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Key Takeaways

  • These fast & affordable meal deals are enough to feed your entire crew!
  • Splendid coupon deals you won’t want to miss out on.
  • These deals offer extreme value for money and allow you to take a break from cooking.

Our hectic schedules do not always allow us time to make breakfast or cook dinner. This is when fast-food restaurants come to the rescue with ready-in-no-time meals for the entire family to enjoy. While takeaways are time savers, they can be heavy on your pocket. Luckily, fast food restaurants offer special meal deals and promotions that can save you money. So, where can you find the best fast-food deals and freebies?


The Best Fast-Food Deals & Freebies Ever!

You have come to the right place if you’re looking for the best value fast food deals and freebies! This article will discuss 19 of the yummiest fast food meal deals guaranteed to satisfy your family’s tastebuds.

Some fast-food restaurants have great coupon deals available that are worth a try. These coupons are meant to save you a lot of money at the end of the day, so don’t miss your chance! If you’re reading our article, you must be hungry, right? So, why don’t we get right to it, shall we?

McDonald’s – Free Fries

This fantastic deal from McDonald’s requires you to download the McDonald’s app. Through the app, you can get in on these amazing deals;

  • Get medium fries every Friday if your order is a minimum of $1 through the app
  • 1 x Large fries once a week if you order through the app
  • Get a free drink and medium fries with every order of a crispy chicken sandwich
  • Grab any sized iced or hot coffee for only $1 when using the drive-thru

Taco Bell – BOGO Free Crunchy Tacos

Order through the McDonald’s app and get a free beef crunchy taco every Tuesday in March. This deal is only available once a day, and if you want a little extra substance, order the My Cravings Box for only $5 and choose all your Taco Bell favorites.


Domino’s – Carryout Pizza & Chicken @8

Feed the entire family at a bargain price! Get a large three-topping pizza (on any crust), 10 chicken wings or boneless chicken, and Twists & Dips combos for only $8 each. This deal is only available for carryout, and through May, you will receive $3 off your next carryout order when you order online.

Wendy’s – Half Off Breakfast & $1 Dave’s Single

Welcome to March Madness at Wendy’s. They have joined forces with the NCAA and will become the “official hamburger of March Madness.” This allows you to pay only $1 for a delicious Dave’s single burger every day for a limited time only when you order through the app. Wendy’s is the “official breakfast of March Madness,” where you can get any breakfast item for half price (on mobile orders only).

Subway – 15% Off Any Footlong

Subway offers a 15% off any Footlong if you order through the website or app. Be sure to use the code when you order to receive this deal. The code is 15OFF.

Sonic – 50% Off Slushies & Drinks

Get the same deal every time during Sonic’s daily happy hour. You need to order through the app or online for half-price mango blue coconut, and cherry limeades slushies. Sonic also offers 50% off cheeseburgers on Tuesdays after 5 pm (if you order through the app or online).

Long John Silver’s – $10 Sea Shares

If you want a single meal, the shrimp and fish combo deal is back in time for the seafood season for only $7. If you feel like sharing, grab a shareable platter at Long John’s for only $10. There are five different shareable platters to choose from, including;

  • 15 x Grilled shrimp
  • 9 x Chicken tenders
  • 15 x Fried Shrimp
  • 6 x Popcorn shrimp
  • 6 x Fried pollock

Papa John’s – Pick Your Favorites For $6

Get in on Papa John’s buy-two-or-more deal where all items cost only $6 as long as you buy at least two. Choose from a variety of options, including;


  • Papadias
  • Cheese sticks
  • 10 x Chicken Poppers
  • A medium one-topping pizza
  • 3 x Desserts
  • Garlic knots

Hardee’s – Meal Deals @ $5

Visit Hardee’s for these incredible $5 lunch deals that come with a small drink and small fries. You can choose between three options including;

  • Meal Deal Big Cheeseburger Meal Deal @ $5
  • Hot Ham and Cheese Meal Deal @ $5
  • 3-Piece Chicken Tenders Meal Deal @ $5

Dairy Queen – Cheeseburger Meal Deal @ $6

Dairy Queen is offering the best deals at the moment, including;

  • A classic cheeseburger, 21 Oz drink, regular-size fries, and a small sundae @ $6 
  • A 3-piece chicken strip meal deal for only $7
  • Mix & Match super snack with a chili dog or a small sundae @ 2 for $4

Del Taco – 20 x Under $2 Value Menu

Don’t miss this incredible deal from Del Taco! They have released “20 Under $2 value menu,” which includes;

  • Three-layer queso nachos
  • Bean & cheese burritos
  • Chicken del carbon taco
  • 3 x $1 Crispy chicken tacos
  • Doughnut Bites
  • Strawberry drinks
  • Chicken rollers
  • Mini milkshakes
  • Snack Queso Quesadilla
  • Medium brewed iced tea
  • Regular Iced Coffee
  • Crunchtada Tostada

They also have long-running taco night deals, which includes;

  • 3 x Value tacos for $1.50 on Tuesdays
  • 3 x Grilled chicken tacos for $2.50 on Thursdays

Popeye’s – 3-Pcs Tenders Combo @ $6

Popeye’s is offering three delectable pickup-only combo meal deals, including;

  • A 3-piece tenders combo with a regular side, biscuit, and a small drink @ $6
  • For a meal for 2, double the 3-piece tender combo & lose the drinks @ $9
  • A 5-piece bone-in fried chicken with a regular side, biscuit, and a small drink @ $6

KFC – 8 Pcs Chicken & 8 Tenders Fill Up @ $30

Feed your crew with this amazing deal from KFC for only $30. This delicious family meal deal includes;

  • 8 x Fried chicken pieces
  • 8 x Chicken tenders
  • 1 x Large fries
  • 1 x Large mashed potatoes & gravy
  • 1 x Large coleslaw
  • 4 x Biscuits

KFC has a few spectacular coupon deals that are valid until 9 May 2022, including;


BUCKET BONANZA (Coupon Code PLU168) – 17 x Secret recipe chicken, 2 x large chips, 1 x large mashed potato & gravy, 1 x 1.5L Drink, & 4 x bread rolls all for $48.99.

