Best Gift Ideas For Hair Stylists / Hair Dressers

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Treating your hairstylist with a gift for the holidays, their birthday, or just to say thank you will make them feel special and appreciated. They are the ones that pamper and make you look beautiful, so why not acknowledge how important they are to you.


The 18 best gift ideas for hair stylists and other hair professionals are below.

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Key Takeaways

  • The cost and type of gift should depend on the relationship between stylist and client. If you have only known the hairdresser for a short while, the gift will be less personal than for the hairdresser you have been going to for years.
  • The size of the gift will depend on the occasion, like for a birthday, the gift will be more substantial than for the holidays, or just a simple thank you gift.
  • Don’t buy any salon equipment or hairdresser tools. These are very personal and are usually purchased by the stylist from salon suppliers.
  • You can gift the stylist something for the salon or an item they can take home.

What To Gift A Hair Stylist?

Hair stylists can become good friends, and the friendship may last for years. Most women keep looking until they find a stylist who best cuts and styles their hair. They will continue to support this stylist as long as they deliver a good service.

So, choosing a gift is not too difficult. During the many salon appointments and endless chats, you will know a lot about the stylist. Gifts can be personalized, functional, or fun items to display in the salon. Give a gift that fits the occasion.

1. Hand And Foot Care Gift Set

Hair stylists are on their feet for most of the day. A gift of soothing foot lotion and heel balm to soothe and pamper the feet will be a most welcome gift. A hair stylist’s hands are always on show as they trim and style hair.


Lovely, scented moisturising hand cream and balm will keep the hands soft and looking well groomed. Lotions made from bee wax, essential oils, natural butter, and raw honey are the best indulgent for hands and feet.

Place these items in a lovely gift box. Add a bamboo nail brush and natural lava pumice stone, and you have a beautiful, boxed gift for your hairstylist.

2. A Hairdresser Name Sign

Create a personalized name sign for a hairstylist to display at their workstation in the salon. You can make the sign yourself or order it online. If you choose to be inventive and take the DIY option, use a piece of wood for the sign.

Paint the wood in a color of your choice and add the stylist’s name and a funny picture or cartoon with a hairdressing theme. You can use a stencil for the name.

A peel-on sticker is also an option instead of painting on the wood. Make the sign stand-alone by placing it against a small easel-type stand.

3. A Mug Or Water Bottle With Funny Hairdresser Quote

Hairdressers drink a fair amount of coffee or tea and usually plenty of water. A lovely mug in a fun shape or with a printed fun quote is always a welcome gift.


There are so many different styles. Choose the one that best fits the stylist’s personality.

A mug with a handle in the shape of a scissor or a mug with a quote about hair salons will be a good idea for a gift.

For drinking water, opt for a stainless-steel tumbler and straw. They come in various beautiful colors and patterns. Keeping hydrated is essential for stylists, and with these gifts, they can do it with style!

4. Dried Fruit And Nuts Gift Basket

Fill a flat basket tray with an assortment of dried fruit and nuts. These on-the-go power foods will be ideal for the busy stylist who often won’t find time for a meal. You can order the hamper online, buy from a store, or you could assemble it yourself.

Choose boxes of nuts like almonds, pecans, pistachios, and macadamias. Packets of dried bananas, peaches, pear, mango, and dates are some delectable dried fruits to add to the basket. Tie a ribbon around the basket, and your stylist will love your thoughtful gesture.

5. A Potted Plant

Plants bring freshness to the aesthetics and also remove toxins from the air. A gift of a plant in a brightly colored ceramic pot or terracotta holder is an ideal gift. Select plants such as a snake plant, peace lily, or dracaena that are easy to grow.

Choose small specimens that will fit in the workstation so the stylist can enjoy seeing the plant grow and water and care for it.


6. A Scissor-Shaped Bracelet

For a special birthday gift for a long-term stylist, you can choose a beautiful silver bracelet in a scissor shape. The bracelet fits tightly over the wrist so it won’t dangle and be in the way when styling hair.

This is a lovely gift for a trendy stylist with a funky and fun dress style. A bracelet can be personalized by adding the stylist’s name or initials.

7. A Selection Of Fruit Infused Teas

What is more delicious than a cup of tea infused with bits of fruit? Easy to brew, just pour boiling water onto the tea bag and allow it to stew for a few minutes. Your stylist can sip on this fruity and refreshing beverage between appointments.

Select a few packets of these teas flavored with fruit like peach, raspberry, and apple. Place the packets in a small tin to be easily stored at the hairdresser’s workstation. This is a thoughtful and functional gift that your stylist will appreciate.

8. Hair Stylist’s Tool Leather Pouch Bag

A lovely gift for a stylist is a leather pouch bag for tools that fit around the waist. It also has a long strap for wearing over the shoulder. There are pockets to hold scissors and combs, so these tools are always within easy reach for the stylist.

