Secret Walmart Clearance & Shopping Hacks

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When it comes to convenience, Walmart takes the cake when you need to get a lot of shopping done in one trip. Shopping savvy and understanding the store ensures an ideal and efficient experience, whether you want to grab some buy-one-get-one-free offers, deeper discounts, discover hidden clearance sales, or save time. That said, here are some tips and hacks to getting the best deals from Walmart.


The best 8 Walmart tips and hacks to get the best deal shopping online are below, read on to see the full list.

Key Takeaways

  • Scanning item barcodes with the Walmart app is the easiest way to find hidden clearance items that are not yet shared with the public or displayed online.
  • There are many ways to take advantage of Walmart gift cards, including getting discounts on gasoline at selective gas stations. In addition, various coupons may even give you cashback in your pocket!
  • Searching for deals or simply typing in “Clearance” on will help you skip straight to the items that are currently undergoing a clearance sale and help you navigate through each item before hunting them down in-store.

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The Best Tips And Hacks To Getting The Best Deals In Walmart

Walmart is known for offering rock-bottom prices on nearly anything you need for your house, whether it’s groceries, baby supplies, or sporting goods, so it may come as a surprise that there are ways to save even more cash at this big-box retailer.

However, with passionate bargain hunters always on the lookout for the next “shopping hack” to help them save money, you might be amazed at how many “sneaky” ways you might leverage their findings to help save money. When you discover these Walmart shopping tips, you can save more than just money. Savings can sometimes take the shape of time.

So it’s crucial to know how to get in and out quickly, or even better, skip the aisles and lines altogether when your life is stressful, and the notion of negotiating the “warzone” made up of the occasionally dubious People of Walmart overwhelms you. As a result, starting with getting Walmart coupons to get gasoline, here’s how you can get more for less with Walmart.


1. Use Walmart Gift Cards To Get Gasoline

There are arguments against large stores like Walmart, but it’s difficult to disagree with the store’s consistently cheap pricing if you’re on a budget. If you buy wisely, the low prices apply to fuel as well. All Murphy USA gas stations (many of which are located in or near Walmart parking lots across the United States) feature special promotions for Walmart regulars throughout the year.

All you need is a Walmart gift card or credit card to pay for your fuel purchase to get the discounted price. While the amount of the discount changes based on the deal, it usually is around three cents per gallon.

So here’s the thing: if you have a Walmart credit card, use it whenever you need gas at Murphy’s station. Furthermore, you don’t need to apply for a new Walmart credit card if you don’t have one in your wallet. Instead, buy a gift card at the checkout counter the next time you are shopping at the large box retailer.

As a result, stop by Murphy USA and use your gift card the next time you need to fill up with gas. It’s as simple as that – you get an automatic discount — it doesn’t get any easier than that.

2. Know When Walmart Toys Get Discounts

Walmart clearance toys are one item to watch for when shopping. Toys lose their appeal quickly, and someone is constantly throwing a birthday party, so why not stock the toy cupboard on the go?

Starting between mid-December and July — when most clearance discount rates start to rise — you can get fantastic toy deals on Walmart clearance toys, with savings up to 90% off the original price.


For example, shoppers could get a Laugh & Learn Lil Gamer Toy for $3.87 (was $9.99), a Tonka Hard Hat Playset for $5.67 (was $28.95), a Play-Doh Kitchen Set for $5.81 (was $14.96), and a Melissa & Doug Doctor’s Office Set for $19.15 (was $79.99) last year in December, just to name a few.

In addition, toys left over at the end of the sale will be discounted by 90%. However, this is a relatively limited selection. Although you could acquire toys for 90% off, I recommend getting them for 75% off, so you have a more extensive selection.

3. Walmart App Finds Hidden Clearances

It’s time to download the Walmart app to your phone if you haven’t already. This nifty little app can help you find hidden clearance sales in your local Walmart stores. In addition, you can also shop online or in a local store for pickup or delivery.

