Sears Return Policy Guide

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Large retailers, such as Sears, have a wide range of products and substantial product choices from furniture to electronics and everything in between. Therefore, the item you received may not be the product you envisaged or may fall short of your expectations. Customers dealing with the disappointment of an unsuccessful purchase have to redo the process again to return the item.


Sears bought items may be returned in-store or by postal services; however, the return policy may vary when purchased from other Marketplace Sellers. In addition, different Sears products have different return policies, and some are exempt from return. Proof of payment and photo ID may be required.

Returning bought items can be a challenging experience for some customers; therefore, it is always good to be aware of the return policy guidelines before purchasing any product.

A Guide To The Sears Return Policy

Sears customers must be aware of the product return policy as the policies vary between the purchase method and the product type. Refer to the Sears Return Policy for more detailed info or see Sears Customer Service.

Returning Items Bought In-Store At Sears

Returning an item, you bought from a Sears store or ordering it from the Sears’ Online Shop is relatively easy and quick. There are two options available to you:


Return the item in person: Visit the store you purchased the item from with your receipt and return the product.

Return the item online: The first step is to fill out a short Return Form to enable you to ship back your return. After that, follow the online actions, which will guide you through the process.

For more detail: Items bought online or in-store.

Returning Mailed Items To Sears

After receiving your item in the post and you want to return it, you can ship it back or take the product to your nearest Sears store. Please take note you cannot return Sears items to Sears Outlet or Sears Hometown stores.

Ship it back with a pre-printed return label: Start the return process here to return using a Pre-Printed Return Label.

Ship it back with your shipping label: Enclose the packing slip you received with your purchase and indicate which item(s) you are returning. Then, start the online return process here.


Return to a Sears store: Bring your online return form, your receipt, and order confirmation email; alternatively, include the slip in your package and your original payment method for the purchase.

For more details: Items mailed to you.

Returning Sears Items Delivered To You

Purchased items delivered to your address are usually larger or oversized products, such as furniture and appliances. The first step is to contact Sears to arrange for a pick-up. Find contact options here. Always remember to have the items in their original packaging. Alternatively, you can bring the item to a Sears store.

For more details: Items delivered to you.

Returning Sears Items Sold By Kmart

The Sears website also sells Kmart items; therefore, shipping any products from Kmart can only be returned to a Kmart store. Alternatively, use the Sears online return process to retund by shipping, or take your original receipt or packing slip to any Kmart store.

Start your Kmart shipping return here and follow the online instructions. Find a Kmart store near you here, should you opt to return the item to a Kmart store. For more details: Items sold by Kmart.

Returning Sears Marketplace Seller Items

Third-party businesses (“Marketplace Sellers”) sell Sears Marketplace items via our websites and shopping apps. As a result, seller return policies may vary. For example, most Marketplace Sellers have a 30 days return policy, and certain items may be non-returnable. Therefore, it is best to view their Return and Refund Policy on their profile page before buying.


Lastly, it is essential to note that Sears Marketplace items MUST be returned directly to the Marketplace Seller. Therefore, you must also be aware. For more details, see Our Marketplace Guarantee and Marketplace Items.

Returning Sears eBay Marketplace Items

eBay Marketplace sellers is also a third-party business, and they have their return policies. Refer to eBay Marketplace items for more info. Additionally, if there’s a problem with your eBay Marketplace order, contact the eBay product marketer directly, who will assist you with your product seller.

Returning Other Sears Merchandise

Hazardous items are products such as flammable liquids or gases and are therefore categorized as Other Merchandise Products. Thus, according to legal, regulatory, and safety protocols, it cannot be returned through the mail, regardless of whether the item is empty.

Hazardous materials may also include lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and pressure washers; therefore, return them to a Sears store in person.  For a list of dangerous material products, click here. Similarly, the same applies to returning tires to a Sears Auto Center.

More details: Other merchandise

Returning Sears Parts Direct Items

Process Sears Parts Direct returns at many Sears stores; however, the policy varies from the standard Sear return policies as it requires a return authorization. The authorization can be requested online or at a Sear store. Once you have the permission, print a return shipping label; alternatively, visit a Sears store near you.

Return Unused and uninstalled parts in their original packaging within 365 days of your original order date. Some limited shelf life products must be returned within 90 days of the original order date, for example, batteries, smoke detectors, or chemical-based products. Report damaged received items within ten days of receipt. Refer to the Sears Parts Direct policy for more product details and exclusions.

How To Cancel An Order At Sears

Orders with delivery: You may cancel up to a day before the scheduled delivery day. Do it online by visiting the Sears Order Center.

Order Items with Store Pick-up: Cancel these orders at any time in your online order center or by calling the store you selected for store pick-up.


Items to be Shipped: Your order process happens directly after clicking the “Place Order Now” button. Therefore, you may be able to cancel before your order is shipped. To see what your order status is, go to your order center.

What’s The Best Way To Return Your Sears Item For Shipping?

Two of the more frequently used services are UPS and United States Postal Services. For more detail on each returning option, click on the links below:

Returning A Faulty Purchased Item To Sears

Damaged Items will not be refunded; however, follow the Sears return policy and return the item for faulty products. In cases where the return period has already expired, the manufacturer’s warranty may apply. See your owner’s manual for specific product details & proper handling.

Non-Refundable Sears Products

Examples of items excluded from the Sears return policy items are:

  • Footwear that has labels or tags removed or has been worn
  • Custom or personalized items, such as jewelry
  • Opened electronics such as music, movies, and software. However, exchange defective items for an identical item
  • You may not be able to return hazardous materials Items

Abusing The Sears Return Policy

The Sears Return Policy Guide does not mention any warning about abusing their return processes, but most large retailers implemented technology to assist them in curbing product return fraud. For example, each return is captured on a verification system and may alert when frequent or suspicious return behavior occurs.

Sears Returns PolicyYes / No
Return to StoreYes
Ship to SearsYes
Returns allowed by mailYes
Are returns allowed after the return period has lapsed?No

Summary Of The Sears Return Policy

The Sears Return Policies are comprehensively compiled and detailed to accommodate all client needs regardless of purchase. Most products are returnable as long as it is in new condition. You may return products in-store or online; however, ensure to keep the original packaging (including accessories) and receipts.

In addition, be aware that different products have different return policies and some items are non-refundable. The manufacturer’s warranty may apply when the return period has expired. Returning items may require identification.

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