There are a few lovely colors to choose from; a bright pink is one of the eye-catching shades. The pouch is lightweight, so it won’t be uncomfortable to wear. Your stylist will love this bag as a gift!

9. Funny Novelty Keyring

If you want to give your stylist a small thank you gift, a great gift idea is a novelty keyring. There are many different hairdresser-themed key rings to choose from. A bright pink and blue hairdryer-shaped key ring with lots of bling is an attractive option.

Other keyrings have one or two charms, such as a small scissor or comb. This is an excellent idea as more charms can be added later on. There are many discs with hairdresser quotes attached to keyrings that you can choose from.

10. A Personalized Hairstylist Tote Bag

A canvas or material tote bag with zippers and lots of compartments is an ideal gift. Choose a bag with long shoulder straps and large enough to hold hairdressing tools and equipment. There is a large selection of tote bags to choose from.


Select a bag with a fun hairdresser quote or sketches of hairdressing equipment used by the stylist. Any stylist can always do with a new tote bag!

11. A Hairdresser Clock

Hairdressers need to watch the clock. Time is most important for scheduling clients and timing how long hair products should stay on the hair. So, a clock for the workstation is an excellent choice for a gift for your stylist.

You can choose a smart, elegant, styled clock or a hairdresser-themed fun shape. Don’t choose anything too large, and make sure the face of the clock can be easily seen. Select a clock to suit the personality of your hairstylist.

12. Gorgeous Flowers In A Vase

The perfect thank you or birthday gift for a stylist is a bunch of gorgeous flowers in a vase. You can choose a small posy of delicate roses in a round vase or a tall glass vase with exquisite lilies.

Your hair stylist will love the gesture, and the flowers will look lovely displayed at their workstation. A handwritten note pegged onto the vase will complete this ideal gift.

13. A Manicure Treatment

Give your hairstylist a gift card for a manicure treatment at another salon. Hairdressers will love to be on the other side of the spoiling for a change and will love this gift. They don’t often get the chance to have special treatment.

Choose a salon that will give the best service and offers an indulgent treatment for hardworking hands. It is an ideal way to spoil your hairdresser and thank them for keeping your hair healthy and beautifully styled.

14. A Personalized Apron

Hair stylists will be a mess without their aprons. They need to protect their clothes from hair dye, bleach, and getting wet at the washing station. A gift of an apron will be much appreciated by your hairdresser.

You can have the apron printed with their name or a cheeky slogan that will bring a smile to their face. Opt for a style that will reflect their personality so they will enjoy wearing the apron.

15. A Hand Mirror

A pretty hand mirror adorned with rhinestones or other embellishment is a beautiful gift idea for a hairstylist. Your hair stylist will love having her own hand mirror for showing the clients the back side of their hair.

Present the hand mirror in a soft velvet gift bag or a flat gift box for safe storing when the mirror is not being used.

16. Bobby Pin Holder

A beautifully adorned tin or case for holding bobby pins is a thoughtful and helpful gift for your hairstylist.

Choose a modern, funny, or vintage design for the lid of the case or tin. Your hairdresser will love having a unique holder for her bobby pins.

17. Novelty Printed Socks

A cute and funny gift to thank them for all the good hair days is some socks printed with a hairdresser quote or pictures of hairdressing equipment.

Your hair stylist will love a pair of soft textured socks to keep their feet warm in the winter.

Add a long woolen scarf to this gift for extra warmth on chilly days.

18. A Colorful Japanese String Lunch Bag

A heat-insulated Japanese string bag is a perfect gift for the hair stylist to hold lunch and snacks. It has an adorable shape, is lightweight, and a simple drawstring opens and closes the bag.

The Japanese-style lunch bag is made from fabric with two handles, making the bag easy to carry. Your hairdresser can pack all her snack time goodies in this cute bag.

You now have some idea of what to gift your hair stylist, but you might still have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about gifts for hair stylists.

Do I Need To Give My Hair Stylist A Gift For The Holidays?

It is unnecessary to give your hairstylist a gift for Christmas or other holidays. If you have a good relationship with them and would like to give a gift, then go ahead. The choice is entirely yours.

Can I Give My Hairdresser Homemade Baked Items As A Gift?

Any homemade items like cookies, fudge, brownies, jams, jellies, or preserves make an excellent gift for hair stylists. You can fill a small basket, pretty box, or novelty tin with your delicious goods.

Be sure to casually find out if your hairdresser has any dietary issues such as diabetes or food allergies.

Can I Give My Hair Stylist A Hair Treatment Gift Voucher?

Yes, your hairstylist will love to receive a gift voucher for hair treatment from another salon. A chance to be pampered while their hair is styled in a place that is not their work environment will make them feel relaxed and the experience will be more enjoyable.

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