more coupons during a single transaction, a manager must approve the purchase. Also, when a single coupon amounts to $5 or more, a customer arrives with fifty dollars or more in coupons or the coupons allot a percentage off the entire sale, the cashier will also call a supervisor to the line.

10. Ask for a rain check when the item you want to purchase at Walmart is out of stock.

Walmart Raincheck

Few stores offer rain checks today. Walmart is still churning them out for customers at their Customer Services desk at the front of their stores. When an item in question is out of stock in the store, the shopper can ask for a rain check so they can come back and purchase that item at the same price available to them that day when the item is back in stock.

11. Request rain checks for out-of-stock items on sale.

Many shoppers wishing to save additional money at Walmart forget to take advantage of the rain check’s multiple purposes. If an item is out of stock because it’s on sale and prior shoppers have already taken advantage of the sale, the shopper can ask for a rain check in order to take advantage of the sale later on when the item is back in stock. Rain checks are also useful to request when a shopper doesn’t necessarily need an on-sale item at that moment in time but feels a sense of loyalty to that product. When the item returns, the rain check allows the shopper to purchase that item at the sale price.

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