You’ll get alerted of savings and specials in either scenario (you can see your local store’s weekly advertisements by tapping the “services” option within the app), and you could get early access to unique seasonal offerings.

Another feature that makes the Walmart app so valuable is that it might save you time. You may avoid going to the shop and spending time wandering the aisles by purchasing online or arranging for pickup from your local Walmart.

Plus, when you place more orders, you may add products to your favorites list, making it easier to reorder goods you’ve already purchased. If you’re shopping in-store, you can use the app’s barcode scanner to verify and compare pricing, making it easier to price match goods to whatever you’ve found.

Furthermore, when searching in-store for hidden clearance goods, unmarked discount products are more challenging to discover, but they’re typically fantastic bargains that only a few people know. Items whose prices have been decreased by the corporate office but whose price tags have not been altered on the shelves to the markdown price are hidden clearance bargains.


Start by accessing your Walmart app to look for hidden clearance discounts. Then, at your local Walmart, scan the price tag on any item on the shelf.

If the price on the app is lower than the price in the shop, the store must honor the app’s pricing. Therefore, the same price should be rung up at the registers compared to the Walmart app. However, from retailer to retailer, keep in mind that these prices might vary; thus, buying an identical item at a different store does not guarantee that the price will be the same.

As a result, you can set the Walmart app to be the specific store that you are shopping at, and this way, you would be able to see accurate prices.

4. Search Online For Walmart Clearance Sales

Searching the Walmart website for the most incredible discounts might become tedious. But did you know that you may narrow your search to only reduced items?

Simply put “clearance” into the search field at to locate the hidden clearance bargains on the website. Every on-sale item on the website will appear in a flash. Additionally, you may filter your search in the sidebar if you’re looking for anything special.

You may also look for things on clearance in a specified price range. For instance, if you’re looking for things on discount for $10 or less, put “clearance under $10” into the search field. In addition, I propose going to “Retailer” and selecting Walmart from the drop-down menu. It gives just Walmart-sold and-shipped items. You may also select “Clearance” from the “Special Offers” menu.

An excellent example of when to take advantage of clearance sales is decoration clearance sales. Start shopping a year ahead to find the best deals on Christmas decorations. Walmart starts selling last season’s décor for at least 50% off as they’re trying to clear the shelves for the next holiday (and the discounts go up from there the farther out you get from the holiday).

Walmart’s Christmas clearance, for example, will begin the day following the holiday. Walmart’s Christmas sale begins on December 26 at 50% off and rises to 75% off between December 31 and January 10. By January 11, the Christmas clearance will have reached 90% off.

In addition, you can also save a lot of money on holiday-related things other than decorations. For example, many budget hunters have been using Valentine’s Day candy for Easter for the past few years. My advice is to get the less-than-holiday-looking products so that you may reuse them.


Lastly, if you don’t find what you want on Walmart’s website, we monitor Walmart deals and specials all the time on our Walmart deals section.

5. Walmart Online Has Free Shipping

It’s not uncommon for huge companies like Walmart to offer free delivery to consumers who spend a certain amount, but the free shipping generally comes with strings attached. Purchase criteria, for example, are often in the $50 to $100 range, and they usually only apply to standard delivery, which takes five to seven business days.

However, Walmart offers a special deal to compete with Amazon Prime’s two-day free delivery policy (as seen by their website’s emphasis on “no membership required” while outlining their shipping policy). So when shopping online, as long as you spend at least $35, you will automatically receive free two-day delivery, and depending on where you live, you may even be eligible for free next-day shipping.

You can still get free delivery on any goods that don’t qualify for two-day shipping, but it will take longer — generally three to five days.

6. Know When And How Markdowns Happen

Believe it or not, Walmart’s markdown system has a method to the madness. These white, yellow, and orange price tags that indicate various things don’t seem systematic, but there is more to it than what meets the eye. Knowing the method might also assist you in determining when to buy if you’re waiting for the most incredible offer on a specific item.