BURGER BUNDLE (Coupon Code PLU352) – 1 x Zinger burger, 1 x Colonel burger, 2 x secret recipe chicken, 2 x regular chips, 2 x regular mashed potato & gravy, & 2 x 330ml Drinks all for $23.99.

DELUXE ZINGER PACK (Coupon Code PLU203) – 1 x Zinger burger, 2 x Wicked Wings, 1 x Mini Popcorn Chicken, 1 x regular chips, & 1 x 330ml Drink all for $13.99.

FAMILY FIESTA (Coupon Code PLU155) – 8 x Pieces of secret recipe chicken, 1 x large mashed potato & Gravy, 1 x large coleslaw, & 2 x large chips, all for $29.99.

FAMOUS FIVE (Coupon Code PLU54) – 5 x Pieces of secret recipe chicken, 1 x large mashed potato & gravy, 1 x large chips, & 2 x bread rolls, all for $15.99.

THE PERFECT FEED (Coupon Code PLU229) – 10 x Wicked Wings, 10 x pieces of secret recipe chicken, 1 x large chips, & 1 x large mashed potato & gravy, all for $37.99.

WICKED FIX (Coupon Code PLU109) – 4 x Wicked Wings & 1 x regular chips, all for $5.99.

Arby’s – Two for $6 Everyday Value

Remember the two-for-$6 Everyday Value menu? Arby’s has made this deal even better and allows you to mix three items from the menu for $6. Your choices include;

  • A crispy fish sandwich
  • A new spicy fish sandwich with spicy seasoning and jalapenos
  • Classic roast beef

Panda Express – Family Meal Deal @$29

Panda Express has one of the best family meals deals for you! You get to choose 3 x large entrees and 2 x sides that are enough to feed 3 or more people, depending on how hungry everyone is. Grab this splendid deal for only $29.


Little Caesars – Extra Most Bestest Pepperoni @ $6.55

Little Caesars is always looking to impress their customers, and with this great meal deal, they did it again! For only $6.55, you can get the Extra Most Bestest Pies with more pepperoni and cheese than ever before! They have taken the Hot-N-Ready pizzas and raised the indulgence levels to a whole new realm!

King – Onion Rings Or Fries @ $1

For a very limited time only, Burger King is offering large onion rings or large fries for only $1. Get this offer by signing up for free and using the Burger King app. But that’s not all; you can also get a $7 Impossible Whopper combo or a $5 Mix & Match Deal with 2 sandwiches if you order through the app.

Burger King also has a selection of coupon deals available, including;

  • B61 – 1 x Super shake @ $3
  • B12 – 1 x BBQ Rodeo @ $3
  • B74 – 1 x Creamy Mayo Cheeseburger, 1 x Crispy Chicken, 1 x Small Fries, 1 x Small Drink all for $8.00
  • B42 – 2 x Whopper Jr, 1 x Large Fries all for $8.00
  • B55 – 1 x Hawaiian BK Chicken & 1 x Small Fries all for $8.50
  • B80 – 2 x Salad Burger & 2 x Small Fries all for $10.50
  • B76 – 1 x Tender crisp, 1 x Small Fries, 1 x Small Drink, & 6 x Nuggets all for $11.50
  • B49 – 2 x BBQ Bacon Double Cheeseburger & 1 x Large Fries all for $12.00
  • B04 – 1 x BK Chicken, 1 x Crispy Chicken, 1 x Small Fries & 1 x Small Drink all for $12.00
  • B01 – 2 x BK Chicken & 2 x Small Fries all for $12.50
  • B03 – 1 x Whopper, 1 x Double Cheeseburger, & 1 x Small Fries for $12.95
  • B78 – 2 x Whopper, 2 x Creamy Mayo, 1 x Cheeseburger, 2 x Small Fries, & 2 x Small Drinks all for $23.00

Pizza Hut: $24 Big Dinner Box

In the mood for pizza? You’re lucky because Pizza Hut has a Big Dinner Box that is perfect for four or more people to share for only $24. The Big Dinner Box includes;

  • 2 x Medium one-topping pizzas with 5 breadsticks and a choice between boneless wings, wings, or pasta


  • 3 x Medium one-topping Pizzas

White Castle – Crave Clutch @ $17

Come to White Castle and grab a Crave Clutch deal which includes 20 of their original sliders for the unbelievable price of only $17. If you want to add a slice of American cheese to each slider, you will pay only $21. Now that’s value for money!

Which Apps Get You Free Fast Food If You Download It?

There are so many apps that offer you different types of food-freebies. These include (to name only a few);

  • Survey Junkie
  • Door Dash
  • ampm
  • Burger King
  • Chili’s
  • TCBY
  • Quiznos
  • Chronic Taco
  • McDonald’s

Which Fast Food Restaurants Offer Birthday Freebies?

  • Which Wich – When you sign up, you get a free drink and a free Wich on your birthday
  • Wild Wing Café – You will receive 6 wings with any $5 purchase on your birthday when you sign up for free.
  • Yogurtland – For a free treat on your birthday, you must register for your Real Rewards account and earn 50 bonus points simply for signing up.

Which Fast Food Restaurants Offer The Best Deals & Coupons?

The fast-food restaurants that consistently offer great coupons and fast-food deals include;

  • Burger King
  • Wendy’s
  • McDonald’s

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