So, to begin, the last number on a Walmart price tag shows whether the price is the original, if it’s been marked down once, or if it’s at its absolute lowest (last) discount. As a result, items ending in a “5” have been marked down once. But, at the same time, those ending in a “7” have been marked down twice.

In addition, the tags conclude in a “1” or a “0” that you should be on the lookout for when shopping. Of course, you won’t find a better deal than these prices since they represent a product’s ultimate reduction. However, if you combine them with a manufacturer’s discount or a price match, you might be able to get an item at a genuinely unbelievable bargain.

7. Use A Variety Of Coupons

Couponing is an art form, and those who master it may save astronomical sums of money on regular purchases. Knowing how to do it well is the key. For example, knowing Walmart’s unique specials and keeping a watch on the manufacturer’s coupons — which may be obtained in places like weekly circulars, the mail, and manufacturer websites — are crucial to saving money at Walmart.

Walmart’s coupon policy will take any valid (unexpired) manufacturer coupon. So, if a manufacturer’s coupon is included in another grocery store’s circular, you may clip those coupons and apply them at Walmart. Walmart offers a genuinely unique money-saving option when coupons are worth more than the merchandise sold.

For example, if a Lysol product usually is $3, but Walmart is selling it for $1, and there’s a $2 manufacturer’s coupon, the discount effectively reduces the sale price to -$1.

Walmart’s approach in these situations is to apply the “overage” to the overall cost of your basket (applying the leftover discount to everything you’re buying), but what if your coupon discounts total more than the basket’s cost? Then, they’ll refund your money. So, in theory, couponing at Walmart may net you a profit.

It’s worth noting that Walmart does not accept digital coupons that must be scanned with your phone. So to get the bargains, you’ll have to print or clip them, regrettably. And obviously this won’t work online and only works in-stores.

8. Early Bird Meat And Bakery Savings

If getting the most incredible bargains on food essentials is vital, you may need to modify your schedule to go shopping early in the morning, about 8 am. Walmart’s meat section, according to GoBankingRates, marks down their meat first thing in the morning.

As a result, this reduced meat isn’t past its prime — but meat doesn’t last forever, so it’s a chance for customers to get some fantastic prices while clearing the way for fresher pieces. And it’s not only the meat section that offers early-morning savings.

When the bakery department marks down its day-old bread and baked goods to make room for the current day’s selection of bagels, fresh bread, donuts, and pastries, this is also the time when the bakery department marks down its day-old bread and baked goods. So, if you’re not sure where to look for the day-old (but still delicious!) bread, ask at the bakery counter; they’ll be pleased to assist you.

What Is an Essential Item That I Should Skip At Walmart?

Walmart has some great deals, but not every item is worth buying. For example, organic milk is a critical component to avoid next time. Several establishments, such as Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, offer better prices on this item than your local Walmart.

The same may be said for other specialist things that aren’t necessarily purchased regularly. So do your homework and price check online to ensure that you don’t waste money on your next shopping run.

Does Walmart Give Money Back From Price Drops?

Walmart does indeed give money back on price drops. So, for example, let’s assume you buy something on Tuesday and discover that the price has been reduced on Friday.

You can request that the shop pay you for the difference if you still have your sales receipt. Therefore, this hack will work on any item only if it drops in price within seven days after your purchase. So to get a few extra bucks back, it’s best to keep an eye out!

Is There A Way To Skip Walmart Shipping Costs?

When shopping online, setting your shopping cart for pickup instead of shipping can save you unnecessary shipping costs! In addition, your weekly shopping just got a whole lot easier if you live near a Walmart that offers free food pickup.

Filling up a digital basket and snatching online sales is simple, but this is the solution for you if you don’t want to deal with a possible delivery cost. Pick up your items for free curbside and let someone else do the shopping for you. This hack promises to give you the best of both worlds in terms of time and money savings. Especially now that Walmart is doing away with the pickup towers in-store.

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